I’m home. 

Our NTC rotation is complete. 

I didn’t get to go on any missions, which was a bit of a downer. I stayed inside the FOB and worked in the Tactical Operations Center (TOC.) It was no walk in the park though: I was put on night shift. My body resisted the change, and I struggled to sleep during the daylight hours, so I averaged about two hours of sleep per day. In one instance, I went about 36 hours with no sleep, which is a bit troubling because at that point you’re considered legally intoxicated…and that would make sense because according to one of my counterparts in a line platoon, I started babbling about college football when he came to me for a patrol brief (though I have no recollection of that happening.)

But yes, everyone in our company now has the green light to go down range. I can only hope that somehow, I’ll have that opportunity. In the mean time, it’s time to relax! 

Like our tents? By most field standards, they’re decent.

Yesterday I got a surprise request to appear before the battalion commander in his tent. At first, I thought I was in trouble, but they assured me it was just a routine meeting. When I got there, the BC informed me that our company did not have enough soldiers in each platoon to sustain three route clearance patrols, and he was going to consolidate them into two platoons, and place the most senior platoon leader as the company intelligence officer.

And guess who the most senior PL is?

That’s right folks, I am no longer the leader of first platoon. Letting go of command is a bittersweet experience, but I look forward to new opportunities that the Army has to offer :-)