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So I figured out that Wilden's full name means open space oak tree. So I looked that up and saw that in To Kill a Mocking Bird, there is an open hole in an oak tree in front of the RADLEY PLACE. I also learned that Boo Radley, resident of the radley place, is a misunderstood character who everyone thinks that he's some evil murderer, but he ends up saving the day. Is this a coincidence, or am I on to something? Also, does Boo have something to do with Boo Boo's Ice Cream? Wilden = Charles!?

It could be a coincidence - the crew are quite into the classics. 

BUT I think that’s a fabulous catch and I kind of love it. Because the girls had to read To Kill a Mockingbird in Season 1…;)

I think people hide certain things about themselves, even from the closest relations. Things that are broken with them; things they perceive make them weak, or wrong. Something that, maybe once, was told to someone close, someone trusted and committed and the reaction it got made that thing all the more hidden from other eyes…other ears…other hearts…Everyone has something they hide about themselves, because watching someone walk away in disgust when they see all of you creates scars. And those scars are formed from tearing out a piece of yourself and hiding it away, where only you can see.

does anyone notice all the captions from reblogs on posts being cut off? like im not complaining bc some of the posts have rly obnoxious comments but its rly odd and im seeing it a lot so i dont think its all a big coincidence

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I'm afraid if it's Ian or kat last season that they might not go with Bamon... One season isn't enough I think to develop a good relationship and I would want to see more of them..

You really think that if Bamon became romantic in s7, they’d really have only had one season of development? lol

Bamon have a deeper and more solid foundation right now than DE did when they forced that issue with the sire bond (Remember that? They went from SE promising each other forever with wedding imagery to DE having sex in like 3 episodes, tops. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they ended DE with wedding imagery and promises of forever as well. Like after all this time, that still doesn’t register as a red flag for people?). 

They absolutely could make Bamon romantic over the course of the season and still have it be a satisfying story to all but the folks who don’t want Bamon to happen in the first place, or who want to pretend that Bamon’s relationship is coming out of nowhere rather than the 6 season epic progression from enemies to reluctant allies to friends to trusted bffs to romance that it actually would be.

I personally think it’s more likely that we’ll get s8 and possibly more, but either way: It’s a good time to be a Bamon fan.

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i just looked at the tv guide and apparently the ep of Phineas and Ferb they have airing after the s2 finale again is the one where they make ninja suits and a temporary breakup of the Buford and Baljeet bromance. Coincidence? I THINK NOT


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YES HANNAH. When I saw the gifs of Harry boxing I immediately think of Dark and Knockout. What a coincidence that they were posted the day you updated ;)

It’s pretty weird!!

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So no on People cover this week. It's Bobbi Kristina, Miranda and Blake, and most of it is the Bachelorette.

I’m still thinking something next week to coincide with the perfume launch on August 5 and mayyyybe a single. We shall see…..

does anybody else think that it was super coincidental that heather duke was always played by a poc and everyone else was white? because heather duke’s character was extremely easy to hate and meant for you to dislike her and she was continuously the butt of most of the jokes? because i dont fucking think so its never a fucking coincidence when poc are playing the worst character in an otherwise all white cast

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I find it ironic now that Chloe wanted to steal money from the fund for handicapped people. She could benefit from one in the new timeline. I wonder if those things are connected or whether it is just a coincidence...

I think that this was foreshadowing of her fate and that her ending up in a wheelchair was karma punishing hr for it.

  • Narumayo like mmm why eat a burger when you have Nick
  • Cykesquill like who cares if it’s got serious pedo vibes opposites attract 5eva
  • Trupollo makes my sin senses tingle <33 :P
  • Dahlilia and Irish look the same bUT THEY’RE NOT and THAT’S HOT
  • Ok but Edgeworth likes the steel samurai and Blackquill IS a samurai?? Coincidence I THINK NOT and IT’s HOT
  • Mmm but what about a BLACKQUILL EDGEWORTH ATHENA THREESOME bc I like both of those ships too much 2 choose
  • Billy/Charley lol treez
  • Daryan/Ema!!! Bc opposites still attract that’s like science and Ema’s down for science. Also gravitational attraction is like canon now