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Hey Dani, I've got a question for you. I can come off anon if you want, but I am a little nervous, because I have been berated before. Do you really think Louis and Harry /know/ that they appear to be sending messages when they do certain things. How do we know they know? And couldn't it be a coincidence? At least some of it? Do we look into things too much? I feel like some stuff is so obscure that they /can't/ know about it you know?

I mean, short answer is yes I think they know. I also think some things are coincidences, AND I think sometimes we look into things too much.

Louis has confirmed, on like, multiple occasions that he is very aware of what the fandom is saying. He said so just last week. That’s not a larrie headcanon that’s not anyone making anything up, they watch. Here’s the thing - what is said on tumblr is NOT private. Everyone loves to pretend we exist in this little corner away from everything, but it’s a crock of shit that everyone eats to make themselves feel better about the fact that the fourth wall doesn’t exist.

The biggest thing for me is that they know how people are going to react to their online activity. They know what people say about their instagram posts, they know what people say about their follows, their likes. I would wager they know about a lot of what different fandom factions say. This shit is everywhere is not challenging to find, and in many cases it is sent directly to them - that’s all assuming they don’t actually go looking it for it themselves.And even if we say they don’t, their teams DO. Their teams know EVERYTHING that is being said, they know what fans think, they know what things are sticking with the fandom.

I actually think that’s part of why so much of their career has been so focused on their “private lives” becasue it has kept fans engaged. In every sect of the fandom it keeps people talking, and as aggravating as it is for us, it meets their end game goals.

Anyway, some stuff is going to be a coincidence, I do not think either of them spend all day reading larrie blogs and looking for ways to send affirmative messages. But sometimes, they have a minute, they read a thing, they react by doing a thing.. yeah I think it happens, i think it probably happens more than people outside this fandom would consider. But I really have no interest in trying to dissect which ones are “real” and which are random. 

A coincidence here and a coincidence there will happen. They happen. But dude, no one on planet earth is that fucking unlucky.

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hi i'm the anon that asked a few days ago if thers a curse to make someone dream abt me. funny thing is, i've been asking around bc i really wanted to get this done so my target can feel guilty abt abandoning me. then last night all of a sudden i dreamt about HIM and it was so vivid and realistic. (this is without me having done anything so far other than asking for spells and i guess creating a big energy towards this goal) (also i hadnt dreamt of him in weeks) is it a coincidence or do you (▬)

(▬) think maybe since i had so much thought and energy abt this that maybe it backfired?

Since you were thinking about them so much (sending a message to them, but it is still about them), that might be why you dreamed about them - it doesn’t necessarily have to do with magic or a backfired spell. 

On the other hand, all of that thought and intent could have manifested in an undesired way because it was without a formula. 

Regardless, I don’t know if I can give you a solid answer on that one. Sorry anon. :/