coin dress


September 27, 2015 attending the Spring 2016 Dolce & Gabbana show during Milan Fashion Week with her daughter Vasilisa

Ulyana is wearing

  • Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 dress with macrame and intaglio ($15,000)
  • Dolce & Gabbana 2011 tri colored gold coin necklace 
  • Dolce & Gabbana Black Mini Sicily Bag Dauphine Calfskin ($1,395)
  • Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps ($675)
Bidon Yacco

Avec mon bidon Yacco, j’ai les belles jambes et les genoux cagneux. J’avance cuir contre terre, pieds râpés. Mon bidon creuse la terre. Je tire fort. Le ciel est engageant, je lui prête quelques photos contrastées.

Creusant les sillons, je trébuche à chaque pas. Mon bidon me tombe dessus, dégueule d’huile toxique. Des rides et des ravins grouillent sur ma peau. Belle.

A tes yeux belle.

A chaque coin de rue, je dresse mon bidon Yacco. M’assied dessus quelques instants. Mes fesses trempent légères, dans le cambouis. La rouille sur mes paumes, sous mes ongles. Mes pieds pendus au bord du monde. Je me sens un peu con, mais moins.

Je jette des bouteilles à l’envers.

anonymous asked:

Is there a mod that gives Lia's dad less common looking clothes? He says he has money ('for all my damn coin') but he dresses in commoner clothes, and i think his shirt even has a place where it's patched.

there aren’t any fine elven clothes but some could be made and placed upon him using a utc edit or swapping the model itself out so there are some elves wearing slightly nicer clothes. we can see what can be done today :]

- mod a

The perfect “little black dress.”  Although it has a different vibe to Holly Golightly’s dress that coined the “little black dress” phrase, this dress is signature to the 1950s with the circle silhouette and the accent at the natural waist.  I would pair this dress with a cropped leather jacket (obviously) and a bright red, suede pump.  A pop of color for any outfit, from a night out to a Sunday brunch, adds vivacity to a look.  

Differences Between America And London

In London:

Soft drink bottles are thinner. Maybe taller too. I can’t tell.

Licence plates are yellow and way more legible.

Everyone knows that steering wheels are on the left and cats drive on the left.

People tend to dress fancier.

Coins are actually a thing (and I Fucking hate it).

Elevators (excuse me–lifts) talk to you like you’re a Fucking retard.

The bottom floor is 0. What the fuck is that? The zeroth fucking floor? Gimme an existential crisis, why don’t you.

Public transportation. Which is convenient I guess. But honestly I loathe it. Fucking trains are human sardine cans that look old as shit and basically seem like they could just fly into a wall at any moment. I don’t know why Londoners make a big deal out of bombings. Seems like the trains are dangerous enough on their own to me.

Posh and semi-posh British fucks are deciferable. Working class Londoners are fucking jibberish. Take the dog shit out of your mouth.

M/C and Nico kisses

Unfinished drawing. Im really slow at drawing anime and colouring cell shaded, so Im just drawing things and posting them at the point I know I wont continue with it any further for a while.
Hair Normal: Poppy Red Pixie Cut – 150 Coins or 5000 Bells
Premium: Sweetheart Princess Dress – 500 Coins