Job’s Tears

(Coix lachryma-jobi) Do not take if pregnant.

Folk Name: Tear Grass.
Powers: Healing, Wishes, Luck.

Magical Uses: The seeds are strung onto a necklace and placed around a child’s neck to aid in teething, and are also worn by adults in the same manner for sore throats and colds. The seeds absorb the pain or illness.
Three seeds can be carried for good luck. For wishing magic, make a wish holding seven seeds (or “tears,” as they are known) and then throw into running water. Alternately, count out seven seeds, concentrating on your wish. Carry these seeds for a week, and your wish should come true.

(from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham)

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Could you do a widowmaker x reader? Maybe a future fic with a kid

A little short, but hopefully you like it!  4th grade French comes back to help me with very minor greetings lmao. 

Ma souris = my mouse

If you had known Amelie, aka the Widowmaker, knew you were following her that day you never would have agreed to it.  Overwatch insisted on keeping an eye on her, and it was by chance you happened to see her and call it in, and they told you to follow.  You’d no idea what she was doing, tailing her from a small flower shop, to a cemetery.  All the way to Gerard’s grave.

You’d watched her, waited for her to do something on behalf of Talon but all she did was lower a single rose onto the snowy ground and stare at the marble.  You stood beside a large tree, and that was most likely when she’d noticed you.  You had moved too far from your cover, and it seemed all you did was blink and she was holding you by the throat against the bark.  If you hadn’t been so distracted by the tears welling in her eyes you might have been scared.

“Amelie,” you gasped.  “You remember.”

“I never forgot,” she replied.  

Of course, you thought.  Of course she never forgot her life before Talon–that wasn’t always the case with brainwashing.  They just took control of her, but as her grip began to loosen you wondered just how much control they had.  You pulled at her sleeve, your training ready to take over but you resisted attacking.  She gulped, and let go.

Amelie glared at you before muttering something beneath her breath and walking away.  You knew you should have taken that moment to either attack and capture her, or run for your life.  While you had some skills, she was one of Talon’s top agents–you didn’t stand much of a chance at beating her.

“I didn’t know him,” you called, coughing.

She stopped.  Snow began to fall, large, heavy flakes that started to cover her footprints.  You continued, “Gerard, I didn’t know him but…I’ve heard a lot about him.  He was a good man…he really loved you.”

Her head snapped towards you, looking over her shoulder.  

“We can talk about him,” you said quickly.  Her glare turned into surprise.  “I know a good cafe near here…if you wanna talk about him.”

“Talking will change nothing,” she stated.  But Amelie didn’t start walking.

Waiting a moment, you followed.  Every so often you saw her head tilt, checking if you were still there, but she didn’t attack again.

That was the first conversation you’d had with Amelie La Coix.  Not exactly the best meet-cute, but she hadn’t killed you so you considered it a win.  If only you’d known how your relationship would develop.

After the graveyard you’d lost track of her, and while Overwatch hadn’t explicitly told you to keep an eye on the area you did anyway.  What did they care how you spent your vacation days?  Eventually when you were sitting in that cafe you’d mentioned, looking at the passersby on the street, a figure sat across from you.

You looked over to find Amelie there.  Her jacket was light despite the cold outside, but her hair was draped over one shoulder into a long braid.  You were starstruck seeing her there, in normal clothes and appearing so…casual.  Her skin seemed paler now, eyes tired despite the makeup there.  You guessed nobody made a foundation for her new skin tone.

“Bonjour,” you said.

“Salut,” she replied.  An omnic waiter brought a small cappuccino to your table and set it in front of her.  “Merci.”

That day…you didn’t think anything else would compare.  But then you met her again…and again…and again.  Eventually Overwatch and Talon discovered what had happened; Amelie was no longer a mindless tool to the shadowy organization.  She had her own thoughts, her own goals, that had nothing to do with Talon or wreaking havoc on the world.  That first day you sat with her in the cafe became second to the day you first kissed her.  Then third to when she told you she loved you.  Fourth to the day the Widowmaker was no more.

Two lattes were set in front of you, one for Amelie, and one for your daughter.  Amelie’s was a mix of coffee and chocolate, while your daughter’s was some kind of chocolate, peppermint, caramel concoction she loved.  Her small hands reached out for it, but after a warning look from her mother she only took a sip.

You smiled and stroked a hand over her dark hair.  Amelie sat with her legs crossed, short hair brushing her shoulders as she took a drink.  Even now she looked the picture of elegance, and you could see it in your daughter as she grew up.  Every movement she made was to copy her mother, to be more like her, and finally Amelie didn’t see that as a bad thing.  

“Ma souris,” Amelie said, “would you like to practice this evening?”

“Oui, oui!” your daughter replied.  She took a longer drink of her latte, grinning happily.  She was only four years old, but she was already in love with the ballet as her mother was.  You gulped back a lump forming in your throat, suddenly overwhelmed with happiness.

“Do I get to join?” you asked.

Amelie cocked a brow at you.  “Are you sure you’re ready?”

Your daughter giggled as you gave a fake frown.  “I only pulled a small muscle…and I’ve been stretching every morning.”

Amelie gave you a nod.  “Perhaps ma souris can teach you the dance she choreographed this weekend.”

You gave a gasp and looked at your daughter, her dark eyes lighting yup at the mention of her dance.  “Did you make a dance?  Manifique!  I can’t wait to see it!”

“Mama helped,” she chirped.

“Can I see a preview?” you requested.  Your daughter was quick to nod and jump off her chair, stepping back and waving her arms in a circle to ensure she wouldn’t touch anything.  As she began her dance you couldn’t take your eyes off of her, unaware that Amelie couldn’t take her eyes off of you.  It had been so long since she was happy–truly happy–and she didn’t plan on letting that go.



Ja declinava el vespre que tu deus haver oblidat,
caminàvem rumb a casa, el sol s’amagava entre terrats.
La teva veu sonava lluny com el xiulet de trens perduts, 
com la remor d’un riu nascut en cims nevats, muntanya amunt.
I aquella idea il·legal m’anava inundant el cap;
m’hauràs de disculpar, amor meu, que vaig pensar deixar-te un dia, abandonar-te a la teva sort.
Només esperava, en silenci, que es presentés el moment de fer-ho volar tot pels aires fent veure que era un accident.
Diria unes paraules greus mirant a l’infinit, 
les sentia dins la boca tenses, preparades per sortir.
Venien frases solemnes que ens matarien com a un poltre coix,
venia arrossegar el cos mort del nostre amor fins a un racó discret 
per amagar-lo entre les flors.
Oh savis que aneu predicant pels carrers 
que l'amor es transforma amb els anys.
Veniu urgentment a explicar-nos si es transforma tant, 
si es transforma tant, 
si es transforma tant, 
si es transforma tant! 
Ja s’intuïa a l’horitzó la costa verge d’un nou món,
ja em desplaçava més lleuger, alliberat del pes del teu amor.
Ja se sentia algú rient, l’escalfor d’una altra gent,
un altre cos, una altra veu capaç de fer-me més content.
Ja m’allunyava caminant mirant els ulls als vianants.
Sabeu el meu futur? Avui li he disparat amb munició de plata 
apuntant directe al cor.
En aturar-nos per creuar vas agafar-me la mà. 
Vaig tornar una bola rasa a un nen que jugava en un portal.
No ho expliquis a ta mare, que m’escopirà el proper Nadal.


The evening that you’ve probably forgotten was coming to an end,
we were walking home, the sun was hiding behind roofs.
Your voice sounded far away like the whistle of lost trains,
like the murmur of a river born in snow-capped summits, up in the mountains.
And that illegal idea was flooding my mind;
You’ll have to excuse me, my love, I considered leaving you that day, 
abandoning you to your fate.
I was only waiting, in silence, for the right moment to come 
and blow everything up pretending that it was an accident.
I would say some deep words looking up at infinity,
I felt them tense inside my mouth, ready to come out.
Solemn words were coming to kill us like a lame foal,
the dragging of our love’s corpse to a quiet spot to hide it between flowers was coming, too.
Oh wise men who preach in the street
how love changes with years.
Come to us urgently and explain if it changes that much,
if it changes that much,
if it changes that much, 
if it changes that much! 
You could already feel on the horizon the unspoilt coast of a new world,
I was already walking lighter, freed from your love’s weight.
I could already hear someone else’s laugh, other people’s warmth,
another body, another voice capable of making me happier. 
I was already walking away, staring pedestrians in the eyes.
Remember my future? I shot it today with silver bullets aiming straight at the heart.
When we stopped to cross you took my hand.
I passed back the ball to a kid that was playing in a porch.
Don’t tell this to your mother, or she’ll spit at me next Christmas.

English translation: Manel


La noche que probablemente tú ya has olvidado estaba llegando a su fin,
íbamos caminando a casa, el sol se escondía tras las azoteas.
Tu voz sonaba lejana como el silbido de trenes perdidos
como el murmullo de un río nace en las cumbres cubiertas de nieve, en las montañas.
Y esa idea ilegal estaba inundando mi mente;
Vas a tener que disculparme, mi amor, yo que consideré dejarte ese día, abandonarte a tu suerte.
Sólo estaba esperando, en silencio, el momento adecuado para dejarlo volar todo por los aires fingiendo que se trataba de un accidente.
Diría algunas palabras profundas mirando hacia el infinito,
las sentía tensas en mi boca, listas para salir.
Solemnes palabras venían a matarnos como a un potro cojo,
venían, también, a arrastrar el cadáver de nuestro amor a un lugar tranquilo
para ocultarlo entre las flores.
Oh sabios que predicáis en la calle
cómo el amor cambia con los años.
Venid a nosotros con urgencia para explicar si cambia mucho,
si cambia mucho,
si cambia mucho,
si cambia mucho!
Ya podía sentir en el horizonte la costa virgen de un nuevo mundo,
ya estaba caminando más ligero, libre de peso de tu amor.
Ya podía oír la risa de alguien más, el calor de otras personas,
otro cuerpo, otra voz capaz de hacerme más feliz.
Yo ya estaba caminando lejos, mirando a los peatones en los ojos.
¿Conocéis mi futuro? Hoy le disparé con balas de plata
directo al corazón.
Cuando nos detuvimos para cruzar tomaste mi mano.
Pasé un balón a un niño que estaba jugando en un porche.
No le digas esto a tu madre, o ella va a escupirme la próxima Navidad.

Versión española: B. deSannorat


“Deixar-te un dia”. MANEL. Atletes, baixin de l'escenari / Atletas, bajen del escenario / Athletes, get off the stage (2013)