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There is a boy standing on your roof. Why is this boy on your roof? Who knows. All you know is that currently, you are taking some cookies and hot chocolate to the boy on the roof. Even with your swollen stomach, you will deliver these to the boy with the lonely aura. His loneliness is upsetting the baby in your stomach, and perhaps you too. Just a little.

coinoperatedcorvid started following you

The four girls stare at the monstrosity in their living room. The girl who looked just a tiny bit like you and the girl with the glasses floating in the air immediately run away, leaving two girls.

The girl in the large green coat with flashing lights who is sitting on the couch, smoking and playing with her lighter, watching the flame with disinterested green eyes. Well, eye. She doesn't acknowledge you, she just stares at the flame as the lights flash, reflecting off her glasses.

The other really tall girl in heels just watches, orange eyes trained on you with… amusement? The aura from this girl is an uneasy one, and she slides her pointed anime sunglasses off her black tanktop, placing them on the coffee table. She’s wearing high heeled boots, but without them she would be around six feet, and her outfit is too tight for its own good. Waiting for you to acknowledge her, she twirls a long strand of white hair slowly around her finger.