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The thing is... I 100% believe Cheryl was pregnant. From IVF, but pregnant. So how did they coordinate the L'oreal campaign with her giving birth? Was it just a coincidence? Was she like "I feel like I am going to give birth tomorrow, release the L'oreal pics"???

I haven’t been on Twitter and I don’t know how legit the birth rumors are, so I’m definitely waiting for a legit confirmation of all of that. But if it’s true, I’m guessing it’s a coincidence (because I also think she’s really pregnant).


- So Amelia is back at Meredith’s house and even though she has openly said she does not live there (tiny hope we can cling to) how odd is it that no one has asked her or seemed the least bit curious why she’s left her husband?

- Amelia and Yoghurt, a love story. Probably the only relationship that’s successful right now in GA. Is her sleepiness and sudden hunger just a coincidence? I don’t think so. *wishes Amelia talks to Owen before finding out a possible pregnancy*

- Attendings running labs and prepping surgical patients while residents come up with surgical plans? Only in the fairytale land of GSMH. If the attendings are so keen on knocking down Minnick, why are they acting like obedient puppies losing all their dignity? You gotta learn to walk before you learn how to run, maybe Minnick skipped that class too. We’ve seen that experience isn’t really her strength

- Jo Wilson is awesome. When the episode started I was pissed for her once again letting someone shout at her face. But damn it was awesome seeing her kicking ass. The resurrection of Jo! (Let’s overlook the fact she harassed a patient on the table for the sake of badassery).

- Everyone thought that guy was gonna play her ex husband, oh boy, they fooled everyone

- Deluca still exists. And hey! Riggs still works at the hospital :) good news

- April can take the lead on a kidney transplant. LOL this is getting ridiculous

- Let’s take out this woman’s kidney without bothering to check the status on the other one first 👌🏻

- That mom finding out her daughter was alive when she was found was heartwrenching

- The same guy from Psych from the first seasons was there again. First good continuity move of s13

- Nice to see some development on Riggs. It’s long overdue. He clearly can’t get over the guilt he feels for having stopped looking for Megan

- Arizona implying Minnick cares about the residents. For real? Like that’s why she took the job at GSMH. She was super worried about the residents she’d never seen before

- I wish I could hug Jo and Owen too. They both deserve it.

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Slav for black paladin, because he has the most number of arms to press all the buttons and gears in the lion for maximum efficiency

kaltenecker tho??? out of all of the possible breeds and cow colours the voltron writers/animators chose to make her a black/white cow..,, the colours of the black paladin outfit…,, 

coincidence?? i think NOT. wake up voltron fandom they’ve been dropping hints of black paladin kaltenecker all this while,,

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WWWWWWOWOWO! What are you playing D and C? Both #tbt when they were kids? COINCIDENCE? I DON'T THINK SO. I. DON'T. THINK. SO. Fucking bastards! they are so smart. They are talking. We are listening.

Aren’t they smart? They really upped their game lately. All of the photos Darren’s taking similar to Chris’. And today’s posts. Once a coincidence. Maybe. Time and time again. No way.

Me thinks they are getting restless!!!

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Omg I was playing episode 7 and I NEED to share this thing. I was looking for instructions or Leiftan's imagen and according to this site one of them is that you must have the masked man's imagen. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Hello dear anon!! ^^

Well, this isn´t really true though :v
There´s some steps that you need to do to get Leiftan´s illustration, but that one about masledman´s illustration isn´t really one of them.
Here are the steps:

1. Before starting, change the Crush to “Someone”
2. Compare the footprint with your foot on the beach
3. Go to tree´s rots to get the rabbit;
4. Pick Ezarel so you have Ykhar, which will determine you get Leiftan´s illustration or not.
5. Ykhar needs to say to Ez “You exaggerate, I do not do that!”
6. Ask Elliot if you are Elliot
8. (Keep searching around the burrow)
9. Ask Kero “Is something wrong?”

Unfortunately, the thing about the Masked Man it´s not true :´)

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"Trans girls are brand name girls, while cis girls are generic" that's my favourite thing i've read all week serhuih

Thank you, i was inspired by the fact everything in my house is generic. And guess what? My parents are cis. I dont think thats a coincidence.