“Carved” Flesh wound tutorial

So a friend of mine asked me for some advice on how to do Nathan’s “loser” wound from Resident Evil 7, so I decided, well why not whip up a little tutorial while I’m at it, pictures and describtions follow bellow the cut, and with pictures I mean a lot of them, I’m trying to be explainatory here stay with me

If you’re allergic to latex this is not a good idea by the way, and if you’re not sure if you’re allergic do a small patch test before you start smearing huge amount of it on your skin, we good? Good, here we go

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anonymous asked:

Sagebadvice has always been to ignore. You post a great creative poem, but yet you're still talking about her! I'm begging you all to pls stop giving her, it, them attention. Unless you're a fan of hers, no one should even know what she's posting. But, once again you all do. Constantly telling antis to stay in their own lanes, yet we can't take out own advice!!! SMH at this fandom.

I see the point you are trying to make yet I feel you are going at it from the wrong angle, with all due respect. No campaign of her can benefit from the kind of attention I choose to give her (as I’ve explained many times, I don’t visit any of her SM, go to her profiles, google her name, write it on my blog, share links that cointain any of those, etc). I call her bullshit, laugh at the stupidity of it all and use names that search engines can’t associate to her. If she plays all the stunts for the sheer satisfaction of coming here and check what is being said or if something is being said at all then she is sick. She really has a problem. 

And I’m staying on my side, my own blog. As I said I don’t go to her IG to call her bullshit or to antis’ post to tell them they are delusional. I write it all in my own blog so anyone coming here to read it already knows what she’s looking for. 

Also since it’s my personal belief this shit show is scripted, staged and timed I am of the opinion that at least on that front nothing that I write her is gonna make her post or not post something. She will do it just the same and he will do it just the same because he has to. All in all, I see no reason not to comment. 

My visual typing notes, so far.

i am really interested in visual typing and i came to some conclusions:

Si users have a serene, calm vibe to them. with high Si users this is more evident, but i can notice that even with ENFPs and ENTPs.

When Si is paired with a feeling function, people give off an incredibly peaceful vibe. that´s most evident with ISFJs ( men and women). they just look angelical. even the ugly ones. but you can see it with ESFJs too ( but a little less), INFPs and ENFPs too.

that´s how i differentiate between ENFJs and ESFJs and ESTJs and ENTJs.

ENFJs have much more presence than their sensors counterpart and ESTJs give off a “i will get shit done, but i won´t hurry” vibe that you don´t get with ENTJs.

ENTJs and ENFJs have a more aggressive vibe to them, thanks to Se.

what brings me to the type i identify the easiest: ESTPs

they have an unmistakable piercing glare.

High Ni users look misterious. like they are seeing things you´re not seeing but aren´t willing to tell you anything about it. they look a bit mistrustful and like they´re hiding something.

Hi Fi users look soft but self cointained. ( INFPs look softer than ISFPs because of Si).

High Fi softness is different than high Si softness. Si softness is more like a peaceful, taking things slowly kind of softness. it looks more grounded (earthy) and open. like they´re taking information in, piece by piece to sort it out later ( i get this vibe even though high Si are J types). Fi is more like a conflict free kind of softness. it has a inner peace kind of vibe. like they´re already reached the right conclusions.It is a resolute softness.i get this vibe even though high Fi are perceiving types.

It could be because high Si is paired with an extroverted judging function, making it feel more receptive than Fi ( even paired with an extroverted perceiving function). i think extroverted judging functions look more receptive than introverted judging functions, specially paired with Si.

I know it will sound crazy but ESTJs look more open than INFPs to me.

Introverted judging functions look the least receptive to me. ( see, it is not that these types look mean or something, it is just that they look somehow closed, if you know what i mean).

but in general, people whose first function is a perceiving one (Ne,Ni,Si,Se) look more open than people whose first function is a judging one (Ti,Te,Fe,Fi).

INTPs tend to have big nose with wide set eyes.

Low Se users look frozen in pictures.

How to search for a edit:

hey guys, since many of the last questions that have arrived in my inbox is like asking if i ever made this lockscreen or if i can make a lockscreen of a player/team that i already made tons of times i’m gonna teach you how to search for something in my blog:

1. open my blog

2. go to the sidebar where you’ll find the search bar:

 3. Now you just need to type wherever you want it can be for exempla the full name of a player or just the first name bc this tool will search everything that cointains what you search:

4. Click enter and DONE

She’s Not Compared

A/N: This was an anon request, I hope I could understand what you meant and you like it :)

Besides all that, requests are open.


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She’s Not Afraid - One Direction / Nobody Compares - One Direction

Harry shifted in bed again, feeling the weight of the thick blankets covering his sleepy body. It was late, and even though the curtains in his bedroom’s window were pulled up, the room was completely dark. The weather was cold, but not enough for him to sleep with anything besides his usual white Calvin Klein boxers and a couple of blankets. Harry was so lost in thoughts that sleeping was not even in his plans. He just wanted to lay down and figure out what to do.

The thought of her was embedded inside his head. The way she looked so pretty, even when crying, the way she could wear a dress and be the prettiest girl in the room. He still remembers when he first saw her. She was in that dress, and he immediately knew she wouldn`t be his. But only God knows how much he wanted her to be. All his friends were telling him how this wasn’t worth it. How she wasn’t that worthy. He couldn’t understand just why. To Harry, this girl could be his biggest sin or the holiest thing of his life.

Tell me what you’re thinking about.” He whispered next to her ear. She let out a chuckle, finding his attempt of making her say something amusing and unusual. He was always waiting for her to do so, like if she had these secrets and plans working inside her head.

 “Give up, Styles. Nothing’s leaving my mouth.

He wanted to know her. He wanted to know what the hell she had that got him so whipped. She had this scent, this bubble surrounding her. She was magnetic. His friends could say she wasn`t worth it, but God, how can someone as magnificent as her be right in front of him and just be ignored. Just like that. No, Harry needed to know what she had, he needed her secrets, to get to know her habits, even the worst ones – if she had one.

“I’m not going to give up until you tell me what the hell you are. You can’t be real.”

She turned to face him, their legs completely intertwined as each other’s chests were pressed together. She smiled the same way the devil would before embracing you into the darkness, and got her face closer to his, lips brushing. He was already intoxicated and she was barely touching him. They’d been seeing each other for a couple of months and yet, she could drive him crazy like no one could manage to do as fast as she did.

“I am very real. And I can prove that to you just now.”

 Harry was trying to forget about the effects of thinking about her and her beautiful body. He focused himself on the day they first kissed. He still felt the taste and smell of strawberries on her lipstick. It was unexpected, and if they closed their eyes, it felt like standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, underneath the Parisian sun.

Rubbing his eyes, Harry tried to stop missing her and everything that could remind him of something as simple as her name. Being in his flat were memories enough, his head didn’t need to destroy even more the rest of sanity he still had.


Her name was as familiar as an old John Mayer song, stuck in his head. It was unbelievable how he could not concentrate in anything, how her face was the only thing he saw whenever he had his eyes closed or open. His was going mental, and that was for sure something he didn`t think he would be over a girl. He knew she could break his heart, but not drive him mentally insane. She did break his heart in the end, and he had not a single clue of why. One day she just showed up to him, saying how it was over and how she didn`t want to see him again. Just like that. The phone calls weren`t being answered and he never even went to her place. He never understood why. Whenever they went out to meet, she would mention going to a bar, a club, a restaurant, his flat, even a coffee place, but not once her home.

 “Hey” Harry said as he opened the door of his flat. She came in with a serious face. Her features were unreadable, which wasn`t so uncommon, considering the fact that Harry could never know what she was thinking until she said so, something as rare as possible.

 “I think we need to end this.” She spoke, standing in the middle of the living room. Harry raised his browns, not understanding what was going on. Their relationship couldn`t be in a better place, where was this coming from?


 “I just… I’m over it. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“Is it because you want a relationship instead of just fooling around? Because I like you, I want to be your boyfrie…” Harry could never finish his sentence. Her eyes widened and she interrupted him.

 “That’s exactly what I don’t want. Don`t look for me, Harry. We’re over.” As she walked to the door he yelled, trying to stop her from leaving without a proper explanation. He deserved it, and she wasn’t leaving until she told him why.

 “Just tell me what I did wrong! We can work through it.”

 “No, we can’t.”

 And he still didn’t know what happened. He didn’t know why she just ran away from him. He was willing to walk the world if that meant he was going to find out what happened. After that day, the day she ended things, he went to the bar they met every single day, with hopes that he would meet her there once again. Harry couldn’t understand why he couldn’t just let her go. He had gone through this before, and never really cared if someone left him, only a couple of girls being an exception. But then it came her, wrecking him, destroying him enough to make him feel willing to do whatever it took to meet her once again.

 It wasn’t until he started to look at the window that he remembered.

 Those past days he tried to remember each conversations they had. They used to talk about television shows, albums, artists, bands, concerts… He felt frustrated. How did they never talked about something that really mattered?

 But then he remembered.

Harry was stood up beside her inside one of the cabins of the London Eye. Somehow, the conversation led to talking about the River Thames and he almost didn’t cointain the shocked he felt at the mention of something about her private life. Harry listened to her words carefully, not wanting to miss a single syllable. He watched as her eyes wandered around the city, the view from the top being the privilege as it was. He just didn’t know if he wanted to look at it if he had her right beside him.

 “Being here brings so much peace, don’t you think?” She asked and he nodded, barely listening to her words anymore. The way her lips moved were so attractive. “It reminds me a lot of when I go to the London Library. Have ever been there?” Again, he nodded, even though he’d never really been there. “It’s almost always crowded, but still, there’s so much silence… you can feel the air properly. The books… I just like so much in there.”

 As the memory came, Harry almost jumped off the bed. He wanted to leave his house and go there, wait until she showed up. It would be worth nothing, though. She would never be there at two in the morning, even if the library was open.

 The rest of the night was like hell and heaven at one. He couldn’t wait any longer, but still, he knew somewhere to look for her. And he was going to wait every morning until she showed up.

 And she didn’t until the second day he waited for her in front of the Library doors.

 She came, walking in his direction. It was morning, but not too early because he knew she hated to wake up before nine. The weather was chilly and the black coat she was wearing suited her well. Incredibly well, actually. Harry had spent a few days away from her and almost forgot how pretty she was.

 Then Y/N looked at him and she’d never felt so surprise. The fact that he was not only there, but that he remembered her, thought of her, and actually listened to what she said made her surprised, happy and mixed emotions she was trying to avoid. Her eyes widened and Harry came closer, noticing she had stopped walking to what once was her destiny.

 “You came right on time. I was about to give up on looking for you.”

 “You should have.”

 “No way. I worked too hard to be where I am now to just let it go. I’ve been looking for you it’s been a while now.”

“I know. I saw you the other day at the bar.” She said “what are you doing here, Harry? I told you to not look for me. Besides, how did you know I come here?”

 “I wouldn’t stop looking for you after all you did to me. You’re insane and I’m pissed. How could you see me at the bar and not talk to me? I was looking for you and you knew it.”

 “I told you we were done! Why are you making this so difficult?”

“Why are you making this so difficult? I just want to know why you were done with me like this. I deserve a fucking explanation.”

 “No you don’t!” She almost yelled, gripping her hair. People around them walking on the street started to watch, finding odd their behaving. “We weren’t dating, Harry. We were just a fling. That’s it.”

 “I didn’t want to be just a fling. Fuck, I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend. I feel like I’m crazy about you, don’t you feel the slightest same?” She hated to destroy the hope in his eyes, but she had to.

 “I don’t.”

 “I don’t believe you.” She shrugged, and it almost seemed like she didn’t care.

 “It’s your choice.”

 He came closer to her, and his voice was just above a whisper. “You know, I’ve heard a lot of girls saying they don’t have feelings, but fuck, you don’t. I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I don’t know why you keep running away from me, but I know I’m not the first one to be treated like this by you.” He paused, trying to hurt her the same way he’s been hurt since she left, but failing miserably. “You really don’t have any feelings, and you don’t need me at all, so maybe that’s why I need you so much. I need you so much I can barely breathe.”

 Y/N closed her eyes, their proximity driving her mad. He was whispering to her what she couldn’t understand. So she was going to run away, just like she’d been doing her entire life.

 “Goodbye, Harry.”

 “I think you’re already used to it, but I hope you’re happy, because you’re driving me insane. You’re breaking my heart and I hate myself for letting you do it. I hate myself for being so pathetic and look for you for days. But, mostly, I’m hating you.”

 And finally, he hurt her the way he wanted to. If felt like someone pushed her to jump off a cliff. Her insides twisted as she felt empty for a few seconds, until the sadness came by. “Goodbye, Y/N.”

It was night when Harry heard a knock on his door. He’d been watching television all day, trying to escape his stupid feelings for someone who not only didn’t deserve them, but threw it all on the trash, like it was easily dispensable. He was feeling sad and angry and frustrated, so when he opened the door to reveal a desperate Y/N, he didn’t know how to react.

 “Mhm, can I help y…”

“I wish I didn’t have feelings, you know? I wish I could look at you and say ‘I don’t like you’ or ‘I don’t want you’.” She started to ramble, gesticulating her hands while speaking. “But I can’t, because you break all my stupid and imaginary walls. I hate falling in love. I don’t only hate it, but I’m also so afraid of it.”

 “I thought you weren’t really afraid of anything.” He said, still shocked and finding the first thing his brain could register to say. She laughed, shaking her head and closing her eyes.

 “Yeah. I’m not afraid of scary movies or calling people’s attention. But I am afraid of falling in love, and your kisses don’t make me afraid and neither do our talks. What scares me is what I feel with them. I feel like I’m deep into you, and nothing good comes out of it.”

 Harry cleared his throat, but Y/N waved her hand, signalizing he didn’t need to bother saying something.

 “I fell in love before, and not once I was not the broken one, you know? I ran away because I was afraid, and I still am. How can you like someone as troublesome as me? I’m a huge mess. I do things and say things… I can’t understand why someone would fall for me.”

 She breathed, feeling the weight of letting that all out for the first time in what felt like ages. Harry was still speechless in front of her. He didn’t know what to say, what to think or what to do. Should he hug her? He wanted to, but Harry knew Y/N wasn’t done talking, and he wanted to learn about her. He wanted to hear what he’d been waiting to come out of her mouth.

 “I didn’t know what to do to trust you. I have a lot of trust issues” she laughed, and he smiled.

 “I don’t care.”

 “No, I need to tell you. I need you to know why I’ve been a killer pain in the ass, and why I am the way that I am.” Y/N continued. “But please, don’t leave me.”

 “I understand. You’re afraid of falling in love, so you’ve been testing me to know until what point I’m going to fight for you. You want to know if I can tell how much you’re worth.” She smiled at him and he smiled back, showing off his adorable dimples.

“Saying it like that sounds incredibly mean and stupid.”

 “Because it is.” Harry trailed off “but as long as I’ve made my point, I’d like to have you as my girlfriend.”

 “Woah, hold on, big guy. I think we’re moving too fast.”

 “You’re right. I want to know all your secrets before I can date you. I don’t know ‘til what point I can trust you, and I’m not willing to go to jail for being your partner in crime.”

 She raised her eyebrows, and the evil look on her face returned as she stepped inside the house and took her jacket off. Harry almost didn’t realize she was looking at him like that for the first time after days. To him, it felt like she’d never left his side.

 “Are you sure?”

 “I still want to know your secrets, but let’s rob a bank.”

So uhh if anyone’s bored, I’ve been browsing haikyuu amvs on yt and here are some fantastic ones I’ve come across:


x great editing  x this is what got me into haikyuu lol x karasuno,nekoma, and some aobajousai x cointains spoilers but really cool x many characters x karasuno,aobajousai&nekoma x wide variety of characters and cool editing


x cool vid ft. tsukki x oikawa


x really cute w/ kuroo&kenma x one of my favs ft. asanoya,kagehina,&daisuga x really cute kagehina x lots of ships&teams x iwaoi x variety of ships


I’m sorry, but this is going to be a long post, since all my feels cannot be contained in just one simple post.

I’ve been a KISSME since their debut in 2008, because I was a Xing fan at the time, and for you that don’t know it, Kevin and former U-KISS’ member Kim Kibum (SS501′s Kim Hyungjon’s younger brother) were a part of Xing before changing agencies to go debut in U-KISS. Yep, it’s been 7 years since I’ve started supporting Eli and all of U-KISS.

When I heard that Dongho was leaving U-KISS because he was done with the idol life, I was really happy for him. Up to that point (2013) I had the privilege of seeing him growing and supporting him for 5 years, so I was a bit sad, yes, but ultimately happy that he stood up for himself and made such a huge change in his life because he felt he needed it. Now he’s a awesome DJ and is (at least a I think and hope so) happily married to a girl that loves him.

I think that, besides his wife being pregnant for 3 months now (and so sooner than later some paparazzi or something would find out and shit could hit the fan hard) Eli was also encouraged to speak up about it because of Dongho’s wedding ceremony. He must have seem the good response Dongho was getting and felt he might as well say it and hope for good responses as well.

I’m a little sad he had to mention on his instagram post “Thank you all for supporting all this time and I apologize if any of you feel betrayed and understand if you no longer support U-Kiss.”; but it’s nothing but the truth: I know lots of people will feel betrayed and even send him some hate. I understand that feeling, specially the younger fans who have wild fantasies. I already felt it myself when I was younger, so I understand, but I seriously hope that people show more supportiveness towards him than hate.

I’m also very proud of him. Not only for giving us fans all those news (being married for a whole year + going to be a father) that could backlash him in the face, but also because, according to him: “We’ve been together for about 5 years now and love each other very much~” AN IDOL HAS MANAGED TO KEEP A SUCCESSFUL LOVE RELATIONSHIP FOR 5 FUCKING YEARS!!!     (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Like c’mon guys, we all know keeping a relationship while being a kpop idol is hard as hell. You’ve to dodge all the hate from fans and anti-fans alike, you’ve to try and protect your loved one (specially when they’re a non-celebrity, which seems like the case here), you’ve to try pleasing your company which might not be happy with you having a relationship and, besides all that, idols still  have to face the normal struggles of relationships. So he not only managed to date a non-celebrity (I’m assuming this until it’s said otherwise) for 5 years, but he managed to keep a stable and happy relationship (as it seems), marry and BECOME A FATHER!!!  ( ๑Ó﹏Ò๑)

Seriously, I don’t have enough words to express how happy I’m feeling right now. I hope he gets lots of love with these news and chooses to keep us KISSMEs updated with good news about his new family  ♥ ♥ ♥  I feel like one of my bestfriends got married and is inviting me for their baby’s babyshower. I’m way too happy, and I hope lots other people are too  (◡‿◡✿)

Now, to finish my post, I’m going to say one more thing: Eli said they haven’t had their wedding cerimony yet…


Like how Dongho invited Xander and Xander did a whole cute asf post about it (ノಥДಥ)ノ

That’s all folks. Go congratulate Eli on his Instagram~  ◕ω◕  ♥

The Riddle of Borormir (or should we say Faramir's Dream?)

(This “meta” might cointain spoilers for LOTR first time readers who have not seen the movies)

During the Council of Elrond, Boromir speaks of an attack on Osgiliath four months prior. Mordor attacked with Easterlings and Haradrim as well as one Black Rider (probably the Witch King).

On the eve of this attack his brother (at this point we don’t know his name is Faramir yet) had a dream. And after that, this dream came to Faramir often. Only once did Boromir dream it himself. We learn that Faramir wanted to seek Imladris, but Boromir went in his stead because “the way was full of doubt and danger”.

Why? If Faramir is a valiant soldier (he was one of the four to survive the casting down of the bridge in Osgiliath) why could he not face the dangers of the way to Rivendell? As of now we don’t know the reasons for this choice.

Still I ask myself: This dream came to Faramir as a warning on the eve of an attack and then several times afterwards. Who sent out this warning in form of riddle?

The dream describes the eastern sky growing dark and a light from the West lingering, out of which a voice cries the riddle. Whose voice? Lord of the Rings first time readers don’t have much to go on here. Tolkien slips in hints of his Mythology here and there but leaves enough untold to keep it mysterious. It’s a lovely feature that gives an incredeble depth to this world.

We know that the West is “holy” in Middle Earth. Gildor and his company sing of “the Western Seas” and a “land beyond the Sea” with longing. We learn that some Elves are “returning” to this land where a Queen lives. The Silmarillion readers know that they speak of Valinor, the Undying Lands where not only a Queen but many “gods” (the Valar) and the Maiar live.

Did someone from Valior send a message to Gondor? It seems likely. Was it Elbereth herself? We don’t know. In The Silmarillion the Valar don’t meddle with the affairs of Elves and Men very often. Yet this is not the first time a message came from the West to someone in a dream. Ulmo (a Valar) also communicated on this manner with Elves a long time ago. Is he responsible for this dream come to a Man? Most likely not.

The Lord of the Rings only hints the Mythology and focuses heavily on Elbereth. So far, just calling her name was enough to scare away the Black Riders more than once. But how much is she really envolved in the matters of The Ring?

Often have Gandalf, Elrond and the others mentioned that there seem to be more than chance shaping Frodo’s adventures and even the Council seems to have called itself since all arrived in Rivendell for the same reason at the same time.

If the Valar are aiding the Peoples of Middle Earth by steering some events, they are doing it in a very subtle way. They obviously don’t want to solve the problem themselves, but they are not closing their eyes either. Maybe Elbereth does hear to all these cries and intervenes.

Notice, though, that whoever send warning words to Gondor chose to speak to Faramir! Not once or twice, but often. Was Faramir meant to go to Rivendell? Probably. For some reason (we might yet find that out) he didn’t. And so it seems the message was sent to Boromir, who with difficulty, reached the Council just in time.

Clearly Boromir was the second choice, the runner up (of Elbereth?). How does this affect the fate of The Ring? We’ll return to this in chapters to come.

(does this count as a bingo entry for this week’s prompt “Council of Elrond”, tolkienreadalong?)