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Celtic Coin of the Dobunni King Corio

This is a ‘Tree Type’ gold stater of the Dobunni tribe. It was struck circa 20 BC  to AD 5 during the rule of Corio. On the obverse is the image of a tree-like emblem known as a Dobunnic Tree, with a pellet below. The reverse bears the name Co[rio] above a triple-tailed, stylized Celtic horse, with a wheel below and other symbols in the field.  The Dobunnic Tree’s meaning is unclear although corn, ferns and a form of a wreath have all been suggested as explanations.

The Dobunni were one of the Iron Age tribes living in the British Isles prior to the Roman invasion of Britain (43-84 AD). They lived in the southwestern part of Britain that roughly coincides with the English counties of Bristol, Gloucestershire and the north of Somerset, although at times their territory may have extended into parts of what are now Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire. Their capital acquired the Roman name of Corinium Dobunnorum, which is today known as Cirencester. Unlike the Silures, their neighbors in what later became southeast Wales, the Dobunni were not a warlike people and submitted to the Romans before they even reached their lands. Afterwards they readily adopted the Romano-British lifestyle.

Corio was a 'king’ of the southwestern Dobunni. No one knows if 'king’ is the correct term for their leaders however, it is likely that this is what the Romans called them. The Dobunni rulers are only known from names found on their coinage and the exact order of each of their reigns has yet to be determined. Some of the other Dobunni kings’ names are Anted, Eisu, Aatti, Comux, Inham and Bodvoc.


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The bee on the front, and the palm tree and the stag on the back of this four-drachma coin, a tetradrachm, are emblems of Ephesus, a Greek city on the west coast of Turkey. This city was an important center of worship of the Greek goddess Artemis, and the images on Ephesian coinage represent her. Originally the bee was the symbol of an early Anatolian goddess who the Greeks later identified with Artemis. So close was the connection between Artemis and bees that the priestesses of the goddess were called “honey bees.” The two Greek letters, epsilon and phi, on either side of the bee are an abbreviation for Ephesus.

On the back, the palm tree alludes to Artemis’ birthplace, the island of Delos, where, under a palm tree, the goddess Leto gave birth to Artemis and her twin brother, Apollo. The forepart of a stag symbolizes Artemis’ affinity with animals, and may also refer to the stag figures that flanked her cult statue in the temple at Ephesus. The inscription names a man, Karno, who was probably one of the magistrates supervising the mint.

A rare coin from the city that once housed the Library of Aristotle

This silver drachm is from the ancient city of Skepsis in Troas circa 480-450 BC. On the obverse is the forepart of Pegasus with the inscription ΣKHΨIΩN. The reverse shows a fir tree with two grape bunches all within a linear and  dotted border.

The ancient city of Skepsis was located in the Troas region (aka Troad), which is the modern Biga peninsula in Turkey. It is about 31 miles southeast of the ancient site of Troy. The settlement is notable for being the location where the famous library of Aristotle was kept before being moved to Pergamum and Alexandria. Strabo wrote in his Geographia XIII, 1, 54-55 that Aristotle was “the first man, so far as I know, to have collected books and to have taught the kings in Egypt how to arrange a library." 

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Hints for the "TEDDY" puzzle? All of the puzzles in Fausts Alptraum have no hints or logic at all. >:I

For the first teddy bear at the left

  • Keep the fish eye for a while.
  • The other eye can be found in a glass bottle (can be found in the corridor after the creature from the beach ate you)

For the second teddy bear at the middle

  • The mouth can be found in the chess room.
  • If you happen to know how to play chess. This will be easy for you in my opinion. If you lose, you will go back to your checkpoint.

and for the last one at the right

  • The face can be found in a room that has a television and a tree. (The room with a two-digit password.) 
  • I bet you remembered what the fox statue told you about burying the gold coin under the tree.
  • Go out and return to get the face at the tree.

Same, Anon. The game doesn’t gave us any hints which makes it hard. 

But it gives me some sort of Hide and Seek [Story of Dorothy] vibe. I recalled that time that I almost raged inside the piano room and haven’t realized that I haven’t finished the witch puzzle yet haha.

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Bee Coin From Ephesos, Ionia, C. 390-325 BC

A silver tetradrachm. Obverse: Magistrate Antialkidas. E-Φ , bee with straight wings. Reverse: ANTIAΛKIΔAΣ, forepart of a stag to right, its head turned back to face left, a palm-tree on left.

Ephesos (Ephesus) used the bee on its coins since it was a producer of honey, so the bee advertised their most famous product. The bee was also mythologically connected to Ephesus because, according to Philostratos, the colonizing Athenians were led to Ephesus and Ionia by the Muses who took the form of bees.

The city was also the location of the famous Temple of Artemis. Her priestesses were called ‘melissai" or “honey bees” of the goddess. The stag, like the one used on this coin is also an attribute of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. This animal was regarded as sacred to her and stag figures were said to have flanked the cult statue of Artemis in her  temple at Ephesus. The palm tree on the obverse alludes to Artemis’ birthplace, the island of Delos, where the goddess Leto gave birth to Artemis and her twin brother Apollo underneath a palm tree. This coin represents its city of origin well.

Ephesus was an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia, three kilometers southwest of present-day Selçuk in Izmir Province, Turkey. It was built in the 10th century BC on the site of the former Arzawan capital by Attic and Ionian Greek colonists.


Studyblr community! Let’s work together to make the world a better place!

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So please, if you already have the app or would like to try it out, be productive and plant a tree in India or Zambia! So far over 250 trees have been planted and if we work together we can really make a difference to people’s lives!

Money Trees

Hammering coins into trees is an ancient tradition in the north west part of the UK in Cumbria and the north of Wales in the village of Portmeirion. According to a research conduction completed by the BCC, this practice is said to date back to the early 18th century in Scotland. It was believed that if people hammered florins into trees, it would cure them of their sickness. 

TOG fanfic

So I saw the headcannon that throne-of-feels wrote, and I thought, why not???? So I decided to write a fic!!! Sorry…I kinda got carried away haha.

Prompt:  Aelin asks Rowan to pick up a dress or some books, and realises he doesn’t have enough money. So he ends up spending hours looking for money on the floor because he’s too awkward to ask anyone else.

Rowan gripped the note tightly, silently cursing Aelin as he strode through the streets, trying to ignore the passers-by who took one look at Rowan’s tattoos and looked hastily away. He tried even harder to ignore the people who bowed to him, their Prince Consort.

For the first time in months, Rowan had woken up to an empty bed, Aelin’s side unusually cold. She probably has a council meeting; Rowan had thought to himself as he got up and started dressing. It wasn’t until Rowan had started to brush his hair, the small diamond encrusted brush (Aelin’s personal favourite) getting caught in the snags, that he realised that Aelin had left him a note on her pillow.

It was pink, of course. And if Rowan knew Fireheart, his carranam and mate well enough, it was lavender scented. Rowan brought the note up to his nose and sniffed. Yes, definitely lavender.

In Aelin’s swirly, yet slightly messy handwriting, it read:

Rowan, pick up the dress that I ordered at Geirn’s boutique. Oh, and I need some new books to read. I’ll trust your judgement.  
Love, Aelin

Rowan groaned out loud, cursing Aelin in his head. He did not need this. Gods above, he had plenty of important things to do today. And yet…Rowan realised that he couldn’t face Aelin knowing that he had placed his work above her.

Rowan smirked at himself. Gods, he was becoming sentimental. Aelin would laugh in his face, except she was the first one to say “I love you”.

Shaking his head, Rowan threw on his black cloak, sheathed his daggers at his waist and shoved a few gold and silver coins lying around the table into a coin purse, dropping it into his cloak pocket. Honestly, how much could books and a dress cost?

Rowan looked around the town, trying to identify Geirn’s shop out of a sea of identical shops. The town smelt like pine and snow, mixed with morning dew and dust. Aelin had told him once, when she had snuggled up against his chest after they had made love for the first time, that he smelt like Terrassen, like pine and snow.

Rowan had secretly sniffed himself after Aelin had fallen asleep, but he couldn’t detect it. He had told Aelin about it later, and she had laughed, claiming that he did in fact smell like pine and snow. And then began to trail soft kisses on his jaw. Honestly, Rowan had forgotten what he had said later, he only remembered the wicked grin on her face and his exhausted state afterwards.

Rowan continued walking down the dirt road, his shiny and newly polished boots gradually becoming a dark grey colour. He knew that some of the people were probably wondering why the Prince Consort was out shopping alone, without any guards to protect him. Rowan almost considered it a personal dare-a challenge. Was anyone game enough to take on an immortal fae warrior with centuries of experience?

Rowan reached a store with windows advertising long elegant gowns with green and white sign that read Geirn’s in cursive blue print. Rowan almost sighed in relief. He would probably kill himself-or Aelin, actually probably Aelin-if he had to walk further, had to put up with more stares and bows.

Rowan strode through the door, hearing it fall back into itself with a loud clank. The seamstress looked up, and almost dropped the dress that she was embroidering. She got up, her pale blond ringlets falling across her face as she bowed low.

“Your Highness,” she stuttered, her cheeks colouring as she tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ears.

Gods, Rowan hated being bowed to. It was bad enough being a prince in Maeve’s court, but now…being married to the Queen of Terrasen did have some set-backs.

“Call me Rowan,” he said, making sure to lighten his tone. Don’t growl, he told himself sternly. Be friendly.

“Of course, Prince Rowan,” the woman said awkwardly. “Are you here for Queen Aelin’s dress? We could have shipped it to the palace, Your Highness.”

Of course they could’ve. Honestly, if shipping was possible, why did Aelin send him off on this errand?

“It’s no trouble,” said Rowan evenly. “I was just in town.”

The woman nodded briskly, and rushed to the back of the store, quietly shifting through a rack of dresses. Rowan looked around the store, taking in the rainbow assortment of gowns hanging along the walls. It was a simple shop, yet elegant and well designed.

The woman returned with a silver gown threaded with gold, the sleeves a delicate silvery lace. “Here you go, Your Highness. I hope the queen likes it.”

Rowan gave the woman a small smile, taking the dress into his hands. “How much does it cost?”

“Queen Aelin already paid for it,” she replied, her eyes on the beautiful dress in Rowan’s arms. “It’s my best work yet.”

“Thanks,” said Rowan, turning his back on the woman and heading out the door.

Now he just needed to buy the books. There were at least three book stores on the street, and Rowan walked towards the quietest one-the one that promised the least amount of noise.

Aelin didn’t specify which books she wanted, so Rowan picked out random ones. He chose a few romances, some fantasies and a historical novel. Rowan made sure to choose the books with titles that sounded like sex was involved. Aelin especially enjoyed those kinds of books, though only the gods probably knew why.  

He carried the tower of books to the counter, trying to balance the books without them dropping. The bookseller smiled when he saw Rowan, and bowed his head in respect. “Prince Rowan! What a lovely selection of books.”

“They’re for Aelin,” he said awkwardly, feeling the need to explain the abundance of romance novels in the pile.

“Ahhh,” the man said, nodding. “The queen does love to read.”

Rowan stood quietly, as the man wrapped the books in paper and placed them in bags.

“That comes to seventy five silver coins, Your Highness.”

Rowan almost spat in surprise. Seventy-five? Were books really that expensive? Rowan took out his purse and counted.

All of his gold and silver coins came up to seventy. “Shit,” Rowan cursed, feeling around the purse for any remaining coins. There were none left. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why didn’t he bring more money?

“Is everything alright, Your Highness?” the man asked, a worried and slightly shocked expression on his face.

“Yes,” Rowan said hurriedly. “I left my coin purse in my carriage. I will be right back.”

“Your Highness could take out one book,” the bookseller suggested, already reaching for the bag.

“No, no,” said Rowan heading towards the door, dropping the gown next to the books along the way. “I will be right back.”

After the door slammed shut, Rowan began to walk around the town, trying to inconspicuously search for dropped coins, while appearing to be out for a stroll.

What would the people think if they saw their Prince Consort looking for money on the street like an urchin?

Rowan looked in sewers and crates. He looked under trees and under carriages. He even tried to feel around on the ground for coins hidden amongst grass. No luck. Rowan almost gave up on all hope when he saw a shiny gold circle a few paces away.

Rowan ran towards it, uncaring of the curious eyes fixated on him. He had stopped caring hours ago, when he realised that coins didn’t magically grow from trees.

He picked up the coin, its edges filled with dirt and rocks. Finally! Rowan pocketed the coin and ran back towards the location of the book store.

It was closed.


Rowan looked around the street and realised that it was dark and mostly devoid of people.

He growled in frustration. All those hours wasted, and he still couldn’t get the books.

And that gown… Gods above, Aelin would burn him alive.                        

Once Rowan returned to the palace, he found the whole place quiet and dark. How long was he out? Was the entire palace asleep? The guards nodded to him as he entered, and Rowan returned the gesture.

He entered the unusually quiet palace, trying to think of an explanation for Aelin.

Rowan was lost in his own thoughts and almost jumped out of his own skin when the entire palace suddenly erupted in light and  hundreds of men and women dressed in suits and ball gowns shouted, “Happy birthday, Prince Rowan!”

Rowan looked around, dumbstruck, and caught the mischievous grin of his mate. She was wearing the silver and gold gown, and on a table beside her sat the books that he had tried to buy that day.

Rowan felt a faint blush colour his cheeks and the entire audience smiled as Aelin walked over to Rowan and kissed him.

“I hate you,” Rowan hissed as he broke the kiss.

Aelin planted another light kiss on his cheek and said, “Happy birthday, Rowan. And I hate you too.”

Eat your way to good sex
*Chili peppers
Chili peppers can spice things up a bit. These fiery veggies increase your blood flow, which means more blood is flowing to all the right body parts. They can also increase your physical sensations.

The ancient Aztecs were on to something when they coined avocado trees “testicle trees.” The folic acid and potassium present in this food enhances sexual pleasure for men and women.

*Raw Cacao
Raw cacao nibs are loaded with phenyl ethylamine, which is the hormone released during sex.
*Goji Berries

Goji berries possess the capability of enhancing the human libido. In Asian countries, these berries have traditionally been used as a sexual tonic, which helps to improve the sex drive in both women and men
The goji berry has properties which increase the testosterone levels in women as well as men which is extremely important for a better sex life.

*Pumpkin Seeds:
Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which is important in testosterone production for men and also helps to sustain sexual desire in women. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in the essential fatty acid omega 3, which acts as a precursor of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that play a key role in sexual health. Word on the street is that a diet rich in pumpkin seeds will enhance potency, drive and fertility.

Though with a strong unpleasant odor, garlic has been a successful aphrodisiac from ancient times. The Chinese and the Indians were using it in their treatments for solving sexual problems and their medical systems are still making use of them for enhancing sex.

considered an excellent food to ramp up sexual stimulation

is known by many as Peru’s natural Viagra. Apparently this natural root has been known throughout Peru’s history as a sex enhancing root passed down by the Inca.
the maca plant is used by the Peruvian culture to increase strength, stamina, energy, fertility and libido.

Watermelon :
Fruits like watermelon can increase your sex drive naturally. Watermelon’s flesh and rind contain a chemical called Citruline that not only helps your sex drive but also has health benefits for your heart.

ginger :increases blood flow, especially to the sexual organs. It also warms you up, and it smells a lot better than garlic


‘The Money Tree’ 

It is said that if you knock a coin into the trunk of this fallen tree your wish will come true. There are thousands upon thousands of coins in this tree today, creating a scaled log deep in the woods and even causing it to deserve it’s own little sign. There are foreign coins, old coins, illegible coins, all people together, united. I love coming here, it makes me feel less alone.

“Mum, I’m standing on people’s wishes”