Ok, that’s is my follow forever, I’m not good with edits, whatever.

First of all I wanna to say thank you for my friends/favorite persons on tumblr, they’re:

bearbadstuber, coisasdarachel, elsseguidors, impalakedavra, melodyoswinpond, thegermanmuffin. I love you girls, thank you for my laugh, you’re amazing ♥

There are my favorite Bayern’ blogs:

28badstuberbastian-schweinsteiger, bastianschweinsteiger-obsession, iheartbastischweinsteiger, iluvbayern, manuel-neuer-passion, olliren, sin99, talktobastianbitch, the-bavarian-giants.

There are my favorite Chelsea’ blogs:

azpi, davidluiz, edenhazardss, f-t0rres, franklampard, mannschaft-aholic-m13s29, onelifeoneloveoneclub, onlytorres.

I trink I not forget anyone.


I’d like to shout-out some of my most recent followers below, and give lots of love to everyone here regardless of when you started following me. I have no idea why some people put up with me sometimes (especially my wrestling fan friends lately with my lack of WWE posts, etc. xD), but I thank you for it.

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  • coisasdarachel
  • dreamsofcreativity
  • oneandonly-daydreamer
  • thesavagefaolan
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