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Painter-fashion creator Fiorntino Albion of Florence has designed this latest model, called ‘Numismatico’. It is a two piece outfit for the beach that is covered with coins from many nations. Albion’s previous ensembles have included dresses made of fur, shells, glass, and wood. Florence, Italy, July 1967

Hold him.

As promised! a fluffy fic for @starlight-sanders <3 I hope you like it? although @mylasagnaisraw beat me to it xD   

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He was humming in the kitchen. Wonderful smells of various foods wafting down the hallway and into the rooms of his three sleeping companions as he moved in the kitchen, eyes dancing over all the various items, calculating and precise. He wanted this to be good. To be perfect. Just for them.

As he guessed, Morality was first to stir. Soft slippers padding in on the floor with a sleepy yawn, he was too focused on the eggs and bacon in the pan to hear him very well as strong arms warped round his waist. A light head on his shoulder.  “M’orning lo.”   His voice was deep with sleep as he kissed his neck.  Swaying with him as he cooked. “Good morning Morality. Did you sleep well?”  Morality hummed in response, kissing him on the cheek.  “I did, but them my bed got cold…” He pouts, but is smiling again not a second later. “You made up for it for these wonderful smells. When will food be ready?” Logan looks at the eggs and the pancake batter and yet to be cooked porridge, mind whirring. “Hm. About another 10 minutes?” Patton chuckled “Egg-cellent” as he slid to the bench beside the teacher, moving to grab some coffee and then leaning on it as he watched Logan intently. Eyes shining with affection and kindness as they peered over the mug.   Logan shook his head with a small amused smile.

Only an hour later did Prince eventually stir.  “Beauty sleep” as he remembered him coining it. Fully dressed and looking well-groomed as always. Patton beamed at him as he dramatically greeted the pair in song. Then he kissed them both on the check. Whispering in the teacher’s ear. “Thank-you Logan, this looks delightful!” Before sitting himself at the table to serve himself. As they ate the three engaged in tales of last night’s dreams and thoughts for the day. Planning for videos and the like. Until that Prince and Patton both decided to start playfully chucking out cute little compliments and comments, mostly towards Logic. Leaving the logical trait blushing as he cleaned up the plates.

Stomachs full and chatter dispersed, Prince stood up, waiting at the archway to the hall “So, shall we go?” the royal asked, a small hint of his usually well-covered nerves.  Patton clapped his hands excitedly.  “He’s going to love it I’m sure!”   Logic nodded in agreement and the three snuck down the hall way. Sharing worried glances as they finally reached the ajar door, sharing a breath as they warily stepped over the boundary.

The sun was blocked out by a large grey blanket, and there laying curled up in the bed, fast asleep was Anxiety. His hair a ruffled mess as he laid snuggled deep in the black quilt. The three shared collected thoughts as they gazed at him, inching closer. They looked at one another, and Patton moved first.  Ever so carefully getting on the other side of the bed and crouching next to the sleeping trait. Prince was next, taking the other side. Logan hesitantly joining them at the foot of the bed.  

They all took another moment to enjoy his sleeping form, wistful smiles on each of their faces. Patton couldn’t help but giggle silently taking that as cue, they all wrapped around him.  A somehow orderly mess of tangled limbs as they all hugged him. Prince peppering his face with kisses and both Logics and Patton’s as well.  Anxiety squirmed at little at the sudden recognition of weight, letting out a quiet huff as his face was bombarded. His eyes darted about and he couldn’t hide the smirk for long, trapped under the weight of those he had come to love. His stomach back-flipped and his heart was suddenly picking up pace.  His arms carefully wiggled out and he held the two on his sides closer, stretching his right arm to drag Logan to his chest.   He didn’t speak, none of them did.  He hadn’t been one to initiate such contact before. Worried to break whatever bliss had just overcome them. They just laid there in each other’s presence. Surrounded by an aura of warmth and love.

Anxiety hadn’t ever woken up so happy. Though his nerves were all over the place the only thought that stood out was that they really did feel something for him. To wake him up with a simple gesture of care. His chest bloomed at the thought and hid In Patton’s neck, his face uncharacteristically red due to the lack of foundation.  

By the time they got up Anxiety’s food was cold. The coffee Morality had prepared for him was also now undrinkable…The napkin that Prince had written a lovely message on sat beside them. Tears formed in his eyes.

They cared.

They all did.

And now he knew that.

He had ignored it for so long.

Blocked by other negative thoughts.

But today he understood.

They wanted to be with him.

They wanted to look after him.

They wanted to hold him.

And for once… he whole heartily believed it.


The Origin of the Dollar and Pocket Change

Among the most popular currencies in the world, the dollar is not only used by the United States, but by 20 other countries including Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Liberia, Jamaica and Namibia. In addition the US dollar is the official currency of East Timor, Ecuador, El Salvador, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau, the Caribbean Netherlands. 

The origins of the dollar can be found in the Bohemian town of Jachymov in the Kingdom of Bohemia, now the Czech Republic.  There in the early 16th century of Bohemian noble named Count Hieronymus Schlick operated a very successful silver mine. In 1518 he began minting his own silver coins at a specific weight which he felt would be easier for merchants to use for trade.  Called the “Joachimsthaler” (named after St. Joachim) it was a coin with the  silver weight of 27.2 grams. The new “thaler” quickly became popular in Europe, being used in the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, Holland, and Scandinavia. Each country minted their own thalers with different weights, but all kept pretty close to around 26 or 27 grams of silver.  Remember that back then money was valued by pressure metals, not fiat (government decree), thus money was just as much of a unit of weight as it was a unit of value.  This explains the origin of common lesser coins based on the dollar.  A half dollar weighs one half of a dollar. A quarter weighs ¼th of a dollar. The word “dime” comes from the French word “ dîme “, meaning a tithe, or tenth. Thus a dime weighs one tenth of a dollar.

The thaler continued to be commonly used in the 18th century. In colonial America, Spanish Thaler’s became a popular currency among colonists, being used beside British Pounds.  After the United States became independent from Britain, the pound was dropped and the thaler became the new currency of the US, although being called by it’s Anglican name, the “dollar” .  By the 19th century the use of paper money became common, although the dollar was still a measurement of weight and silver dollars, quarters, and dimes were minted. However paper dollars were not cash in and of themselves, but were certificates which represented silver money, used because carrying paper money was easier than carrying silver coins.  Each bill had printed on it “one silver dollar payable to the bearer on demand”. 

  This meant that a person who had a dollar bill could exchange their paper for silver at any bank on demand. Today, silver certificates are highly collectible items.

By the 20th century most nations ended the use of gold and silver currency.  The US ended the gold/silver standard in 1933 under Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Thus, the dollar was severed from it’s link to silver weights, and dollar bills became simple pieces of paper that were worth something simply because the US Government says it is worth something. Half dollars, dimes, and quarters continued to be minted in until 1965, when silver became more valuable then the coins its was used to mint. Thus the US mint began producing pocket change out of copper-nickle alloys and made it legal to melt earlier silver coinage.  Australia did the same in 1965, Canada in 1969.  The silver half dollars, dimes, and quarters are called “junk silver”, so named because they are not rare enough to have collectors value, but are still valuable because they are made of silver.  A pre-1965 silver quarter can be worth around $5 in today’s silver market.  Thus many collect junk silver as a means of investment.  I myself invest some of my money in precious metals, and I buy a little bit of junk silver now and then.  Plus, I also like to have a bag of silver coins for when I dress up and pretend to be a pirate in my free time, so that I can jingle it while shouting AARRRGGHHH!!!!

  • Shadow’s Mistress
  • 13 colors (more colors here)
  • 8 elements
  • Available in Clothes Shop during Valentines 2017

Shoes | Shoes: 450 Maanas or 75 Gold Coins
Hand Accessories | Veil: 420 Maanas or 70 Gold Coins
Hand Accessories | Fan: 600 Maanas or 100 Gold Coins
Tops | Top: 240 Maanas or 40 Gold Coins
Coats | Shoulder veil:150 Maanas or 25 Gold Coins
Dresses | Dress: 480 Maanas or 80 Gold Coins
Face Accessories | Facial Veil: 210 Maanas or 35 Gold Coins
Face Accessories | Earrings: 120 Maanas or 20 Gold Coins

Total price: 2670 Maanas or 445 Gold Coins 
One set can be obtained for free during Valentines 2017.


September 27, 2015 attending the Spring 2016 Dolce & Gabbana show during Milan Fashion Week with her daughter Vasilisa

Ulyana is wearing

  • Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 dress with macrame and intaglio ($15,000)
  • Dolce & Gabbana 2011 tri colored gold coin necklace 
  • Dolce & Gabbana Black Mini Sicily Bag Dauphine Calfskin ($1,395)
  • Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps ($675)

To be honest, you weren’t really sure how it had happened. As a little-known singer at the Garrison on the weekends and a barmaid all the other days, you knew the infamous Shelbys but had barely shared more than six words with them before the day that Tommy Shelby came up to where you stood behind the bar and put down some coins.

“Get a nice dress. I want to take you to the races.” 

Bewildered, you reluctantly took the money. Part of you wanted to say no, but he was your boss and you didn’t really feel like making an enemy of one of the most feared families in Birmingham.

That was the first time you went out together, and it turned out surprisingly well. Tommy didn’t say much, but he didn’t try to take advantage of you either, and eventually you found yourself sitting with him after hours in the bar, talking about everything and nothing, and walking along the river on Sunday afternoons. Not a few eyebrows were raised at the sight of you, a coloured girl, walking out with the leader of the Shelby family, but no one said anything, and the Shelbys’ welcome soon dispersed any nervousness you might have had on that score. Your relationship definitely wasn’t perfect, but you were happy, and right then, that was all that mattered. 

Walkthrough - Wizardess Heart+ - Leslie

My invite ID is: MVAWEnZg64

Endings -

  • Unhappy Ending - 0 - 225 Intimacy
  • Normal Ending - 226 - 338 Intimacy
  • Happy Ending - 338+ Intimacy


  • Free Spin Make a Date. Don’t forget to spin it! Free Avatars to raise your charm to help you win Extra Curriculum.
  • Login daily. Even if you don’t have time to play, just make sure you open the app and go to ‘My Page’ in order to get your daily login bonus.

Answers provided by: sassy_panda

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30 day otp challenge
day 7: cosplaying

“Hurry, we’ll be late!” Misaki pounds on the bathroom door. “We have to get there before the crowds do!”

A voice drifts over from the other side of the door. “You go, I’m not going anywhere looking like this.”

Rolling his eyes, Misaki grabs the keys off the bedside table and unlocks the door, eyes widening as he sees what exactly it is that Saruhiko was trying to hide. 

“You…” he pauses, biting his tongue to stop himself from laughing. If Saruhiko gets offended, he knows nothing he can say or do will convince him to come along. “You look great.”

“Like fuck I do.”

Misaki looks him up and down, takes in the black wig he’s forced Saruhiko to don, and the dress that doesn’t really fit him right, but well enough to make him look feminine. Saruhiko has very nice, long legs, he notices. It’s probably embarrassing, though. He’s thankful he won the coin toss, so he’s dressed as a male.

“You make a great Lenalee, Saru.”

“Shut the fuck up, Misaki." 

On Writing Western Neutral POC Characters

Anonymous said: How would one write an assimilated character (i.e; someone who is heavily into American culture) without the reader assuming that they’re white?

You just make sure to note early on that they’re not White, then go about your business. And remember that even if their culture is mostly the mainstream Western culture(s) around them, there may still be aspects of their family’s culture that have an influence of their perspectives and home life. On the note, is the character’s family as assimilated as they are? Do family member(s) engage in certain non-western holidays, speak a second language, decorate with some of their familial culture’s art, listen to their music, eat their foods?

I can say growing up, my home life with my father (Nigerian) was pretty Western Neutral to the Midwest suburban life. Aside from AAVE, I don’t speak a second language; my dad did, and i’d sometimes overheard him speaking with family on the phone, but otherwise even he didn’t speak it much as he’d moved when he was pretty young and was used to speaking English.

We didn’t engage in any special holidays or practices outside of the “American” ones (Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc) but my dad sometimes cooked Nigerian dishes, maybe 2-5 times every few months, so not very often. 

I also have some trinkets, like coin purses and dresses sent to me from family in Nigeria from when I was a child. We also had several Nigerian statues as decor in the living room.

All the above is just one example of how non-western culture might play (or not play) a role with a character who is more involved the dominant culture lifestyle.

Also, the character still might have a surname related to their heritage though if the family is more westernized, I can imagine their first name would be more western too. (I happen to have a “Western” first name and Nigerian middle and last name)

Point being; there might be little cultural aspects that still affect the character or their family, even if they’re not wholly engaged in them or they aren’t actually relevant to the plot.

The description tag includes several tips on ways to express that a character isn’t White so take a look there. Here are some posts that may be helpful.

Hope this helps!

~Mod Colette

Skeletiano Complete Walkthrough! The Niflheim+ Shall we Date?

Sooooo, Skeletiano’s been released, and that’s a giant yay! I can still remember many people clamoring for his story back at the start. Personally I enjoyed his story (but I still love Jean more haha)

And I’m quite happy with how Skeletiano is Skeletiano

So….his real name is Adam, just thought I’d say that xD

And tadah~Hope this helps anyone who needs the complete Walkthrough but couldn’t find one - till now!

Skeletiano Complete Walkthrough

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