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vikiiii im just here to say that Henrik is like the skam harry styles like both are tall and lanky and dorky and have that super charming personality that when you look at them you get dragged in and cant look at anything else also both names starts with h? a coincidence? i dont think sooooo also henrik deserved a lot more tbh and i love him so muuuuuch and also i love harry bye

omg i know!!!!!!!! they both got the same vibes so radiant and full of love!!!! and when they talk to ppl they both look like theyre fallin in love?!?!?! i love them so muCH

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I don't wanna sound gay.... But your zodiac sign and my zodiac sign are hella comparable.... Coincidence? I think not! - gay anon 💖

ahh i dont understand all the zodiac stuff sorry dssdajkdsjk