coin street

The visitors walk the streets.

They walk on walls.

They walk into the distance.

They will walk until the dirt under their feet gives way to ash and the core of our world grows cold.

But for now, they walk the streets. Coins in their eyes and needles in their hearts.

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Star Platinum – Your thoughts on the stars?

Magician’s Red – Do you know any magic tricks?

Hermit Purple – Show a photo of yourself!

Hierophant Green – What’s your favourite shade of green?

Silver Chariot (Requiem) – How much sleep do you need on average?

The Fool – Tell us a joke!

The World -  A place you want to visit?

Crazy Diamond – What do you treasure the most?

The Hand – Do you like your hands?

Echoes – Your favourite sound?

Heaven’s Door – Share a secret!

Killer Queen – How would you like to die?

Bad Company – What kind of character trades do you dislike?

Red Hot Chili Pepper – Can you handle spicy food?

The Lock – Anything you feel guilty about right now?

Love Deluxe – Are you secretly in love with someone right now?

Pearl Jam – Your signature dish?

Achtung Baby – Do you want kids?

Harvest – Do you pick up coins in from the street?

Cinderella – Which part of your body do you like the most?

Atom Heart Father – How is your relationship with your father?

Enigma – What is puzzling you currently?

Earth Wind and Fire – What’s the best classical element?

Stray Cat – Cats or dogs?

Gold Experience – A precious experience you have not shared with your followers?

Sticky Fingers – Zippers or buttons?

Moody Blues – A song that makes you sad?

Sex Pistols – Have you ever shot a gun or riffle?

Aerosmith – Are you afraid of flights?

Purple Haze – What makes you really anrgy?

Spice Girl – Your favourite spice?

King Crimson – Is it possible to predict the future?

Black Sabbath – How easily do you trust people?

Man in the Mirror – Do you like looking into the mirror?

Beach Boy – Have you ever been fishing?

The Grateful Dead – What do you want to be remembered for?

White Album – Your favourite CD?

Talking Head – Are you a good liar?

Baby Face – Your thought on babies?

Metallica – Do you like listening to metal?

Green Day – Ideal way to spend a day off?

Oasis – Best place for a holiday?

Stone Free – Are you a indoor or outdoor person?

Kiss – Who would you like to kiss or get a kiss from?

Burning Down the House – Ever destroyed something and then regretted it?

Foo Fighters – Your favourite drink?

Diverdown – Your thoughts on diving?

C-Moon – What would you do for your friend’s sake?

MadeinHeaven – What do you believe happens after you died?

Weather Report – Your favourite weather?

Whitesnake – Your thoughts on snakes/reptiles?

Tusk – Tea or coffee?

Ball Breaker – Your favourite ball game?

Oh! Lonesome Me – Do you feel lonely right now?

Scary Monsters – Your favourite dinosaur?

Cream Starter – Do you usually wear make up?

Catch the Rainbow – Your favourite colour in the rainbow?

Ticket to Ride – What was the last ticket you bought for?

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Do you believe in the multiverse?

In a Silent Way – Do you enjoy complete silence?

Soft & Wet – Shower or bath?

Paisley Park – How good are you with reading maps/directions?

Nut King Call – How good are you at assembling/constructing things like Ikea furniture?

Paper Moon King – Can you do any origami?

King Nothing – Your favourite smell?

BornThisWay – A strange habit you have?

Les Feulies – Your favourite plant?

Fun Fun Fun – Something you really enjoy doing?

California King Bed – What size is your bed?

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Jean Peters, 1949

I’ve always liked Jean Peters - beautiful, sassy, strong and insolent without being insulting. Maybe only Lauren Bacall could do that better. And Peters survived a marriage to Howard Hughes. She’s probably best known today for her tough-talking, streetwise performance in Pickup on South Street  (Sam Fuller, 1953).


Happy 15th anniversary Sofia and Luis!

“His mother scrubbed floors. He couldn’t afford soccer shoes, which once kept him from trying out for an elite team. But the allure of the rags-to-riches storyline often distracts people from the broken-family storyline, which shaped Suarez most of all. His father abandoned them, and Suarez, entering his teen years, started skipping practice, drinking, staying out late. He was lost. His coach often went into Suarez’s home to drag his striker to practice. He played with all of the rage fans see today, but none of the determination, and none of the grace. Luis Suarez was wasting his life.

Then, when he was 15, he met a girl.

Her name was Sofia Balbi. She had blond hair and fair skin. Luis worked as a street sweeper, and during his shift he picked up coins so he could take her out. Her family lived a comfortable life, and they let Luis into their home. He ate regular meals at Sofia’s. She told him his poor grades came from laziness and not stupidity, and she demanded he work harder. In her family, he found the thing he’d never had before, a sense of belonging, of safety.

“They sheltered him,” Cardacio says.

In 2003, Sofia’s family moved to Spain.

Luis sank into a dark place. He had lost his new family, lost his soulmate and his muse. His work habits slipped. Years later, his rise to the Premier League seems inevitable. It wasn’t. The reason Suarez became a great player is that he loved Sofia. She lived in Europe, and he lived in South America, and he could clean streets for the rest of his life and not afford a plane ticket. So his young lovesick mind concocted a completely irrational plan, typical of the teenage boy species: He would dedicate himself to soccer, working hard and endlessly, and he’d get good enough to earn a position on a European team, and the team would fly him across the ocean to his Sofia. Nuts, right?

It worked. In 2006, Suarez found a small first division Dutch team that was willing to give him a chance, and then he became a star, moving up to Ajax, then to Liverpool. He married that blond-haired girl in 2009, and they have two children. Any visitor to his house is likely to open the door to find the usual scene: Luis laughing and happy, kids crawling all over him. He loves his family, and soccer gave it to him, and guarantees no Suarez will ever again pick up coins while cleaning the streets.”

Being a Child Adopted by the Killer Croc would include

((A/N) okay guys, I’m back again with another headcanon comp, this one is based on something my s/o and I talked about a while ago okay without further adieu here they are, and as always, happy reading!)

-Most likely you were found in the heart of Crime Alley asked a toddler
-Waylon saw you instantly and his heart melted so he took you back to his hideout
-the first time you cried scared him, he didn’t understand what was going on but knew to try and calm you
-For the longest time, for your safety of course, he kept you hidden from the other rogues.
-one day you got up to the sound of people laughing and talking and went to check it out
-Thats the day Harleen Francis Quinnzel made herself known in your life as Aunt Harl.
-All of the sudden you were showered in gifts from the others in the Rogues Gallery and the Suicide Squad as they began to make their way into your life
-“(Y/N) you wanna come home with Uncle Eddie tonight?”
- “Ed why would she want to spend the night doing boring stuff with you when she could be reading with her more preferred uncle.”
-“Y'all are both wrong, Aunt Red and I get her this weekend, you guys keep hogging up the baby!”
-Waylon just wants to keep you home for a weekend
-When you get older you start to catch your family’s habits
-One time your friends catch you sitting in the corner of the library with psychology catalogues and books spread around you
-Another, you were walking down the road flipping a coin and didn’t know it until you dropped the coin in the street never to be seen again
-Thanks to your father you were never late to school, you knew everything there was to know about the sewer your dad and you called home.
-despite living in the sewer you and Waylon were clean freaks together. Little did anyone on the surface know, Waylon is pretty good at building things.
-when the time comes and you decide to tell your father about your (s/o), no matter who they were, he wouldn’t rest until he knew that you’d be okay with them.
- “(S/O) what are your intentions with my child? I’m very sure you know what I’m capable of, and if you hurt them, I will show no mercy.”
-“ Y-yes sir. I-I-I understand!”
-He didn’t believe it for a long time and asked his friends/colleagues to pop in and make sure you were okay
-Your graduation day was a mess.
-Never in your life has it occurred to you that your father could cry
-Never in your life did you think your Uncle Jonathan could cry
- Everyone was so proud of you
- “(Y/N)! Now that you’ve gotten all of these lame gifts, let your Uncle Ozzie make your dreams come true!”
- He gave you a million dollars with “congrats grad here’s to the Ivy League” written in the memo


September 27, 2015 attending the Spring 2016 Dolce & Gabbana show during Milan Fashion Week with her daughter Vasilisa

Ulyana is wearing

  • Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 dress with macrame and intaglio ($15,000)
  • Dolce & Gabbana 2011 tri colored gold coin necklace 
  • Dolce & Gabbana Black Mini Sicily Bag Dauphine Calfskin ($1,395)
  • Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps ($675)

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve listened.

Prepare to get yourself canonized and wear your Third Street Saints allegiance on your literal sleeve! We are super ethically excited to announce that we’re pairing up with Insert Coin Clothing to produce a line of Saints Row-inspired items.

These are mock up designs, and things may change and new items may be added before it becomes available for sale sometime early 2014.

A Monster & A Thief

The fox wasn’t like anything Clawsimodo had ever seen (though to be fair he hadn’t seen much of anything ever). The cheetah had mistaken him as a vixen for first, accidentally tumbling into a tent to find him in a dress. Clawsimodo had felt guilty and embarrassed and hiding his face as he mumbled several apologies.
And then the fox had smiled, emerald eyes warm with friendliness. “Try to be a little more careful, hm.” And he had sent Clawsimodo on his way, leaving the cheetah absolutely star struck.
But the feeling that was both warm and fluttering had quickly been ripped away from him when he was named the King of Fools publicly humiliated after.
In the chaos of mocking laughter, the pain from being pelted with miscellaneous items, he begged for his Master Bellwether to set him free.
The sheep did nothing.
But still the laughter suddenly died, Clawsimodo looked up to see the fox standing above him and looking at the cheetah as if he had never seen him before. Clawsimodo tried to hide his face, shameful tears escaping his closed eyes.
“I’m sorry,” the fox breathed. He knelt before the cheetah, using a handkerchief to wipe the rotten fruit and vegetables off the cheetah’s face. He did so with no hesitation, no sense of disgust. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”
Bellwether had been furious with the fox but he wasn’t fazed in the slightest, instead escaping the soldiers that were told to sic ‘em. But Clawsimodo’s relief over his escape was overshadowed by Bellwether’s anger and the disgust of the people as he quietly vowed to never go outside again.
But not even an hour later, as he walked through the towers of Notre Dame, he heard a familiar voice. He followed it in an almost desperate manner, reaching the church floor where he quickly hid behind a column.
And there he was.
The red fox was lying on the stone floor, eyes up at the towering ceiling. Beside him was a much smaller sandy colored fox pacing back and forth with an angry expression. He was wearing a strange outfit that reminded Clawsimodo of a goat.
“What a fine mess you got us in this time, Wilde,” the small fox growled. “A real fu-”
“Ah, ah,” the red fox waggled his finger in a disapproving matter. “Remember what Cottontail said: we’re in a church, watch your language.”
The small fox snarled, “We’re trapped in here, Nick. That crazy sheep wants our heads.”
The red vulpine, Nick, sat up. His expression was one of thought with an edge of wary. “I think she wants something else.”
Clawsimodo swallowed, he knew first hand how terrifying Bellwether was. He guessed her pursuit was more relentless than he had originally thought if she had forced the two foxes to claim sanctuary.
By the big-warred one’s expression that hunch was right on the money, the poor thing looked ready to tear his fur out. By Nick’s bristling tail he was just as bothered by his friend, he was just hiding it better.
“Finnick,” Nick breathed, “Lets-” His words cut off as his eyes suddenly spotted Clawsimodo besides the pillar. The cheetah let out a soft yelp.
Nick’s ears twitched, his head tilted to the side, “Hey.”
But Clawsimodo had already whirled around and ran back up stairs.
“Wait, I wanna talk to you!”
“Wilde, where are you going!”
To the cheetah’s horror the two fox’s were chasing after him, and they were much faster than him. Still he reached the top of the bell tower before he felt something grab his tail. “Woah, hang on, hang on,” Nick insisted, releasing Clawsimodo’s tail when he stopped.
“S-sorry,” Clawsimodo took a few steps back, hugging his arms around himself.
“Why are you apologizing?” Nick’s brow furrowed. “That’s what I’m here to do.”
Clawsimodo’s eyes widened at the fox whose smile was apologetic and sincere. “I didn’t mean to drag you onto the stage like that. I mean, if I had known…” Nick’s paw started to indicate to Clawsimodo before quickly pulling his paw back. “I’m sorry.”
The feline smiled awkwardly, “It’s okay.”
“My name is Nick,” he introduce and nodded to the fox behind him. “This is my partner in crime, Finnick.”
“Hi,” Clawsimodo greeted softly, expecting the foxes to leave.
Instead they looked around the room he called his own. “Do you live here?” Nick asked.
Clawsimodo nodded shyly, feeling embarrassed by the state of the room and wishing he had tidied it up. Finnick had walked over to a table to study the figurines, “What are these?”
“O-oh, these are nothing!” Clawsimodo hurried over, his skin blushing under his fur. “Just a hobby.”
Nick had walked over to see the small statues of the townsfolk, his eyes glittered at the sight. “You made all of these?”
Clawsimodo tried for a nonchalant shrug, “I dabble.”
“These are amazing,” Nick smiled, picking up and observing the statue of a baker. “Oh boy if I could do this…you wouldn’t see me dancing on the street for coins.”
The words made Clawsimodo frown, “But you’re so good at dancing.”
Nick smiled coyly at him, “It keeps bread on the table.”
Finnick snorted and rolled his eyes at the pair before turning his attention to the tavern the cheetah had built.
“So what’s your name, Spots?” Nick asked, smoothly waving his tail back and forth.
His answer was a barely comprehensible murmur, “Clawsimodo.”
“Creative,” Nick purred. He leaned up and looked around, “So besides crafts what else do you do for fun?”
“Not much,” Clawsimodo cringed, “I mainly just ring the bells. I’m the bell ringer.”
Nick’s ears perked, “Bells?”
His interest made Clawsimodo brighten, “Yeah! Do you want to see them?”
“Sure we would, right Finnick?”
The smaller fox wore an artificial smile, “Nothing would bring me more pleasure.”
With Finnick clinging to Nick’s back like a baby Clawsimodo led them throughout the bell tower, introducing them to all of the bells.
“This is Angel…and Sweet-Sweet…and Little Junior…and Big Junior.”
They stopped before the largest bell, Clawsimodo’s secret favorite. “This is Summer, she’s the oldest.” He smiled when Nick slipped into the inner side of the bell and howled a hello, his voice echoing through the gold chamber. Finnick hissed in anger and tried to cover his too big ears.
Clawsimodo peeked out from under the rim of the bell, “She liked you.”
Nick chuckled, fangs showing as he grinned. “Got anything else?”
Clawsimodo led them away from the bells and up to the roof of Notre Dame, the sky a pleasant plum as afternoon turned to night. “My room may be small but you can’t deny the view,” Clawsimodo smiled.
Nick and Finnick had gone silent, eyes wide and in awe as they sat down and looked at the vast setting with starving expressions.
“This is beautiful,” Nick breathed while Clawsimodo sat down next to him. “I could stare at this forever.”
“Whatever, it’s okay,” Finnick muttered though was obviously very impressed.
“You could,” Clawsimodo said softly. “Stay here, I mean.”
Nick quickly shook his head, “No, no, there’s no way.”
“But you could,” Clawsimodo reminded. “You have sanctuary.”
Finnick threw out a rude laugh that rewarded him with a rude glare from Nick. “Go sit over there,” he pointed to a spot a few feet away. “Go sit and mind your own business.”
Finnick walked off with a snarky smirk.
Nick sighed and turned back to Clawsimodo, “We didn’t want to claim sanctuary, honestly it feels more like we’re trapped.” Clawsimodo pouted and Nick explained, “We’re used to the open air, to traveling. We don’t work well with a closed door and four walls.”
“You mean like the other mammals at the Festival of Fools?” Clawsimodo asked. “But they’re not anything like you. They’re evil.”
To the cheetah’s dismay Nick’s hackles rise. “What makes you say that?”
“I’m sorry-I’m sorry! It’s just… I was always told they were cutthroats and thieves.”
Nick relaxed but still didn’t look overly pleased. “I was chased out of my home town because of all the things I stole.”
Clawsimodo’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “But you’re so nice.
Nick’s smile was pained, "There are mammals much nicer than me. So, whose been telling you all this evil animal talk?”
“My master…” Clawsimodo hugged himself. “Master Bellwether. She raised me.”
Nick’s snout curled in distaste, “How could that wool-wearing donkey raise someone as nice as you?”
“Oh she’s very kind,” Clawsimodo quickly assured. “She took me in when I was abandoned as a baby.”
“Abandoned?” Nick echoed.
“My parents didn’t want me because I’m a monster.”
“Did Bellwether tell you that?”
“Look at me.”
There was a long moment of silence. Clawsimodo guessed Nick was looking at him and finally realized how ugly Clawsimodo was. He and Finnick would leave and never look back and he’d be alone again. But that was nothing new.
“Give me your paw.”
Clawsimodo didn’t hesitate, offering his paw which Nick took with both of his, turning the cheetah’s paw palm up.
“Hmm…” the fox hummed thoughtfully, running his claw across the pad of Clawsimodo’s palm. “Interesting.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Well, I’m reading your palm and I see the usual things like you’ll have a long life but…apparently something’s missing.”
“What is it?” he panicked.
Nick released his paw and shrugged, “I’m sorry Spots, I don’t see any monster lines. And the paw doesn’t lie.”
He looked at his paw, feeling like he had never truly seen it until now. No monster lines…
Nick showed his paw to Clawsimodo. “Now check me, do I have any evil lines?”
The cheetah balked, “No of course not! You’re the nicest mammal I’ve ever met!”
“I’m also a fox, one that used to make a living by stealing. And I think Bellwether’s wrong about the both of us.”
The words made Clawsimodo smile softly, he couldn’t necessarily agree with Nick opinion of Bellwether but…he was pretty sure he had just made his first friend.
“Niiick,” Finnick’s groan interrupted the quiet. The small fox was lying on his back and glaring at the stars. “Can we leave yet?”
Clawsimodo looked between the two. “I can get you out of here.”
Nick and Finnick stared at him. “What?” Nick breathed. “How, the doors are all guarded.”
Clawsimodo stood up, “I know every inch of this place. I can carry you two down the wall, they won’t see you.”
Finnick’s jaw dropped, “You’re insane.”
Nick jumped to his feet, “Let’s try it.”
Judy had slipped back into the church when Bellwether had left only to see the dancing fox no where in sight. She should’ve just left right then, why was it any of her business? So what if this fox was strange, and interesting, and handsome…why did she care?
Still she found herself slipping upstairs to keep looking. She had forced those two foxes to claim sanctuary. She felt responsible for what happened to them here.
Judy’s excellent heading picked up voices from above her head and somehow found herself on the roof. Taking a moment to still her shaking legs (curtesy of the great heights), and walked as close as she dared to the edge.
Just in time to see the two foxes reach the bottom of Notre Dame. Her eyes widened as she watched the two talk to the hunchback from the festival, and then they ran off into the dark of the streets, vanishing from sight.
The deformed cheetah nearly had a heart attack when he climbed back onto the roof and saw Judy standing there.
“You saved them,” she breathed, surprised.
The cheetah than growled and moved toward her in a threatening stance. “Go away!”
Judy jumped back, several feet, “Wait, wait hold on!”
“You can’t be here! It’s sanctuary! No soldiers are allowed!”
“I just wanted to check on them,” Judy reassured him. “I don’t mean them any harm!”
He snorted but didn’t step any closer, “Go away.”
“I promise I will, but I need you to do me a favor. Please, if he comes back tell him I’m sorry. Can you do that?”
The cheetah’s eyes narrowed and he was silent for a moment.
“If you go, now.”
Judy sighed in relief and turned to walk back down into the building. She stopped at the last second and turned around, “Also tell him he’s lucky.”
The cheetah’s confusion could almost be described as adorable. “Why?”
“I have good instincts when it comes to mammals,” Judy explained. “So I can tell he’s lucky to have a friend like you.”

DSOD Review Art (5) - Imprisoned In the World Without You

Looking at my dashboard, I figured I should point out some of lots of important details on the movie, 

especially about Kaiba’s obsession with Yami.

The prideshipping feels already in the title but I’m doing my best ridding it of this post 

As I mentioned in my tumblr I watched the movie 8 times and I’m going to do it on this Saturday once more in another unofficial special screening event held here… so I think I’m one of those who can help other Yugioh fans enjoy this beautiful movie before it comes out internationally next year :D

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