coisapensante asked:

Hello! Can you help me, please? I wanna do some gifs, but I can't find hd videos or short hd videos from series episodes... I just find it in low quality :/ Especially from Teen Wolf. Can you send me a link from the videos, please? Thanks a lot!

Sorry, I don’t know any videos (you mean like youtube ones?). You either have to buy the dvds, or torrent a 720p or 1080p version of an episode you want to gif :)

coisapensante asked:

Hello! How are you? I hope fine ;D Can you pass the original pic from your icon, please? I've been searching this photo, but I failed ): I would be glad if you can do this favor for me! Thanks a lot!

hello! i am good thank you(: hope you are too! of course, it’s no trouble. i think i just found it off google but here is a link(: