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I went metal detecting on Thursday. Love it!

Treasure hunting with a new metal detector

Finding a treasure is a popular dream of many, often thought about but never really explored. Imagine, if you will, the excitement of finding a jar full of coins hidden in a backyard, or perhaps finding a long lost bag of money that bandits  buried years ago and never found.

There are many types of treasures to be found in this world of ours. Many collectable items can be found. Old bottle caps are becoming more and more popular for collectors. Civil war artifacts are being discovered not only on battlefields, but in encampment areas. The list is almost limitless of the things that are out there just waiting for someone to find them.

Metal detecting or Treasure Hunting, as I prefer to call it, can be done alone or as a family activity. Many families have found this to be a fun outdoor hobby that all ages enjoy.

Choosing the right metal detector to use is very important. Research will reveal many reputable companies that manufacture metal detectors. Prices range from around $300 to well over $1000. As with many things, simple models as well as full featured (loaded) models are just waiting to catch your eye! After you have picked out the one you want and have read the manual, practice using it around your own backyard. Search along your driveway and the sidewalk to your home. You just might discover some change or long lost jewelry!

You will need a sturdy garden trowel to dig your finds. A long flat head screwdriver is also handy to probe around and pry through roots, etc. Carry a two compartment bag for your results: One side for “keepers” and one side for the “junk” items you will also inevitably find.

One nifty idea that will quickly enable you to learn about the workings of your new metal detector is to bury some coins in your own backyard. Mark the spots, with various denominations, as well as buried to different depths. As you operate your metal detector over known coins at known depths, you will see what the display shows, and you will hear the sound your detector emits for a known object at a known depth. Once you have a handle on how your detector works, you are ready for a treasure hunt.

You can start in your town. Researching at your local library and talking to people who have lived there for a long time will help you find good places to search. Find out where the first train station was located, the popular places where people congregated, where the first churches and homes were built. Old homesteads are also a very good place to explore.

Study the history of your town. Expand your research to some of the towns close by. You might discover a legend that says a bank robber has been thru there and his stash of coins are buried but have never been found. These are things you do on days you can’t go treasure hunting.

You will need to find out the local laws regarding things you find on public property. And, be sure you get permission before searching on someone else’s property. Most people will let you search then split what you find with them. Just be sure to ask. In addition, accepted metal detecting etiquette says that you always leave a site in better shape than you found it. Always refill any holes you have excavated, including putting the sod back in place. Take any “junk” finds you have with you.

Good luck and happy treasure hunting!

art by @auroral-melody (On AO3)

Crowley hated people with legs.  He really did.  He hated them generally, but he also was filled with a very specific hatred at this particular moment.

They kept ignoring him.  Part of him was glad they were doing so, because he was in a right state and didn’t want anyone to touch him.  They smelled bad and he didn’t want their grimy hands on his polished scales.  But for Poseidon’s sake, did none of them have even the common decency to come over and offer so he could tell them to get lost?

To be fair, he was quite a ways away from where the beachgoers had set up camp, and perhaps they had all mistaken him for a particularly antisocial human sunbathing where he could have more personal space over by the rocks away from the sandy part of the beach.

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by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Chapters: 1/1 (6827 words)
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Tesco AU, Smut, Butt Plugs, sex toy discussion, sexy cornetto eating, Bottom Louis, Blow Jobs, this story basically revolves around a twenty pence piece, Office Sex, inappropriate declarations at the height of arousal

Part 1 of the Tesco series


Curiosity mingled with pity inside of Louis as the man took his tote bag from his shoulder and rifled through it, seemingly looking for change at the bottom. He became a little frantic, unsuccessful in his hunt for coins.
“Come on, 20p. Twenty fucking pence. Where are you?” The man mumbled.
Pity won out in Louis; he dug his hand quickly in his pocket.
“Here you are, mate.” He handed the man a twenty pence piece.
“Oh, um-” He frowned down at the coin that Louis had placed in his palm. “Cheers, that’s so nice.”
“Don’t mention it.”

Louis lends Harry 20p in Tesco, and Harry is adamant about thanking him properly.

Happy birthday B @nottooldforthisship! Enjoy x

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Please tell us more about the DnD power GFs! Tempest and Jangles sound wonderful!

Already screenshot your ask for the post about the logistics of playing them in combat but I’m totally gonna spill about their backstory a smidge too.

Kenku often take mimicked sounds for names and non-kenku will use descriptive words of these sounds. Jangles (later nicknamed Maggie by a kid she befriends) actually pronounces her name as [jostling coins in a noble’s laden velvet coin purse]. Jangles hunts down rare treasures and their lore. One treasure she heard tell of belonged to an old religious-type enchanter who was presumed dead in his home. The place had already been looted twice over and there was STILL traps to work around, but she discovers a set of decorative armor that’s been hidden. It’s shiny. It’s important looking. She absolutely swipes it. It’s only when she starts trying to put it on later that the armor timidly asks her to “please not do that without asking,” and nearly gives the poor bird a heart attack.

This armor had been created as a guard for the local temple to Melora, but the shrine keepers only knew animated armor to be used for nefarious purposes and very insistently refused the donation. She was then brought back to the enchanter’s home and put in a display case where she fell dormant and forgotten for years. When she woke (to someone trying to shove their foot into her shin guards), she had no memory of her name (something Elvish?) or the man who made her–only the upsetting experience of the shrine keepers so vehemently rejecting her out of fear and misunderstanding. Because of this, she is afraid of going out into the world to explore as her thief immediately suggests.

Jangles then decides that the best option at hand is to wear her new friend around–as you do–so no one will know she’s a spooky ghost construct and she can see more of the world than just an old shrine and the inside of a glass box. The Anarmor agrees with some coaxing and Jangles decides to give her the new name of [sharp, explosive strike of nearby lightning] after the embroidered pattern she was sporting–or Tempest, after her goddess’ domain.

The Seal Lullaby: Chapter 4

Next chapter is live! 

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Eliza had never been so happy to be exhausted.

She always looked forward to the walk from the tiny little bungalow that served the town’s elementary schoolers to her home. It gave her a chance to relax her mind after a busy day, wave hello and exchange pleasantries with the people she passed, remind herself just how beautiful this place was.

The dusk was gathering tonight as she strode along and she found herself immeasurably glad she’d remembered her scarf and gloves. As nice as summer had been, late November was proving to be a different kettle of fish entirely; one of these mornings, Eliza was certain she’d wake up to frost on the ground. Her azaleas weren’t going to like that at all.

She pulled her collar up a little higher as the walk to her isolated little cottage exposed her to the open sea which was kicking out a ferocious, heavy, wet bluster that seemed to reach under every protective layer of clothing she had to raise goose bumps on her skin. If she got sick, she was going to be so miffed; she had so much fun stuff planned for her class for the holidays and really didn’t fancy dressing up like Rudolph on the last day of school or organising a times table themed chocolate coin treasure hunt with a stuffed-up nose and headache. She was already feeling much more worn out than usual, although that probably had more to do with having her first nine to five, Monday to Friday job ever.

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Naru & His Pet Coin: A Snippet

As promised, here is the snip of the Pet Coin Scene in the novel. I’m assuming that everyone here has already seen the anime episode with this part or read the manga, so I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler. But there are quite some interesting details that both anime and manga have left off. I couldn’t resist reading it ahead! XD The part below will be posted and edited further at baka-tsuki once I finish the parts before it as well. 

Enjoy \(^.^)/

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  • spn writers: okay, so the cure is composed of *throws three darts at a target* the forbidden fruit, a golden calf, and a love interest, while Dean *flips a coin* hunts for *pulls paper from hat* vampires. Dean tries to stop himself by *shoots up an enormous amount of heroin* throwing himself into in space, and at the end of the episode the Mark is gone and the new bad guy is *rolls dice* literal darkness
  • spn writers: this is narraTIVE GOLD

A fire crackles along the banks of the Yamuna River: a cremation of a young mother, struck by a car while she was fetching water.

The stench of the river engulfs the sad assembly.

Before the hissing funeral pyre, floating down the river, white blocks of what looks like detergent appear like icebergs. It is 95 degrees in Delhi this night. This is chemical waste from factories that have sprung up across the city, manufacturing leather goods, dyes and other goods.

Downstream, the living reside along garbage-strewn banks.

A colony of shacks sits beneath the Old Iron Bridge, a vestige of the British colonial era. Its tracks trundle trains across the Yamuna, on the northern edge of the city. Like the Ganges, the Yamuna is sacred to Hindu believers. The faithful dangle garlands from the bridge’s hulking girders and pitch ashes and money from its railings.

Delhi is about a third of the way down the 855-mile Yamuna River. Its source is the Yamunotri glacier, crystal-clear water from the Himalayas. But by the time it moves down the eastern edge of India’s capital, it exits as the dirtiest river in the country.

According to the Central Pollution Board’s most recently published water quality data, from 2011, by the time the Yamuna exits the city, it is lethal. The water contains a concentration of 1.1 billion fecal coliform bacteria per 100 milliliters of water. The standard for bathing is 500 coliform bacteria per 100 milliliters.

“That is the reason why this stretch of the Yamuna is called dead,” says noted environmentalist Manoj Mishra. “Because there is no life here. There cannot be life here. There’s nothing here.”

Can India’s Sacred But ‘Dead’ Yamuna River Be Saved?

All photos: David Gilkey/NPR

Axolotl – Chapter Nine: Zyzmwlmvw Kozxvh

Prologue - Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine



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It wasn’t very big, really. Barely taller than Mabel. A few feet on each side, more if you included the hat.

It was half-buried. Moss grew on it, along with a few species of lichen. By the looks of things more than a few birDs had perched on it and left their mark behind. It was just a statue. Immovable rock.

Why did it look so frightening?

Dipper inched a little closer to Mabel, putting a hand on her shoulder. She reached up and gave his hand a squeeze.

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“Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob,” she repeats his name over and over as she approaches him, hands behind her back as she gives him a cheesy grin. “Come to the kissing booth with me, and then the photobooth, and then we can go on a coin hunt, come, come, come!” Kristen nags him, grabbing hold of his hand and beginning to tug him with a giggle. She was hyper, she loved parties. The one person she wanted to spend them with was of course her fiance.



11x19 “The Chitters”
“I found Mattie.”

I have to admit the story of Mattie and Jesse may have been one of my favourite mirror character stories for the main characters in quite a while. Their story had everything. Beauty and tragedy in equal measures and of course that is something the Winchesters know only too well. And I just loved how it was captured by a coin. A coin exchanged between two brothers, a coin that represented taking care of one another, represented escape and getting out, represented getting away.

And what I love even more about this visual is the aspect of “two sides of the same coin” that imo is played with here head on as we are shown both sides of this coin. Not only does it fit the overarching duality theme of the past few seasons, imo it also represents the notion of holding on and letting go. As that is what we see here with Jesse.

He was able to find his brother, properly bury him, make peace. He may not be fixed by having gotten his revenge (major parallel imo to the myth arc with Amara’s quest), but he was able to let go. And it’s all captured in that moment, that coin. Finding his brother, finding this coin, the symbol for their joint escape. I don’t know about you, but I find there’s a tragic beauty about it, that when Jesse is able to hold on to that coin again, it also marks the moment of letting go - two sides of the same coin. I love the symbol of Jesse taking this coin with him and this marking the moment he truly escapes as he walks away from hunting. That coin, Jesse’s brother’s coin, 27 years later, is the symbol once more for him helping his brother to truly walk away (from the life of a hunter and leaving his past behind).

And of course Jesse’s and Mattie’s story to me is just one more major bit of foreshadowing for what will lie ahead for the Winchesters (as there have been SO many nods in that direction strewn across the episode, that both of them know, this fight will not leave both of them unharmed - and given the parallels and set up here it’s Sam having to say goodbye to his brother in some way) at the end of the season: Letting go. After all in 11x04 “Baby” we also had the emphasis on the importance on coins. So yes, in a way to me, paired with the hunter burial at the end of the episode, this coin is the one Mattie can use to pay the ferryman…

Just a reference for Syrax and what her fur looks like. She is a blue-furred Charr! Among her belongings are: a hunting knife, coin purse, eyepatch, and confiscated items from her Fahrar! Yes, she is a Blood Legion Primus! She’s here to train your cubs into mean fighting machines! /flex

No armor reference as of yet because it may change in the future.