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Not pictured: secretary!Oikawa pressed against the window of his office, breathlessly whispering “are you seeing what I’m seeing!?” down the phone to Kindaichi while twirling the phone cord around his fingers.

[Etta James’s “I Just Want To Make Love To You” plays in the background]

Rajasthan - India

The Indian state of Rajasthan is located in India’s northwest, bordering Pakistan. The name Rajasthan literally translates to “Place of Kings”. The capital city is Jaipur, and the main language spoken is Hindi. 

Rajasthan is popular with both international and domestic tourists, due to its historic forts, palaces, and art. Many old, and once neglected palaces have been converted into boutique hotels for guests to stay in. Jaipur is a part of the “golden triangle”, a popular tourist circuit, that connects with other popular cities: Agra, and New Delhi.