coke bears


This is too funny. I love this. And I more than love that the coke bears nose is bleeding. I just want to hug shroom bear forever and heroin bear to be my best friend. 

This is NOT my picture nor do I take ANY credit for it. I do not know the source or the artist, as this is a post I saw on facebook and the page who posted it also did not know the source. 

WORKING AT DISNEY - (r/nosleep)

Ah…the magical world of Disney. So much goes on “offstage” and “behind the scenes” to ensure that the guests have “the most magical times of their lives” once they arrive on the property. Ever seen a wet paint sign while walking through the parks? How about a maintenance cast member with a bag of tools? Anyone with a construction hard hat? Of course you haven’t. That would ruin the expierience that WDW is perfection. It’s because that 99.99% of all work goes on after the show is over. All the little “mice” that keep the place running like clockwork don’t even start working until the announcement is made over the radios we carry that “The Park Is Now Clear!”. Then the crews get to work. Maintenance starts buzzing around on their golf carts, the custodial cast members bring out the large hoses to wash down every inch of the streets we all walk on, and the construction crews are allowed past the security perimeter gates to come in and do whatever needs to be done. That’s where my story begins. I’ve worked construction most of my life. When work dried up up North, I moved to Florida where some of my family had moved over ten years ago. Naturally, I needed to find a job. I wound up applying for and getting hired by a construction company that shall remain nameless that literally did almost all of the construction needs for “The Coorporate Mouse”. I spent five or six overnights a week at various locations at WDW with coworkers (we weren’t employed by Disney hence we were not “Cast Members”) doing whatever our foreman told us what needed to be done. Sweet gig actually, even though it was very hard work at times. Just think…how many people can truly say the get to ride around Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, etc in the dead of night in trucks, golf carts, what have you while the park is just about empty except for a skeleton crew? For about the first six months, I kind of kept to myself except for talking with the crew of the company that I worked for. Then I began noticing how chummy many of the Disney overnight crew was with our staff. Custodians, when working in the same areas as us would come and talk to the boys as well as the overnight security cast members. I began to slowly get to know many of these folks as well. They, for the most part, were really nice. I got to know many of the night security staff (by face at least) at all four parks as well as the resorts. If you didn’t know, WDW opened in 1971. It was actually not too uncommon to come across someone who had been a “lifer” with Disney or knew someone who was. Forty plus years working for the Mouse…God bless ‘em. Even my foreman, who although did not work directly for WDW, was one of these. Boy…did they have some stories to tell to pass the time.

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