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I have a question. Have you noticed how, in animation movies with animals as leads, the female is usually lighter in color than the male? (ex Lion King and the sequel, Lady & the tramp, maybe more) Is this some sort of weird coincidence & totally irrelevant?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence, it’s definitely a “thing” that has happened several times. The origins are not 100% clear but there is a post on TV Tropes about it here. Other examples listed: mice in the Rescuers, wolves in Balto, gorillas in Tarzan.

 It’s worth noting that this isn’t really something that plays out, outside of animation (male dogs aren’t known for being consistently darker in fur shade than female dogs, etc)  – you could pick out individual species but there’s no real preference in the animal kingdom as a whole. So it’s basically a human conception being placed onto anthropomorphic animals, not some law of nature finding its way into animation.

It’s the sort of thing I’d hesitate to draw too many conclusions from b/c it’s very open ended but if you like the theoretical, my guess based on above source/own observation is that, in humans, light skin tones as a whole have been made into a beauty standard while darker skin tones are devalued. To some extent it’s globally historical b/c of the obvious impact of sunlight/work hours, to some extent it’s very obviously the result of white imperialism. “Prettiness” and “beauty” as a standard tends to be more heavily applied to women than to men. 

It could also, I think, have pure gender association going on – if you walk into any boy’s section of clothing, darker reds, blues, greens etc. are the palette of choice, while a girl’s section will be more full of pale and pastel shades. And to discuss why that happens, and how certain colors have become associated with “masculinity” or “femininity” is like a book in itself. If the association is strong enough in anyone’s mind, it will probably make it into their animation sooner or later if they’re not actively thinking about it. 

Worth noting though that once enough animated animals follow this trope it can easily become its own thing (animators think the pattern feels “right” after observing it often enough and incorporate it into their own work for no reason other than, it follows previous animation style).

here’s something to remember when the 100 writers put their foots in their mouths (accidentally or not): it could all just be a ploy to make us think that bellarke is never going to happen when in fact it’s been in the works since they realized that bob and eliza had intense and amazing chemistry

i mean think about it -

bellamy was supposed to be the antagonist

bellamy is now one of the main protagonists

bellamy and clarke were not supposed to be friends

bellamy and clarke are now best friends that love and care about each other deeply, they’re the most important relationship on the show and there’s no denying that


kim said that she wasn’t talking about anyone’s relationship

don’t freak out y’all. it’s coming.

keep the faith.

James Bond and EXO?

Kris’ number is 00 and Luhan’s number is 7. The two numbers together equals 007. 007 is James Bond’s codename and he only responds to 007. On EXO Showtime, they played a game called ‘007’ during practice in the SM building. After the show ended, Kris and Luhan left in the order of 00 and 7. They responded to the codename when EXO played it and that’s why the left. The 007 series has many movies and Kris and Luhan are acting already in many movies.

Tell me this isn’t a coincidence.

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When was the last time Derek tagged Taylor in a post? Around the ODLR show in February maybe? And now out of the blue he tags her again on a pic from last week while praising Karlie. This is definitely not a coincidence, I think Karlie`s friends are upset with all the 5th wheel jokes. Karlie herself threw shade and even Ellen poked fun. It was a d*ck move from Taylor to drag Karlie and she even upgraded from 3rd wheeling Dianna to 5th wheeling Karlie.

I wonder if there was a fight with Taylor and CH regarding when to end their showmance, which explains his being so not thrilled to be at her show night two…then I’m sure Tay is somehow (maybe literally) kissing Karlie’s ass right now to make up for the fifth wheel stuff, and I bet the publications that referred to her as that are being told not to ever do it again.

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sorry i disagree, using the word “torched” really?, several of those investigation reports are out right now, perhaps you should read them.

[re: this post or this one]

Oh but I dO read. Quite a bit, in fact, but my problem is that I don’t put white-privilege-blinders or #newblackmentality™ shades on before I read the news. So I’m free to use common sense and conclude that this unusually high number of Black churches, and Black churches only, burning so soon after a massacre in a Black church in the South, and so soon after the Confederate flag being removed by a Black woman, isn’t some random, inexplicable “coincidence”

I wonder, precisely who do you think it is ruling those church fires as “accidents”? Good ole boys who luv them some guns, grits and the Confederate flag, or totally fair and impartial people? 

I’ve been Black for almost 31yrs - that’s way too long for me to automatically believe anything the authorities tell me. There is a very long and well documented history of burning Black churches in the South. Someone says the burnings are an accident and not arson? Show me *all* the evidence and PROVE IT 

So, no offense, but you’re hitting on something near and dear to me with your uninvited, obtuse comments, and you can keep right on “disagreeing” and believe whatever you need to, but in the meantime, I’ll be staying very woke over here in the real world  

(related posts: crier deniers and racism by proxy)

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Why would should one wait to astral travel? When is the right time, and what kind of hell might one experience? ( I feel bad for asking so much, if you want to give a shirt answer, that's fine by me) :)

There are a lot of reasons to wait to travel. One might be that you’re too young, or you’re not in a good place mentally or physically to do it. Traveling takes a toll, and I think that in order to come out the other end without too much damage done to you, you’ll probably want to be in a decent spot mentally. If I had fallen into astral proper when I was still in college, I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle the situations as well, and I might have done more harm than good because my ability to cope was pretty shitty at the time. I’d gone through a bunch of shadow work in the years preceding falling into the astral, and I don’t think that was a coincidence- I think it was preparing me. Physical limitations are also an issue, as it can be hard on your body to break through Over There. I had to find other means to connect to the astral when my stomach started to die because the methods I used at the time were too taxing for me. They still are.

You’ve also got to consider time limitations- if you want to take this seriously, you’ll probably want to go a few times a week, and not everyone has that much free time lieing around. Ofc, you may get lucky and land over there and only need to show up one a month, but you won’t know until you get there. So I always recommend that people prepare for worst case scenario type stuff- and worst case is you’re there every day, or every few days. If you don’t have time for that, probably best not to bother.

There are also locational issues, which are similar to the above issue of time. If you live in a location that doesn’t allow for a lot of time for focusing or practice, then you’re probably better off waiting until you’re in a better place where you can work freely without distraction.

And that’s just scratching the surface on why you should wait. The other issue that I always bring up is that you have to make sure that you’re prepared for whatever you may or may not come across Over There. Because once the door is open, it’s hard to close it again. The deeper you sink into the mud, the harder it is to walk away from it, or to travel less. F’ex if I wanted to entirely stop now, I probably wouldn’t be able to. Even if I didn’t travel while awake (which I have limited time for that right now, and haven’t been doing much while awake), it would still bleed into my dreams, and probably bleed into my mind even while awake. Once you get too deep, it’s really hard to get out again entirely.

As for picking a right time, that’s kinda a YMMV sort of thing. I feel like for many people, the time is right when it bugs them so badly they can’t ignore it. I dabbled a bit in my interior/prison space for many years without doing much. But then one day I kept getting these images and this pull and I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. It got too strong for me to continue to ignore it, and that probably was an indication that the time was good. So if it’s burning a hole in your head, it might mean that you should delve into travel.

But I don’t think it’s always about feelings. I think that anyone can try to travel at any time (success rate is another story), but that you should make sure that you’re mentally and physically prepared for what you may be getting into. Making sure that you’re mentally mature enough to handle whatever may happen, and that you’re able (and willing) to possibly dedicate a large chunk of your life to doing this. Ofc, you may not need to, but being prepared for any and all possibilities before you step through the threshold is important, imo. Because if you don’t prepare, you’re opening yourself up for problems.

Things that you can possibly run into? Pretty much anything you can think of. You may land into war zones. You may wake up in a jail cell. You might wake up in a nest of weird creepy crawly things that want to eat you. You can be tortured, beaten, sexually assaulted, physically or mentally assaulted. You may be forced to watch other people go through these things. You may wake up in no man’s land where no one or anything is alive. I mean, pretty much anything that you can imagine. Ofc, you may wake up in the nicest part of town, too, with a loving family and people that care for you and you may never have a bad experience ever.

But if you’re not prepared for the possibility of the first half of that paragraph, then you’re probably not ready to poke at that door.

I’d also possibly recommend looking at the astral FAQ page which has stuff on why teh astral can suck ass and all of that.


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It's sad that I was a CBJ/Blackhawks girl but the fanreaction is making me really bitter towards the Blackhawks organization. Like I still love the core of Chicago but the disrespect towards Arty and Dano is making me stupidly angry. Also the chicago tribune article says: "I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman consigned the young, talented, money-hunting winger to one of the NHL’s maximum security prisons." like goodbye you assholes

yeah like Columbus is great and ppl are being a dick about it

there’s a zane and a lewis in h2o and harry has a mermaid tattoo…. coincidence? I think not