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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Whats the january theories ?

I think that bg was meant to end in January, before the birthday. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Danielle disappeared, and Breep was basically kicked out of ‘her’ house during the same timeframe. The fact that those unseen pictures of Breep’s were taken on the 30th of December make me think that they were meant to go with an article that would kick off the narrative again (maybe a new custody battle?) and lead to the end. I think this was the original plan, but something happened (and I reckon the reason might be Louis’ performance on the X Factor) and things got extended once again. Hence why we are seeing this Elounor thing happen. 

Anyway I love that, even though the stunt got extended, Louis still kicked Breep out of the house and made her sleep on Olivia’s floor for a month though (although… nevermind, too many theories hahaha).

petalblues  asked:

I find your zombie drawings funny cause for like 2 months now I've been developing a whole plotline to a zombie apocalypse AU and Tord gets bitten again and he pretty much adores Edd the whole way through and Edd want to just keep his friend safe even if he tries biting him a few times lol



good!!! timing!!! yes! 🍂

hello every1 i was tagged by anna @soyulhee for the bias selfie thing (@no1yebinstan & @minpuppi tagged me for another selfie thing so hopefully this works too!) thank u pretty ppl!

i wore this sweater to see b1a4 over the weekend and would u look at that….. fate? 100% (some might call it a coincidence. call it what u want but either way i think it’s lovely)

so anyways i tag @kohyo @opull @redvelvetmp4 @taeyepn @17svalentine @2knock @imyourgirlbyses @1vers @dfsol @haesun @7oongi @hobguk @yeojinie @ijwd feel free to do this only if u want to!!!! 💛

Hi guys I’m a mom

Okay so this is yet another picture of my cat (trust me there will be so many of these you guys will want to unfollow me.) Lol, but seriously

Her name is Ramsey! I decided to name her after the pool I’ve been swimming in with all my swim teams since high school (and still swim in, haha)! And here she is laying on my swim bag, so coincidence? I think not!

So anyway, she’s literally my favorite thing in the whole planet and I just wanted to share her with you guys a little bit! Sorry for the guaranteed spam of her in the future!