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ethermilk  asked:

I don't see why you would disagree with equality for both genders, but seeing that you do is really sad. I also don't get why you got so heated over my views about equality for both genders, because if you're truly a feminist, you shouldn't be offended by that

i’m not really getting that heated. i don’t disagree with equality for both genders but when you immediately begin on unequal footing, “”treating everyone equally”” doesn’t achieve equality because marginalised groups are disadvantaged from the start. feminism does focus on men’s issues and there are certainly legitimate ones to address, but you can’t equate misogyny with misandry because misogyny results in genuine structural disenfranchisement of women whereas misandry just…..hurts men’s feelings…? men hold institutional power, the way white people hold institutional power the way straight and cis and able-bodied etc people do, and women focusing on elevating their own rights or even ~hating men~ doesn’t take power away from men in any real capacity the way men hating women does. patriarchy simply describes a government/society in which men hold the majority of power and women (or anyone who isn’t cis male essentially) are largely kept out of that power structure, but delving further into what exactly that lack of representation results in is a whole nother world. it’s no coincidence that since the inception of this country we’ve exclusively had old white (until 2008 but you understand) dudes in power at every level of government, for example. it’s no coincidence that 9/10 rape victims are women when men are taught from birth that they have dominion over women and are entitled to women’s bodies, regardless of how women feel about that. that’s the thing about structural inequality, you don’t really see it until you look for it, and intersectionality in oppression is a complex system that allows groups oppressed in one manner to still be oppressive in other ways, so just because certain women still hold a great deal of power doesn’t mean there doesn’t exist a system actively looking to discredit women as a whole. it’s fine if you don’t wanna identify as a feminist i just wanna make sure anyone who doesn’t is truly making a rational informed decision about why they choose to identify that way.