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My favorite thing about Seattle today is that there’s a weed store that owns a car wash and when you buy weed you get a free car wash and also they have coin operated animals to ride outside???? I feel like this is something that would only exist here lmao

potential twilight theme park rides
  • “heidi’s castle tour”
  • a ride where james just breaks your leg
  • “slice your arm to distract victoria”
  • “can you deliver a vampire hybrid baby?”
  • “edward’s piggyback ride”
  • “carlisle’s study”, taking you through various stages of cullen history and other coven settings
  • complete an actual biology lab
  • “arm wrestling with emmett” as a coin-operated ride where you lose every time
  • a ride called “emmett’s singer” where emmett just kills you

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I had a customer stop and chat with me while I was running a ride for his kid, which is cool, no big deal. we used to have coins for the ride, so we still take those tokens. the one he gave me for the first ride was right. the second one was definitively not. I was going to let him have it, because he seemed pretty chill, but then he literally just spewed a bunch of conservative buzzwords at me?? like, he had a little bit of a stutter, so that wasn't bad, but... just Yikes.

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“We need to talk.” for DWC!

For the record, I despise writer’s block. It’s been making DWC really hard as of late :/

Anyway, thank you for the prompt! This is technically a follow-up to this prompt that I filled out a couple weeks ago. More Kremquisitor content for all of you!

For @dadrunkwriting.

One Line Prompts

“Ser Aclassi?”

Krem glanced up at the sound of his name, just in time to see an Inquisition scout drop down into a bow before straightening once more.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I have a message for you, ser. From the Inquisitor.”

Krem’s cheeks warmed, and he hoped it wasn’t as obvious as he felt. “Thank you for delivering it,” he said, glad his voice at least managed to stay fairly stable.

The scout nodded and passed over the little piece of folded parchment. She dipped down into another bow before she turned to walk out of the Herald’s Rest. Once she was out of sight, Krem broke the wax seal and unfolded the paper. In Sulahn’s scrawling hand was a simple message.

We need to talk. Meet me in the war room.

Krem grimaced a little, thinking back to the reports that he had submitted to her when he and the Chargers had returned from scouting the ruins of Haven. Had his findings upset her? Or did she believe he had forgotten a few details in his reports? Or did she simply want to discuss strategies with him before presenting them to her other advisors? He shook his head a little bit, reminding himself that he would find out soon enough.

Now if only he could stop the hammering in his chest at the prospect of seeing the Inquisitor. Ever since the rest of the Chargers had found out about his crush on Sulahn Lavellan, the young man had become hyper-aware of his actions around the Inquisitor.

He wanted it to stop.

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Rouge has to go to the store to get groceries cuz they’re out of milk or something but she doesn’t want to leave Shadow and Omega alone because they’re gonna get into trouble she just knows it so she makes them come with her. Omega can’t get through the doors though so he has to wait outside and he’s just uncomfortably shifting around and this little kid mistakes him for one of those coin operated rides and climbs up on him and he’s like ‘Small human no this is not safe please get down before you injure yourself’ and some other kid can’t get their prize from the claw machine and they start crying so he punches through the glass to get it for them. The alarm goes off, security comes to get him. Rouge hears the intercom telling the ‘parents of Omega e-123 please come to the store entrance’ and Rouge is like ‘maybe it’s another omega’ but she knows it’s not and just goes to pay for the damages because she knows there are definitely gonna be damages.

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Hi there omg I love your blog ❤ HC request: What do the boys do when spending a day at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival 🎡 with their s/o (and do they try to make a move during the fireworks show???)? Also idk if you do Nyx hcs but if you wanted to add him in too I would be ecstatic! 😁

Aw thank you so much! Yeah I’ll throw in Nyx because I’m trash and have time and this is my first non-boyband request and I need some more of those please god


  • Thinks this is the most ridiculous thing ever but he’s also kind of into it because he gets to act like a kid again
  • He’ll let you buy matching t-shirts and hats because he secretly really wanted them, but he doesn’t want to tell you that
  • So he’ll act like he’s there to entertain you and let you have a cute date, but honestly he’s having the best time ever
  • You two are going to split a Kupoberry Cheesecake, and don’t be surprised when he keeps the little paper moogle that comes with it because he’s that person
  • He’ll insist on winning you a plushie–like the really, really, big chocobo–and won’t listen to any complaints about it
  • “Noct, you really don’t have to–”
  • “One more round, (Y/N), I’m getting you this chocobo!”
  • Of course he makes a move on you during the fireworks show. He won you that VIP seating and, damnit, he’s going to make good use of it


  • He has no idea what he was expecting, but somehow it wasn’t giant moogles and chocobos everywhere
  • You’re kind of scared when he starts hysterically laughing at the dancing moogle mascot
  • And you think he’s about to have a mental breakdown when it makes him dance with it, but then he look like he’s enjoying yourself and you’re thrilled that he’s not being so uptight
  • You buy him one of the moogle-chocobo hats because you just want to see him walk around with the boingy thing on his head–does that even have a name? The little red ball on a spring? Help?
  • “I’ve come up with a new recipe!”
  • At this point, he starts exaggerating how he says that just to make other people laugh. Ignis is the master of subtle humor
  • So, during the fireworks, you’re probably going to make a move on him
  • You’d slide closer and lean against his chest, he’d wrap an arm around your waist, and that’s how you’d watch the fireworks


  • He’d make you play all the games with him, race all the chocobos with him, eat all the food with him, just… Do all the things
  • You’re there, together, this is kind of ridiculous but also kind of awesome, so the two of you might as well make the most of it
  • It slowly turns into a competition to see who can get the most coins and win the best prizes
  • He “lets you win”, but you also “let him believe that he let you win”
  • He tries on the t-shirt and you stand there laughing at him for a solid minute and a half, clutching your side, holding on to him, having a difficult time breathing, the works
  • Then he gets all grumpy and you have to make it up to him, which is right about when the fireworks roll around
  • So you spend all of your coins on the VIP seating for the show, and of course you wind up in his lap and sneaking kisses throughout 
  • During the finale, he tips your chin up and gives you this really deep and gentle kiss that just makes you melt


  • Does not care that there are moogles involved. Too preoccupied with chocobos
  • The two of you spend half of your day racing chocobos because oh god you can win coins by riding your chocobo all day and Prompto thinks he’s died and gone to heaven 
  • The sun is starting to set at that point and Prompto realizes that you’ve done nothing but chase chocobos–real and in costume–around all day, so he lets you pick what to do next
  • You drag him to the arena to win matching plushies, give them matching names, and take a few selfies with mascots. It’s not really a date with Prompto without selfies, is it?
  • So you two make your way back to the main city and marvel at how gorgeous everything is at night. You swear that the carnival makes everything prettier just as Prompto sneaks his hand into yours
  • He buys you a couple of the Chocobo Tarts, and yeah they’re a little gimmicky, but so is this whole carnival. Just being there with him, plushies in your laps and eating these overly-sweet desserts? That’s a good day for you


  • He, honestly, probably wouldn’t have gone unless you made him go, which is why he’s currently at the carnival wondering what the hell is going on
  • Nyx Didn’t Sign Up for This 2k17
  • But he’s still going to be the absolute best of sports, holding your hand while you walk around to look at everything, trying a bite of any food you get, letting you spend his money on silly souvenirs…
  • He’ll even let you make him use his talents as a Glaive to win the shooting game in the arena
  • You swear you hear him mumbling something about “the things people do for love”, but you ignore his grumbling, as usual
  • He will draw the line at dancing with the moogle though. That won’t happen, not while he’s alive
  • The fireworks are something he would genuinely enjoy, though, in his own quiet way: he’ll hold your hand and give you this really gentle look, give your forehead a little kiss, and pull you closer to him. Watching fireworks with you? That, he can get behind 
One of the coolest weeks in a while.
  • Monday: Classes! Today was the first day of my Negotiations class at the Business School. We immediately jumped into roleplaying, and I was given the "role" of a seller. I had to "sell" a $8,000 car, and my buyer actually bought it for $62,000. Then ran to chaperone students visiting Columbia, and, even though we only went to dinner (they had a busy next day), I still got to know more about them over dinner at Sun-Chan, a Japanese restaurant on the Upper West Side.
  • Tuesday: Woke up early to get a good amount of work done before taking the visiting students to lunch. They had presentations today, and, as tends to happen, they ran over the allocated time; so I got to listen to the end of one presentation on a new idea for a chocolate company. After lunch, ran to my Media class (and was late!). I thought I lost my phone, panicked through most of class, only to find it in the depths of my (overflowing) bag. Then ran to Psych class. Afterwards, had dinner with M., who's interested in launching her own fashion brand and wanted advice.
  • Wednesday: Woke up late and rushed to class. Contemplated the relationship between fashion and Rousseau in my philosophy class. Ran to lunch with my roommate, S., who really wants to apply to work at Spotify; we strategized networking ideas. The weather was terribly rainy, so ducked under an umbrella as we walked to my next class. After class, met up with A., an old friend who is launching her own magazine on-campus (like my freshman year self!!) and then, after grabbing a quick bite to eat, ran to host office hours for one of the classes I'm TAing. An old ex-boyfriend came to visit and we chatted for two hours.
  • Thursday: Crammed 3.5 hours of sleep, only to wake up at 5am. I had to take some of the visiting students to JFK. Got to ride in a free Uber to the airport while DJing on the driver's Spotify playlists. Listening to ~cool vibe~ music on route to the airport is now one of my favorite things. Went back to Columbia for a quick lunch and then repeated the process at noon. Chatted with two students about attending school in the States vs. Asia on route to JFK, and, once they were on their flights, headed back to Columbia. Had a quick dinner with V. before rushing off to drinks with E. Our "date" turned to be a quintessential night out in New York: happy hour at a cool bar downtown called V Bar, quick stop at a party on 23rd Street to "make an appearance," cabbed to another bar in the 50s, then stopping inside of a sex store to pretend-shop. Grabbed a cab up to the 80s to drop him off, and then made out in the stairwell of his apartment.
  • Friday: Stayed the night at E.'s apartment. He had to rush to work and, also quintessentially New York, it was snowing!! ("What the fuck," we complained.) Left his at around 8:30am and headed back to campus via cab because I didn't want to get on the subway with the same outfit and shame from last night. Officially coined the term "Subway Ride of Shame." Showered, changed, and then had a nice brunch at Hewitt (Barnard's dining hall) before holding TA hours. Met with Columbia's Housing department for an exciting photography project. Hosted the end of my TA hours for the week before rushing off to dinner with L., a sophomore I met on Days on Campus two years ago. Came home and immediately slept for 12 hours.
  • I love New York.

Ok. @1000-directions tagged me to do this: describe yourself in pictures you already have saved. the rule is you can’t download or search any new pictures

I will tag @mrmolite, @comeswithclaws, and @bi-the-way-which-ones-pink

1. A pic of me from 2 years ago I think, but still one of my faves/most representative images of me, imo.

2. My friend Cloke, being a creature.

3. No comment necessary.

4. Model of Rome in the 1st century AD. 

5. Some random clowns running in front of the Google street view car in (I think???) rural Mexico. 

6. POTS! THE GAME!! Apparently they have a copy at the American School, H sent me this and was like, you need to acquire it. 

7. Representative Grad School photo.

8. Gratuitous food photo.

9. Yet another image of Cloke. In this one he’s on a coin-operated children’s ride, being judged harshly by a local Greek child. 

Highlights of family Christmas D&D:

- My sister’s paladin got in a fight with a panda coin-op ride, which was inanimate.

- My other sister’s bard viciously mocked a zombie until it cried, and then her girlfriend’s cleric tied it up and left it on the floor of a dollar store because she didn’t want to kill it.

- My brother’s rogue seduced an angry elf named Craigory who had been made to dress in a Santa’s-elf costume, and later stole him yoga pants to wear.

- They all fought Vampire Mall Santa, but due to a combination of more vicious mockery from the bard and really bad rolls, by the time he got down to half HP he was so demoralized that he just let them go. The cleric nevertheless felt deeply betrayed that Vampire Mall Santa had turned out to be a bad guy.

- The paladin very nearly got into a fight with a Brookstone massage chair, which was inanimate.

- The rogue seduced an apparently inanimate smoothie machine into giving him a free smoothie and also shoplifted skinny jeans from Hot Topic.

- The bard did damage to a whole horde of zombies waiting in line for the new iPhone by shouting that Android was better.

- The paladin kept running at enemies from a distance with her morningstar and getting up too much momentum, so she’d just slide on past without hitting them.

- The cleric spent a turn petting the evil demon bat endboss because he was fluffy.

- Somebody said the words “it’s a vore-vore-vore world” to the endboss, which would have haunted him for the rest of his days if he had survived the encounter.

That adorable little fella up there is Wind Up, a micro-machine that, yes, is somehow street legal, despite looking like a nervous cough would explode it into shrapnel. If Perry Watkins’ ridiculous, 41-inch-high, 26-inch-wide car looks like a coin-operated children’s ride, that’s because it is a coin-operated children’s ride – with a chassis from a Shanghai Shenke quad bike and wheels from a Monkey motorcycle.

To qualify this thing as street legal, Watkins and the folks at Perrywinkle Customs made sure that the Wind Up could hit speeds of up to 40 mph and came equipped with a windshield wiper. So never mind that you’re barreling down the street in live traffic crammed into a fetal ball, protected from asphalt death by the shell of a kiddie ride – you can see where you’re going when it rains. Safety first.

8 Insane Vehicles You Won’t Believe Are Street Legal

All right, so I know that a million coins for a cab ride is unreasonable. But let’s not forget that the MC lives in a world where:

- Human trafficking appears to be condoned, or, at least, bribery is. We pay for students to join our schools and coerce them during parties into coming (even if it takes time). We sell our ‘friends’ for a few measly coins. It’s an common everyday occurrence, in fact.

- We see nothing wrong with asking for 20000 coins in order to buy wrapping paper.

- We buy plots of land at first for free, then for a few tens of millions of coins, and while it takes no time at all at first, it’ll take months, years, decades to finish off the others.

- We basically tax our students based on their social standing within the school and force them to give us revenue, most of which we waste away on rip-offs and pointless payments.