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OMG I noticed when I got home that my Elmwood ch 1 was getting a lot of notes. And I'm like, wtf, cause my stuff doesn't get a lot of notes, then I noticed that you re-blogged it! LOL, then....I got a notification from Mystic Messenger that a new chat opened up (Jalapenos Topping) coincidence? I think not!

LOL it’s fate!!!! Man, it’s so good I can’t wait for more! Keep up the amazing work, sweet pea!! 💕💕

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I was wondering do you think that Chris and Darren are together through all of the shit that's going on with Darren? I mean we know Mi/arren is bullshit and not sure about Ch/ill but I was wondering what your thoughts of CrissColfer was, I like to think that they are together but maybe that's only me?

Do you still believe or think that Chris and Darren are still together through all of this?

Did you send 2 Q’s or was this a beautiful coincidence?

I think they’re private guys and they keep what really matters to them under the radar.

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oh man i might be wrong but the uncle theory looks just as transparent as the brogane one lmao

next is the: “shiro is keith’s mom” theory

his dad did say “your mother will be here soon” and who came running to keith right after that?? 

coincidence? i think not.

no, but honestly if i didn’t know what kind of shipping art the creators like on social media, i might have thought in that direction too. it’s not a bad theory

(almost) 24 hrs on antibiotics & two days of being in a NyQuil coma later

*stretches dramatically* Anddddd ya girl is back!!! Sorry for being a drag these past couple days, dang that junk had me down and ouuuutttt. Here’s to hoping all of you have had great weeks so far, Happy Wednesday, and yea let’s get this show back on the road.

PS somewhere in my random bouts of consciousness I had decided to create OC-exploration-Tumblrs (there’s probably already a much better coined term for that but idk what it is so yea) where I’m basically going to write little snippets of back stories or personal stories about my most used OCs & reblog pics / moodboards / anything that I think coincides with their characters- a bit of an OC journal if you will. It’s mostly to keep the character fresh and assist me in their development & back story (I’m not really tagging their posts beyond personal organization reasons, because I’m not really looking for followers etc for those). If anyone’s interested in seeing those let me know, I’ve made one for Caroline “Crybaby” Jackson & am going to fix one up for “Niñita” & Natalia (from Don’t Call Me That) and may fix one up for “Mi Querida” (from All Work & All Play). I’m also hoping these may help me out when I hit writer’s block lol.

but yea. I’m hoping to get a couple stories out today, may be later than sooner since I’m also catching up after missing three days of work, but yea! Hope your days have been rosey.

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That chapter was sooo fluffy but that makes me scared too. Sybil is probably back soon and I don't believe the restaurant was a coincidence or you wouldn't have put it in. I think Wolf is bad.

Wolf is bad, you say? You’re scared, you say? ^.^

Allow me to analyze my own fic. You’re the first person to think Wolf is bad, which is actually surprising because I thought more people would think that. It’s true, in canon he worked on the bad side first. In CNLG he also has Strom as his alternate, another of the wolves. Now, I did this intentionally. (Also because I’m tired of writing Ran). But WHY!?

Will Sybil be back? Well, someone will be back. Would it be any fun if no one did? Or I can just end this in a few chapters and turn into fluff fest. Cresswell continues dating, the government project is forgotten, and soon there are Cresswell babies. Biggest problems are whether Thorne can commit to a long distance relationship. And how Cress uses technology to bridge the distance. Lots of steamy video chats. I mean what.

In the meantime, enjoy fluffy Cresswell DATING because I love my babies.

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