coincidences don't exist!

So did anyone notice...

Joker is the only character to be positioned in front of rainbows in the end credits song…

which I thought didn’t mean anything, but then…

Batman’s got an interesting color scheme there. 

It’s almost like…

it means something


GIF REQUEST MEME: @palizinhas requested ‘star wars + best outfit’ - Finn’s Jacket

“Either way, you completed my mission.” Poe gestured at their surroundings. “Beebee-Ate is here, where he was supposed to come all along. And you saved my jacket.”

Finn started to slip out of it. “Oh, sorry—here.”

Poe grinned anew. “No, no. Just kidding. You keep it. It suits you.”

     howdy!! this is a new fandomless oc - if you could give this a like + reblog if you’d be interested in writing with this absolute ANOMALY of a… person ( ? ) who is way too similar to a dog for it to be just coincidence and works at a shelter – that’d be super cool! give the pupper a pat on the head and they will appreciate you forever..!!    ( rules / about / ask )

i was sitting outside in the sun drinking a big cup water and this dog and person walked past and then i realized that the same dog was in my dream last night. it was a german shepherd dog and the way it looked was just the same as in the dream (big fluffy mane and a specific cream color, very huggable) its very weird bc it wasn’t just any dog and it looked *exactly* the same


There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.

anonymous asked:

I think Harry knows exactly what he is doing with that Insta pic. He knows what we think as far as why he never posts in color, and he knows we are waiting for him to start after a big moment. I think this is his way of saying that the Elounor breakup is an important step for them, but not the end all be all of what they really want. That's why the pic is kind of in color, but still debatable (if that makes sense). I love how he communicates with us in little ways.

Exactly! I agree with every part of this message :)

Time has given me the lesson that coincidences don't exist in this fandom.

For those who don’t understand spanish: it says that Harry was spotted at Selfridges, where you can buy a Snoopy T-shirt. A few days later, Louis appeared with THAT t-shirt. Also Harry has one. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 

It says that Harry has a new Barcelona coin bracelet (I’m sure it’s from Barcelona). But who was there recently? Yeah, Louis. So basically I think Harry bought that t-shirt for Louis and Louis bought that bracelet for Harry. And I’m sure you too. 

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