people are still making parappa fusion designs right?? is that still relevant? whatev, here’s mine :^P he looks like the living embodiment of that one “ramen sundae” thread lmao

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Fun gay story, about 10 years ago I bought a belt. I needed one and I bought the cheapest one. I am wearing one day and I'm at a friend's house and her mom goes "idk how to tell you this" she whispers "but you're wearing the gay belt" I'm like what? "Your belt is a rainbow, that's their thing" and at the time I hadn't figured out anything but funny thing, after her comment I wore theshit outta that belt with anything whether it matched or not. I still have it :)

Idk what specifically it is about this story that tickled me but I just snorted laughing oh my god


(Hadn’t seen this specific design detail written on yet, so)

Top image is by Antonio Lopez for Missoni, 1983.

Araki’s heavily influenced by and often directly references Lopez, so much so that the the triangle pattern on Missoni knits featured in an ad campaign Lopez did for the designer found its way onto Caesar’s headband, Jotaro’s signature double belts, and other elements throughout Araki’s drawings.

Basically, they’re all wearing Missoni.