No more bald baby! Also had to cut his hair because the girl I bought this from was out of bright red in the short pile fur, so I ordered a longer one.

You have no idea how hard it is to find a plain red wig. I had to order from Australia.

I ordered it from the shop Kyashieru on etsy, which is closed right now because she got really sick after I put in my order.

All in all i’m happy for my little puffball. He’s so cute and fluffy!

I was curious if Pepper’s dress would fit the Hujoo baby bodies so I tried it on Kit.

It almost fits, the top is just a little small and would need to be adjusted. It fits his tail perfectly though and reaches the floor like a nice long party dress.

I definitely have to go and hunt down some fashion packs especially if they’re coming out with the Nano Freya in new colors. I need a small army of cute little girl kitties in different colors.


I took Kit to work today and kept him in my locker until my break, then I played with him a little.

It was very comforting since I felt like hell all day, and still do. He helped me play Mii Plaza and Pokemon.

Also his wig is on its way! I have no tracking number though so it could show up any time in the next week, as long as it doesnt get stuck in customs.

Baaah I was gonna do my Cojoo’s faceup but my mom is home now and she hates the rattling of the can and is sitting right where I spray sealant too