Kaylor shippers, this just happened

So goodnight-moons and I were talking about the Kaylor vogue photoshoot and how weird that after a month Taylor tweeted some pictures of the photoshoot, so after we moved on from the subject, we started talking about the weird/sexual terms Taylor uses, for example: Grundle, funjury … etc. goodnight-moons saw that in one of the pictures that Taylor posted she used the word “flock” and she thought it was super weird…

goodnight-moons is so being the Olivia Benson she is, she decided on searching the word “flocking” in the most trustworthy website of all URBAN DICTIONARY and this happened!! 

Wait, till you see this!

We looked up the date Taylor posted it on 3/20/15 and it happens to be a …


is this a coincidence? I really think not.

Kaylor is real

At the risk of a frustrating debate on religion and or science that I don’t want to have I’ll have to politely disagree.

It really is not a false equivalence, you don’t have to agree with it and there are other ways you can argue against it but it is not a false equivalence. The argument in the image is not that atheists literally believe sand castles are the result of erosion. The argument is that atheists see intricate clearly designed things and chalk it up to chance and happy coincidence rather than design. Which is true, I don’t think any atheist would object to the idea that they think the universe is a result of chance.

When you say it is very clearly constructed by humans you are in a sense proving their point, by saying this complex thing was clearly designed by something with some form of intelligence that knew what they were doing, you are in a sense confirming the creationists perspective by accident.

You say no one is claiming something as intricate as a sandcastle was created through erosion, but that’s exactly what most scientists assert about the universe that it all came about through chance. Erosion is just one of the random forces they chose to key in on for the purpose of the joke. So again you kind of confirm the creationist perspective when you say no one is claiming something as intricate as a castle is created by a force of randomness; after all a sand castle is nearly infinitely less complex and intricate than the entire universe.

The atheist vs creationist perspective is chance vs design. This person is simply stating that in their opinion design makes more sense. Based on your objection you don’t seem to disagree with that. The image is a joke making a comparison of those two lines of reasoning, and since atheist reasoning does rely on chance over design their position is not being misrepresented. It is being reduced to absurdity, but that doesn’t make it a false equivalence. It’s actually a variation on a famous teleological argument that has been around since 1802. This is the logic presented formally…

Premise 1: The complex inner workings of something like a watch (or sandcastle) indicate a clear need for design. Something that needs design that exists must have a designer.

Premise 2: As with clearly designed things like watches (or sandcastles) the universe, and life itself being much more complex than watches and sandcastles must also have had a designer.

Conclusion: the universe was created by means of some form of intelligent design. 

There are of course objections that can be made in support of random chance but the argument is not inherently wrong or fallacious. For example you can argue that clarity is not a defined characteristic, what makes something clearly a result of design? There are also ways to respond to this outside of philosophy using science but then the conversation gets much more complicated as theories like irreducible complexity and fine tuning go up against multiple universe theories and theoretical physics comes into play which is beyond my scope of understanding to comment on at the moment.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOODLER! may the corn, kittens, and sports anime always be with you <3

also did you know that may 26th is mother’s day in poland? coincidence? I THINK NOT so also happy mother’s day to our hot internet mom!


Can we take a moment to analyze the last minutes of the first (glorious) season of Daredevil?

‘Cause that was some hardcore Karedevil stuff if you want my opinion.

Yeah, I know this show is not all about love and ships, of course I do. But you know, you can’t really control the way characters and their dynamics make you feel. And something tells me that this last scene of 1x13 was Karedevil-loaded.

So, first the infamous trio was split into two groups: Foggy on the one hand and Matt and Karen on the other hand. Coincidence? I think not.

They’re married and you can’t convince me otherwise. Also, the Hair Studio in the back when Matt had told Karen how he tried to comb his hair in 1x01? That went full circle here. Fuck my life.

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I spy two shoulder touches during this sequence, 345 and 346. 

What’s more, note what they’re wearing. Emma is in a blue, patterned dress. Steed is in a grey suit with darker grey around the jacket neck, a white shirt, and a grey tie with white spots.

Immediately after, we see Steed in a different grey suit - note the lack of darker grey at the collar - a light green shirt, and a gold tie. Then, the next outfit we see on Emma is a lilac dress, and purple patterned jacket.

They’re both wearing completely different outfits. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I think not.

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hmmm the hiyori in noragami also gets hit by a truck as well as in kagepro? coincidence? i think not


ok heres the reenactment of my experience with watching noragami in unpunctuated text:

“oh here name is hiyori? how much you wanna bet shes gonna get hit by a truck” and then a few minutes later i turned to my brother with a somber face and whispered

“its the daze all over again”

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is it normal for leos to act a little jealous sometimes and talk behind someone's back and act like a copycat?

copyCAT, leo is the lion… coincidence!??? I think not

I was indeed born without a dick. Coincidence? I think not. This conspiracy goes much deeper than we thought wake up sheeple

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These people that were in my class said Ashley wasn't that attractive and they were all duche bags and fuckboy assholes. Coincidence? I think not

lmfao @ how tragic their lives must be

shit i never made this connection before but

after charles got out of korea, traumatised by war and heartbroken by moira’s break up letter, he went to greece - specifically, the cyclades islands

after the x-men “died” fighting magneto, jean went to greece - and the Vacation backup story specifies the cyclades islands

 maybe it’s just a coincidence, but i definitely think charles told her how much good it did him; he wasn’t able to reach out to her through his own grief, but he could at least tell her another way to get past it

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Diabetes has to do with the regulation of blood sugar levels with respect to insulin, a hormone, NOT fat blockages in the arteries. It is an inability to signal that the blood sugar is low or high in the first place (depending on the type) and/or the inability to respond with the appropriate response from the liver (where the body stores glycogen, which breaks down to glucose, sugar) and glycoproteins that signal cells to either intake sugar from the blood or excrete it.

I was responding to the previous message asking whether or not fruit CAUSES diabetes (of which it does not). Yes, if someone is previously diabetic, it may not be a good thing to down giant sugary smoothies (better idea to have more, smaller, fruit meals throughout the day). There are many stories of diabetes being healed or greatly diminished through a low fat plant based diet, and I don’t think that is just coincidence. 

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There has been WAY too many suspicious coicidences since like may so I think they've started dating around that time. Also in the podcast you mentioned troye said he's been very very close to being in love. I think that was his way of kinda toning it down since it's a very private topic

I disagree. Connor was still only partly through the coming out process at that time, so he would have been very overwhelmed. He only came out to O2L in late May, and still had family members and close YouTube friends to check off the list in the summer. He had so much going on in his personal life that I doubt he had time for a relationship on the side, even just emotionally. The only coincidences I can think of are handfuls of tweets, but those can be very convincing when pulled out of context. They were definitely getting closer, and probably liked each other by the summer, even mutually, but I don’t think the relationship itself could have begun before Vidcon. 

On top of that, lying isn’t really their style, they avoid and deflect questions instead. In November, an interviewer asked Troye if he had a boyfriend, and he skillfully pulled himself out of the question rather than answer it. Troye is either honest, or so good at lying that he’s never been caught. As far as I know, the things he says are reliable.