it’s cherry blossom season again!!!!!!!!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💗💛🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

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I really agree with your anon. March 25 has significance, and Harry finally saying something about his music today is not a coincidence. I think some contracts / restrictions ended today and that's why he did that. I think the same might apply to Louis, and I dont think they are announcing the end of babygate today, but maybe they finally can end it! Maybe they will wait for the hearing to happen, and then they will announce he's not the father!! I can totally see that happen!

That would be nice. We’ll see what we get though….

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Yeah, I'm optimistic that the March 25 landmark will also mean good things for Louis. It's clearly a day connected heavely with contracts and restrictions. I don't think it's a coincidence that Harry was quiet all the time, and in this particular day announced his solo single. I think he had restrictions until today. So maybe March 25 will also mean that Louis is free from some restrictions. They couldnt end it today but maybe after the hearing and that's cleared up, they can finally end it!!

Here’s to hoping and being optimistic 🙌🏼

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the ainu people sometimes refer to themselves as “ウタリ” (Utari), which means “comrade”, “human”, or "one's fellow man" according to different sources… minus the リ, it uses the same spelling as uta’s name too,, i dont think it's a coincidence??

That seems a lot more likely. We have a lot of Ainu mythology references in TG already and we know Ishida would be familiar with that term.

Though I don’t know if we can use the spelling as a clue so much. The term is in katakana because it isn’t a Japanese word, its from the Ainu’s indigenous language. Uta’s name is in katakana as well, but so are a lot of other characters’ names. It’s done for all sorts of reasons.

Still, I think you might really have something with that connection. I can’t be entirely sure what it means, though because while Ainu mythology is very present in Tokyo Ghoul, especially with the symbolic importance of Owls and with Shachi’s name, and of course the poem Kaneki recites in V14, I can’t quite get a handle on what it is we are supposed to take from those connections, other than an invocation of another mistreated and marginalized group. 

Certainly there is terrible discrimination against Ainu, and in a way, ghouls are meant to parallel a lot of real world disenfranchisement and oppressed people, even if the parallel is far from 1:1. 

With all the warnings against equating any real world group with ghouls, who are discriminated against because they are obligate human eaters, (what I call the X-Men fallacy), there are parallels in the forced assimilation of the Ainu people, the forced “passing” as Wajin, and their effective cultural erasure from Japans history, as well as continued poverty and discrimination. 

I guess earrings and tattooing is part of the Ainu’s traditional cultural practice, though earrings are a male tradition and tattooing a female tradition. Well, Uta has always had a gender play thing going on. Though Uta is more easily read as just counterculture than any kind of traditional. That said, I also wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ainu patterns and art were inspiration for Uta’s tattoo design.

But other than being another nod to that tradition, I’m not sure what we can learn about Uta from it.

I would love to get from Uta or Shachi or Eto any other character tied to the Ainu, any kind of sense of a ghoul culture that has been eroded and erased by forced passing and assimilation, but so far, we really haven’t seen much, if any, of that sort of thing. Right now “ghoul culture” is the unhealthy obsession with strength as a necessity for survival, and exercises in brutality and quashed empathy, like the restaurant or the auction. Even masks are framed as a matter of necessity rather than anything cultural. But it’s something I’d love to see.

Thanks for this insight, anon, and if anyone knows more about any possible connections please feel free to add. My knowledge of the Ainu and their culture and history is mostly gleaned from a dozen or so articles online, so I welcome the input of anyone more informed than I.

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Oh man, I thought I had unfollowed all Larries but there were some stragglers apparently and MAN are some of them mad about Liam announcing his child's birth and at Harry for the advert today because they think it's a Fuck You to Louis since he's doing Ultra today and it's Jay's birthday. Like... I'm sure it wasn't supposed to be some kind of sleight against him and I'm sure there are no bad intentions or hurt feelings from either side.

I really doubt any of them knew it was Jay’s birthday.

How many of your friend’s parent’s birthdays do you have memorized? I wouldn’t be able to name one. It’s not the kind of thing friends really focus on. 

I don’t think any of it is a Fuck You or shade or anything, just all a big coincidence.

I think my Anon was right that Cheryl would announce the baby on Mother’s Day because that’s the kind of woman she is, and Harry deciding to drop his promo must’ve been planned in advance too and didn’t realize it would be on the same day as Cheriam’s announcement or anything to do with Louis.

Maybe there is some divine cosmic force that means something significant happens in their lives on March 25th every few years though…

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Would you mind telling us a bit of your brainstorming proccess? :x Love your writings <3

Thank you!

If it’s based on a request, I usually first try to figure out what I want the mood of the story to be. So in my head, I think of a colour that coincides with the mood. Like that Ignis nightmare angst, I saw a lot of dark blues and greys, and for the Gladio rainy day smut, it was a lot of yellows, golds and deep oranges. So usually that’s how I get started.

After that, there’s usually a singular moment that I want to highlight, and it’s something I usually build the rest of the story on. I try to get into the minds of the characters and think of what they would do or how they would react, and then a story kind of builds in my head from there, and then I just write it down.

Hope that makes sense!