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Wait, sorry for asking if this is a touchy matter but why did the previous anon say that shitshow-jeff stole your idea?

Not a touchy subject at all!

A few years ago I wrote a fic called Tabula Rasa where Stiles gets removed from the pack’s memories and the pack is removed from his so they’re all trying to piece things together. Except in mine Stiles is at college and has a dog, instead of sitting in a mystical alternate universe train station for an indefinite amount of time. Because even in a mystical alternate universe, Amtrak is still always late.

Also, I would just like to make it clear that I don’t actually believe a TW writer happened to find that fic and read it, I just find it a great coincidence that’s fun to poke fun at.


1) It wasn’t a joyride cause she didn’t stole the quinjet, she’s a student at the Academy, anyone uses quinjets all the time to do stuff!
2) “Coincidence”? No, Pete, she stalks Spidey on every media to be sure she gets so see him all the time most likely.
3) You are such a bad liar Peter…

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your note to Joshifer fans today. I have struggled with recent events and questioned what is REAL ...feeling a fool that I'm being played. I needed your positive words 😘

Oh I’m glad that I could bring you a little cheer. I admit, Joshifer still makes me happy. I won’t lie, every day all of us are being “played” by the media, by Publicists/PR, by the stories that they want…or rather NEED us to believe.  Just look at today, Netflix Latin America twitter just posted about Escobar: Paradise Lost and so did Benecio del Toro JUST as new pictures showed up in a pap walk. What a little coincidence! Shock!! (Hope they’re enjoying the free advertisement from me, it’s still not going to earn you more money or celebrity). 

But anywhoo…we didn’t love Joshifer because they were trying to sell them as a romantic couple to us. Hell it was the exact opposite. If anything they tried to push Jen and Liam (poor Miley). What make us love them is their genuine love and adoration of each other and all those adorable little moments:

I can keep going. And you can’t fake all that spontaneity or erase it. 

I cannot believe I didn’t remember this earlier, but only a few months ago, a dickhead publicist I know leaked a fake pregnancy rumour to the press, to drum up some extra publicity/interest in the pair’s mutual project and to simultaneously divert the public’s attention away from an adjacent pr disaster. 

The publicist knew full well that couple weren’t together any more and definitely weren’t expecting and they leaked it exclusively so they could officially deny it and create a story. The other PR issue still made the press, but its impact was diluted by multiple headlines about the pregnancy speculation.

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I know people are confused but any fuckery now doesn't cancel the facts. harry was waving rainbow flags, louis was acknowledging a lot of rainow signs, bears were gayer than ever and mocking the baby. maybe i'm less shocked because i was suspecting that baby was in fact simon's closeting move and new team was just spinning it the best way possible. still this shit will be shitted in feb. they can't force anyone to have a baby that's not theirs, and contract will end either way.

The boys are going to win. Everything right now has a fast approaching expiration date. The bell tolls for thee, Simon.


So an anon in both Fluff and Geeb’s inbox pointed out that InTouch, which is running with a lot of the paternity story right now, is owned by Bauer Media Group who also owns The Debrief, which Gemma works for. I KNEW I had seen Bauer before somewhere in my digging, so I went looking again. 

Bauer Media Group owns Kiss Radio UK, of which Kisstory is a station. Remember that tweet from back in June? 

I don’t think I need to remind anyone that Gemma RT’d this. It could be absolutely benign, Gemma just could have been RT’ing because it’s part of her bosses larger umbrella or because she agrees with Louis… but I don’t think that and you all know I don’t. I’ve dug and dug but can’t draw any connections back from Yvonne Bauer (CEO of Bauer Media) to Irving Azoff. Not that everything NEEDS to have an Azoff connection, but you all know how much I love those.

Still, I find it interesting. I know Louis’ tweeted about Kisstory before, as has Gemma… it still piqued my curiosity. And also, as a cherry on top, does anyone else remember that radio DJ/libel lawyer, Will Cozens, who went full-on Dark Larrie on IG/Twitter back in June and Mags kept us all up to speed on it. Guess who he was originally employed by? Oh yeah. Bauer Media Group.

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How soon do you think louis would come out after? I wish you could elaborate this more because I've thought they would come put together so I'm still trying to understand this business wise and the public reaction etc. lol

Okay, let’s play “If I Were 1D’s Team”:

Harry comes out soon - I would guess sometime in September or October, coinciding with the next single or video release. Lots of talk about how happy and free he feels, all positive press, quiet but proud acknowledgement from the other boys (yes, including Louis). He either confirms he’s single OR says he’s been seeing someone but doesn’t want to discuss it just yet. The first wave of his coming out won’t concentrate on his relationship and speculations about his boyfriend - especially because Louis is still apparently an expectant father. They’ll want a clean focus on Harry and his sexuality, not his relationship.

On the heels of that, probably to coincide with another event/single/awards show/video release (timing is everything with promo), Louis’ paternity test emerges and oh, he’s not the father. A sigh of relief. Positive press about how he was doing the right thing. Fantastic and very easy opportunity to link his name with Harry’s. (”It’s been a busy week for the UK pop powerhouse. Just last week, Tomlinson’s bandmate Harry Styles came out as gay. The band’s second single from upcoming album ____ was released on Tuesday,”).

Don’t forget that the media has already been steadily implying Larry for a few months now. If Harry is out, they would ethically have more room to amp up the conversation again. Don’t worry too much about the possibility of Harry being linked to every man in the world - Grimshaw has already denied it, so they could recycle that quote, and everyone else he’s been linked with is already coupled up with a woman. It wouldn’t be feasible for them to link him to anyone except Louis. Which is a good thing, because it’s basically seeding for Louis via Larry.

Okay so we’re in what, late October? Harry’s out. Louis is ‘single’ and not a father. The album’s out soon. The media has been speculating about Larry for months. Maybe they get seen out together. Lunches, shopping trips. Maybe they have some cute moments onstage or in interviews. If they go with the narrative of Harry having a secret boyfriend, maybe he just can’t stop gushing about him and maybe Louis looks suspiciously pleased every time it happens.

As for Louis’ coming out - he could choose to go alone first and then confirm he’s with Harry, or confirm he’s with Harry as a way of coming out. It would make more money/headlines if he came out first but be more of a scandal if they were ‘caught’ and he was found out to be Harry secret boyfriend all along. Not sure where that one ends up. 

Either way, I would guess the big finale is both out just in time for the album release. Couldn’t ask for a bigger story.

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AU college: hey we're freshmen in college and I'm your lab partner for chem lab this quarter and now that the quarter is over I have no reason to keep in contact with you other than I really like you, but I'm not sure if the feeling is reciprocated so I'm going to keep to myself and hope that I see you again (and then they do when they're lab partners by coincidence for organic chemistry sophomore year)

A/N: I don’t know jack shit about organic chemistry.

Chemistry has always been his subject. Well, particularly speaking, everyone aspect of Science has been his forté for as long as he can remember. He’s always been intrigued by all the elements, biology, climate. Although it’s not something he’s majoring in, he’s still always found time to add in the course to his schedule so he can at least still enjoy this hobby of his. Marine biology comes to him simply anyways, a little chemistry at the side can’t hurt.

As the usual, arriving in class and sitting down at his seat, the teacher decides it’s time to do a lab. He doesn’t know anyone from his class, to be honest, except… her. But she doesn’t really know him, he just happens to have this massive crush on her, but can’t find it in himself to ever voice it because he’s not got a clue if she’s single or not. (Or if she even likes him.)

“Alright, here are your lab partners for today.”

The list goes on and on while he continues to list out names, and when he perks up at the sound of his, he hears the next.

Emma Swan.”

What a coincidence. He gets up and meets her at the lab table, and she smiles at him. Inhaling a sharp breath, he smiles back with a nod. “Good to meet you, Swan.”

“Same with you, Jones.”

He chuckles and shakes his head, finding that it’s far more easier to talk to her than he thought. There’s just some light air flowing around them, letting their conversation flow like water in a river without any sort of retaliation.

“I suppose it’s time we get this lab started,” he says, handing her a pair of goggles. “How good are you at this?”

“Not the best, but I promise I won’t blow the roof off this place,” she jokes, sliding her goggles over her head. “But they say you’re a master at this stuff, so I guess I’ll trust you with all this then.”

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I'm still dying at Candace being such a shipper. She seemed genuinely perplexed about the situation. All her random comments and likes on their reunion photos make sense now. Its okay Candace we think they're big dumbs too. 😉

Haha! I love Candace! She’s been a shipper since the beginning!😉 I mean, her dogs name is “Boris”
But that can be a coincidence! Lol