"It was very ugly back in the day. Afeni, she’s pushing forward the legacy, the dream of Pac. And Sekyiwa, Jamala, the family – everybody. People will be educated. I want to remind all Africans, please come to Africa. It’s right across the water. Come look at yourselves. Momma is waiting." - Geronimo Pratt

Rest In Peace Elmer “Geronimo" Pratt (September 13, 1947 – June 2, 2011)

Experience: All Hip Hop interview Chuck Creekmur x Geronimo Pratt

Experience: Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt - A Panther in Africa

While we’ve been celebrating with our families, the Partnership for Civil Justice and the NYT have been reading through a set of documents showing the nationwide surveillance of Occupy Wall Street.

The documents and the FBI’s defense of them exposes several long term claims by the FBI to be false. First, that their domestic mapping program, the Domain Management Program, is not inappropriate surveillance directed at domestic politics.

An October 2011 memo from the bureau’s Jacksonville, Fla., field office was titled Domain Program Management Domestic Terrorist.

The memo said agents discussed “past and upcoming meetings” of the movement, and its spread. It said agents should contact Occupy Wall Street activists to ascertain whether people who attended their events had “violent tendencies.”

Domain Management also gets directed at Muslims and Latinos in the name of preparing to investigate terrorism and drugs. If it weren’t already clear this is about domestic spying, the inclusion of Occupy should now make that clear.

Then there’s FBI’s claim that it can’t investigate solely on the basis of speech or religion.

“The F.B.I. recognizes the rights of individuals and groups to engage in constitutionally protected activity,” said the spokesman, Paul Bresson. “While the F.B.I. is obligated to thoroughly investigate any serious allegations involving threats of violence, we do not open investigations based solely on First Amendment activity. In fact, the Department of Justice and the F.B.I.’s own internal guidelines on domestic operations strictly forbid that.”

Bresson overstates this, of course. The Domestic Investigation and Operations Guide prohibits opening an investigation solely on the basis of First Amendment activity. But it permits using such activity as part of the predicate for an investigation. [more]


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Ask About Fukushima Nuker Trolls on FB Now “Let it be known as the Era of the Stupids”

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thelovelyliterary asked:

Peace King. So this is just me going "WTH??#%$!" to that anon saying the NOI views the tragic demise of brother Malcolm as "murdering a traitor." UM. NO. I can tell you 1sthand: that is ABSOLUTELY NOT the attitude within the Nation. The likelihood of that incident being part of CIA &COINTEL program's long history of hiring ppl to do dirt, posing as part of some Black organization, is too high to ignore. NOI lawyers are STILL after the gov to release those case files to prove what really happened

So you don’t believe any of the theories about Farrakhan being involved whatsoever?