ethnictranspeople asked:

I was wondering if you could tell me where the pictures of Soshi and Katy Perry are from?

Of course! The picture with Katy Perry was from their U-Express Live 2014 event. Our girls performed a total of six songs: Mr. Taxi, Paparazzi, My Oh My, Everyday Love, Galaxy Supernova and Love & Peace.

Us SONEs are lucky because this event will be broadcasted on WOWOW on March 30th and April 19th. It’s a bit of a wait but hey, at least we get some, right? 

HAHA! Hope this has been helpful <3

kate vajoochie i have known you for like what feels like forever and today you turned 17 and WOW thats crazy it feels like just yesterday we were both pjo blogs making jercy jokes ♥ i love you my hot mama daughter have ana amazing life my love 

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