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Ladrien Fake Dating

So you’ve heard of fake dating AU’s for the other sides of the square, but let me present you with the Ladrien Fake Dating Scenario.

Imagine Ladybug and Adrien were seen ONCE in public. Imagine that the one time they were seen in public, the paparazzi catches them on camera. They’re both considerably famous darlings in Paris and by their powers combined, it would most definitely get a spot on the front page of a tabloid.

  • “Breaking News: Ladybug and Fashion Model Adrien Agreste? See page 8 to read more!” (thanks to @panda013 for coining this tabloid cover title 😂)
  • Since Ladybug and Adrien obviously like each other and aren’t really seeing anyone anyways, they decide to play along with it
    • even though they’re really shy around each other
  • Alya would approach Marinette immediately the next day and ask if she’s doing okay because didn’t she read it on the news? Her crush is dating Ladybug!
    • Marinette being like, “What am I mad about? OH, RIGHT, YES. I AM VERY JEALOUS OF LADYBUG, GOD, I HATE HER.”
    • (Chloe feeling conflicted about Ladybug)
  • Ladybug and Adrien start out at first pretending to go on fancy dates where they purposely sit in places where they will be photographed, feeding the paparazzi, journalists, and magazine editors shots of them looking hella good
    • Adrien would get more publicity~
    • Alya tries to spy on them because she thinks she’s being a great wingwoman and because she’s a budding journalist herself
  • Soon enough, Ladrien start spending more and more time together and after the initial shyness wears off, Marinette is able to get to know Adrien from a different angle than her civilian self
  • They eventually reach a point where they’re not sure what to call this weird relationship they have because they feel weird that it all started out as a fake dating situation
  • But since they actually like each other, they both want more but are too afraid to say it
  • Adrien is the first to bring it up. He asks Ladybug where they stand and whether she would consider dating him for real because he’s such an oblivious cinnamon roll and still isn’t sure whether she actually likes him or not
  • Ladybug, however, isn’t sure what to say. She feels it is unfair that he doesn’t know who she is
  • Adrien then says his classic line, “I don’t care who’s under that mask, I love that girl.” (queue, my death)
  • Marinette is incredibly flattered, but still wants to hold off
    • but it doesn’t mean they don’t end up having secret makeout sessions from time to time
    • sometimes the kisses end sweetly, but other times, in the dim moonlight, when they makeout and it goes just a bit too far, it ends with angst because she still can’t reveal herself
  • Also, the Ladynoir interaction would be hilarious. Ladybug is confused about why Chat Noir is so cheerful since it’s broadcasted all over Paris that she’s dating Adrien
    • (maybe some internal conflict where Ladybug starts feeling worried about how maybe Chat Noir’s moved on from her and she surprises herself by feeling a bit more sad about it than she expected)
  • The Adrienette interaction could go several ways. Marinette would either be more at ease around Adrien, or even more embarrassed around him
    • But also, Marinette feeling that no-reveal angst because she can’t tell Adrien who she is
  • Since Ladrien spend more time together, there’d be more scenes of an Akuma attack happening while they’re together
  • Ladybug always tries to save Adrien, and Adrien always has to sneak off to transform
  • “Chat, why are you always late these days???”
  • But mostly, the #ladrien

(Thanks to @mlfanfiction fam. I always had this tabloid idea but they are always the ones who help take ideas further! ❤️)

Paladins forget about 'earth things'

Hunk, upon returning to earth and fixing a car or what not: *drops wrench to side and picks up screwdriver, reaches behind him for wrench* hey, where’d it go- oh gravityyyyyy.

Shiro, going to a dollar store: uhhh do you take, uhhhh, *pulling out alien money and a couple earth coins that only cover a third of his charge* actually, you know what, do you have a veteran’s discount?

Pidge, lying on her bed: *drops phone to reach for her drink and is startled when it lands on her face*

Lance: *tosses anything and everything on the floor and is surprised when no holes open up to take it like in the castle*

Keith, walking around the street with his bayard in full display: what do you mean I can’t have this out here- a permit? Of course not i don’t need a permit, I’m a paladin- hey!

YOI - Barcelona

I know this has been done before, but I wanted to do it too. So here’s my pilgrimage to Barcelona. The trip was not without its hiccups, as you will see, but for the most part, I think I covered the hot spots: 

1. The hotel. By now, I think we all know which hotel they stayed at. Let’s start at the top. The pool had nice views at night, but was very cold.❄️☃️ I can only imagine what it was like in December. What were Viktor and Chris thinking???

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All I Wanted; C.H. 30

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10**, part 11*, part 12*, part 13, part 14, part 15**, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25, part 26, part 27**, part 28, part 29

Hello lovely people,

This is the last part of All I Wanted. I had a blast writing this and I want to thank you all for the kind words regarding this story (or any other of course). It’s been a fun way for me to make fun of my disastrous love life and I’m glad you’ve accepted me with such open arms.

Enjoy the last part,

Lots of love, 
L. xox

“I’ll see you later love.” I smile into the receiver as I bid Calum goodbye. Calum didn’t want to end things, but that didn’t mean that Meredith had let things go. Two, almost three weeks had passed and I hadn’t heard from my best friend since. I would feel betrayed too, but I would appreciate it if she could at least try to be happy for me. She said so herself – Calum had changed since we started hooking up, and it had only gotten better now that I was his girl.

“Of course, babe. I’ll phone you later.” Calum answers before I hear the click and the annoying tune, indicating our telephone conversation had ended. I slide my phone back into my pocket as I let my gaze wander back to the make-up articles in front of me. I had decided to treat myself with a little shopping spree and my first stop was new eyeshadow and lipstick.


I freeze in my spot when I hear her voice, clutching the eyeshadow I had taken off of the rack in my fist. I slowly turn my head and raise my eyebrows when I see a nervous Meredith staring at me with the tiniest of smiles of her lips. “Uh, hi?”

“Hi. Uh – it’s been a while.” She mumbles and I refrain myself just in time from scoffing as I avert my gaze from hers. It hadn’t been my choice to let it ‘have been a while’. I wouldn’t go all out and say I wasn’t in the wrong because I clearly was, and I was aware of that, but Meredith not answering any of my calls or texts was a ball that was in her court.

“Yeah, I guess.” I mutter back, dropping the eyeshadow back in its original place while I focus on another part of the aisle, hoping to get away soon before we’d starting fighting again.

“Do you – uh, do you have time for a chat?” I turn completely, my whole body facing hers as I watch her rather tentative posture. Normally Meredith was filled with confidence – a bit too much if you asked me, it leaned more towards arrogance sometimes – but now she was a trembling mess. I guess it had done her worse than it had done me. On the other hand, I had Calum supporting me whenever I had a mental breakdown about this friendship.

“Now?” I am kind of perplexed to run into her here – although the city wasn’t that large, you never ran across someone around here. And I know Meredith had purposely been avoiding me these past days. I cross my arms across my chest, still not quite sure what she desires of me – and right now I wish I could call Calum and ask for his advice.

“Okay look, I’m sorry Y/n. I overreacted I know that and if you decide to not be friend anymore that’s fine by me, seems a bit impossible though with all the –“ I scrape my throat to stop her rambling. She takes a few seconds to recollect herself before she speaks again. “Let’s talk this out, please? Over a cup of coffee?”

“Okay, fine.” The nerves have slowly dissipated knowing that she isn’t here to yell furiously at me some more, but rather to talk it out among friends. That doesn’t mean all of the nerves are gone yet though, seeing as how this could easily turn out into a complete disaster – something that had happened multiple times in our friendship over the years.


I had laid my cards out on the table, telling her everything that had happened in the past three months, skipping on some of the passionate details but emphasizing how I felt about Calum from the start. I wanted her to know that this wouldn’t be some fling that would tear our friendship apart. If Calum and I ever decided to part ways, I wasn’t planning on staying away from the Hood residence all together. Meredith was still my best friend and I wasn’t planning on changing that anytime soon.

“So… It was you Calum asked me advice about?” Meredith questions for the second time since our first cup of coffee and this conversation started. It had gotten a lot better than I expected and I weren’t one to complain.

“I guess so, that I don’t know. If it were anyone else he wouldn’t have gotten a second chance, let alone a third one.” I laugh wickedly, finishing off with an awkward ‘ah’ at the end as our conversation falls back to silence. “Well, if we’re being honest with one another…” Meredith starts off and I feel my eyes widening as I bite my bottom lip.

“I think if Luke and I didn’t talk, I wouldn’t have spoken to you ever again.” Meredith starts stirring her cup absentmindedly as she tries to avoid my gaze. “Luke caught us, I didn’t plan on him knowing.” I start defending myself, but Meredith shuts me up with a sigh.

“I know. He told me. He also told me you both seemed smitten about each other and I would be a bad friend and a bad sister if I at least didn’t support two of such important people in my life.” I smile when I realize it’s the first time she has voiced her approval of me dating Calum.

“I’m glad you’re not pissed at me anymore. I really need my best friend to gossip with.” I laugh as I grasp Meredith’s hand and give it a firm squeeze. “I missed you too.”

“Are you seeing Calum today?” Meredith asks as she waves at the waiter for our check. I still feel kind of awkward answering any question about her brother but she really seems like she wants to keep being my best friend, so I have to be honest with her like I was before.

“Yeah, I was supposed to meet him later.” I push a few coins towards Meredith to cover my drinks and get up to put on my coat. “Oh, we should hang out later, I’ll ask Michael too.” I am reluctant to agree, but if I want to keep these charades up there is nothing else I can say besides “Oh, okay. That sounds great.” My smile is not genuine and I think she notices, but her smile is even more forced that I imagine mine displays. “I’ll see you later then.” I press my lips against her cheek and walk out of the bar.


“What a surprise to see you here so soon.” Calum grins at me, clad in only his boxer shorts as he leans down to greet me with a kiss. The kiss is shortened as I pull away and push past Calum to be indoors. “I ran into Meredith right after I spoke to you. We talked.”

“Oh?” Calum smiles as he closes the door and lets his arm snake around my waist. “You don’t seem surprised.” I state, absentmindedly dragging my fingers along Calum’s exposed arm, pressing my back against his solid chest. “Not really, no.”

I hum, turning around in his arms as he starts kissing my neck again. “Calum…”

“I saw her in the morning. We talked things through. It would be a nick of time before she spoke to you too.” Calum hums contently as he pushes me backwards, towards the stairs, while I struggle against him. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because I wanted to talk to you about this personally, not over the phone. Now…” Calum grins as he presses his lips against mine feverishly, my eyelids immediately fluttering closed. I enjoy the moment, Calum’s hand roaming along my back before they rest on my bum, which they give a firm squeeze.

“Calum?” Our make-out stops when we hear Meredith’s voice from the kitchen. We part ways and step aside when the kitchen door opens and reveals Meredith, Michael behind her.

“Oh hey. Didn’t know you would be here.” Meredith smiles awkwardly, a grin we reciprocate. It’s quiet for just the longest second and I breathe a sigh of relief as Michael speaks up.
“Hey, wanna hangout? I brought my guitar.” He motions to the large pack on his back and I know it’s more towards Calum but I’m thankful he decides to break the tension. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had no clue what was going on and how badly he had helped us out just now.

“Yeah, of course, I’ll get some pants on.” Calum grins at me before he jogs up the stairs and leaves me there to awkwardly smile at Meredith as Michael disappears from sight. Meredith turns around and motions for me to follow her and I do so without a word.

“Want anything?” She motions to the fridge and I shrug my shoulders, indicating I didn’t mind whatever she gave me. I’m handed a beer and follow her outside, Michael already soaking up the cool spring sun.

Calum joins us soon after and takes a seat beside me. He doubted at first, clearly contemplating if it were okay to sit beside me with his sister around. He settles for his hand on my knee, a completely ignorant gesture but something so huge to where we came from.

It’s awkward, and even that’s an understatement, but I have absolutely nothing to talk about. The last few weeks had been revolving around the guy beside me, and I wasn’t going to tell my dirty little secret to Meredith – in hopes of reconciling, of course – with the male of said stories right beside me.

“I’ve invited Luke as well; hope you don’t mind.” Michael states absentmindedly, tweaking the strings of is guitar. My eyes are glued to the neck of the musical instrument but inside I’m grinning brightly. I could talk to Luke, my new found friend, and this awkwardness would all go away.

It were a few quiet, very quiet six minutes. As I hear the fence click, indicating Luke’s arrival, I almost want to fly out of my seat and go greet him up front – almost.
Calum’s hand on my knee is the only thing stopping me right now. It would look quite weird if I were so giddy to meet my boyfriend – it still tastes sweet on my tongue – his best mate.

“Hi guys, what’s up!” Luke yells as he appears in sight, stopping in his tracks as he feels the tension. The air is thick and I won’t deny it. I really want this to work though so I hope Luke plans on being my glue.

“Why are you looking like that Luke? I know.” Meredith smiles coyly as she gazes from Calum’s outstretched arm to Luke’s I-am-trying-to-be-stoic-features. I jump as I hear her voice and hold in my breath as Luke gazes from me to Meredith and back to me before his mouth opens.

“I know that you know. You thought this hiding shit from everyone was bad for you? How do you think it was for me? I am such a blabber mouth; my cat knows everything!” Luke stammers hysterically, pointing at Calum and I, drawing laughs out of all of our mouths.

Thank you for being my glue. I mentally thank Luke, smiling brightly at him as he winks at me. “Glad it worked out for you, little one,” Luke ruffles my hair and drops down beside me, “Although I am disappointed in you two. You could show some more love, I know you have it in you!”

You would think Luke would make things awkward again, but Meredith grins brightly – genuinely, not forced this time – as Calum gazes from her to me. Calum leans over to press his lips against my cheek and Luke ‘ooh’s like a little girl, clapping his hands like a retarded seal.

“I am so happy we’re done from keeping shit from our friends.” Luke sighs as he takes a swig from my beer, a loud scoff passing my lips as he does so. He is right. I’m elated as well.

“You’re right.” Meredith grins and lifts her glass, ushering us to toast. I look around and see Luke smugly grin as he holds my beer up to the middle of the table, a pout present on my lips. “Well I don’t have a drink to toast with, not anymore at least.”

Calum’s arm winds around my waist and easily slides me from my seat at the table onto his lap, pushing his beer into my hands as his hands rest on my waist. “Use mine.”
“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; friendship.” Luke grins, probably amazingly proud that he came up with such a sophisticated quote.

“Isn’t that love instead of friendship?” Meredith grins as she raises an eyebrow at a non-suspecting Luke who starts chuckling loudly after. “Laughter is the shortest distance between people.”  

I slap his shoulder lightly as I shake my head, “Stop it!”, rolling my eyes before I let them scan over my friends. He had a point there, though. Laughter brings people together and maybe without knowing, maybe not, Luke had glued one of the first little pieces of this back together. A nice set of friends, a loving boyfriend and my best friend back at my side. I guess I got all I wanted.

Saw a post about people putting their cards in their mouth. I one time had a guy who wanted to buy a newspaper and a candy bar. I guess he thought he couldn’t carry that much stuff. He placed it down and I scanned them. He had a hand go to his pocket for what I assumed for change, so I put my hand out so that it wouldn’t end up on the counter.

He spat coins from his mouth into my hand.

He immediately left without his receipt. (It was the exact change to be fair). However, I just froze. My brain stopped processing thoughts as I held slimy, saliva covered coins in my hand. He did not hold them between his lips. He had them full on in his mouth. First, why would you think that its acceptable to spit into a strangers hand?? And second, money is gross!! Its been everywhere with who knows who, don’t put it in your mouth!!
I stood there not believing this happened and I tried my hardest to convince myself that it didn’t until I had a huge glob of sanitizer in that hand. Sanitized the fuck out of every coin and then sanitized my hands until they were red. I haven’t ever seen him again.

Magickal Uses for Vanilla

Planetary Association: Venus
Gender: Feminine
Element: Water

Magickal Uses:  

Calming, Consoling, soothing, vitalizes energy, promotes a happy and healthy environment, attracts good fortune, enhances mental stimulation, used in spells to enhance physical energy.
A vanilla bean can also be carried to increase energy & strengthen mental abilities.  A vanilla bean placed in a bowl of sugar will infuse it with loving vibrations; the sugar can be used to sweeten love infusions.  The bean is used in a love charms, the oil is worn as an aphrodisiac.  In love, it acts on a more physical level - lowering the guard, lulling the senses and subtly seducing.  Vanilla incense is burned for love, lust, healing, luck and mental powers.

Oak Moon Ritual Mist

Use this mist for personal empowerment.
You will need half a cup of water, a misting bottle, one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, five drops of chamomile (German ) essential oil, and five drops of lavender essential oil.
After dark, make this mist. Put the water in the bottle and add the vanilla extract to the essential oils. Cap the bottle and shake it. As you shake it, chant:

Oak Moon Ritual Mist
Empower me, blessed be!

Hold the bottle between your hands, and empower the magic mist by saying:

Oak Moon Ritual Mist
Empower me, blessed be!

Now, spray the mist upward above your head, close your eyes, and breathe in the fragrant mist. Each time you spray the mist, say:

Oak Moon Ritual Mist
Empower me, blessed be!

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Spring cleaning spell jar for wealth (I know, silly magical me.)

So what you’ll need: A goblet, about $1.50 worth of pennies (Preferably found), a paint pen, a medium sized candle, essential oils (your own preference), and a bottle of butane

1: Take every penny you find during whatever spring cleaning you do or go grab a few rolls of pennies.  (I used about a dollar and fifty’s worth, but I’m not entirely sure.)  and place them in a chalice or goblet you don’t mind losing.

2: Draw your preferred wealth sigil on the glass with whatever means available.

3: Use water (Blessed or not) and a few drops of your preferred essential oils to fill and cover the coin.

4: Make a notch in a candle so that it burns rapidly and the melting wax sloughs off to cover the water. (I used white, but use whatever color applies, I don’t think the intent of the spell cares.)

5: When the candle has completely melted down and extinguished itself, vent a fuel such as butane or propane over it, until there is a layer of boiling fuel at the bottom and the wax is solidified by the fuel’s cryogenic effect.

6: Chant at any or all stages:

By Earth I draw you,
Bring unto my home.
By Water I will you,

The wealth we may need.
By Fire I bind you,
Not a penny less.
By Air I seal you
My will be done. (Or your preferred chant ending)

That’s it.  What you do with it afterwards is on you, but I wouldn’t recommend reusing the chalice, as it’s really difficult to clean paraffin spatter out of glass.

Five Times Chloe Sabotaged Marinette’s Dates and One Time She Didn’t

So, @simplyagreste mentioned me in this post-breakup prompts list, and I fell in love with a couple. In particular, the prompt “are you?? sabotaging?? my dates?!?!?” seemed perfect for Chlonette, so have this masterpiece that was definitely not supposed to turn out to be 100 words shy of 4k.

Marinette knew she should have tried to steer the conversation in a different direction. As soon as the topic of past relationships came up, she should have done something: talk about the weather, pretend she received a call, even dump her drink on her lap just to get out of the inevitable question.

“So, what about you? How was your last relationship?”

“It was…” Marinette searched for a word as her date began to look increasingly concerned. “Well, let’s just say it was an experience I’m glad is behind me.”

“Funny, you seemed to enjoy it at the time.”

Marinette turned to look in the direction of that irritatingly familiar voice. She should have known even thinking of Chloe would catch her attention and draw her in like a beacon tailor-made for blonde narcissists.

Chloe smirked from the table behind her. “Hey, lovebug.”

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Horoscope AU Drabble

a/n: finally got to write something down after being away (impromptu vacation to boston) uh, because there should be magical, horoscope fluff for everyone. And also amazing au/art inspired me ;o;
Summary: Burrdosia horoscope fluff.
tags/dedications: ALL CREDIT // INSPIRATION by the awesome art and au by @drawinggheys and @avenoire probably one of the more lighthearted things I got to think up. ^^
w/c: 1843
Warning: none, other than sugary fluff.

“She’s beautiful…” Burr muttered. From behind a large tree, Burr tilted his wide brimmed hat upward, pushing the sheer veil aside as he watched an angel sit by a pool of water. She dipped her feet into the water and went on with her business of plucking petals off a flower, dropping the petals on to the surface of the pool. Aaron didn’t have the heart or the nerve to go over and speak with Theodosia. He was sure he was well aware of what a nervous wreck of a man he was. If all he could do was watch, his heart drumming in his ribs.

There was a small breeze from behind him that tickled the back of his neck and a voice that purred lowly. “Oh yeah, she is pretty.”

“FAA!!” Burr nearly jumped out of his skin, his hat fell off him and rolled along it’s side like a coin. He covered his mouth with one hand then, covered Alexander’s with another. He watched from the corner of his eye as his hat rolled away towards the pool and fell into the water. “Shit…” He hissed watching as Theodosia eyed the hat, watching it bob and float along the water.

A dark shadow started to rise up from the depths of the pool and popped up right under the hat. “What a drab little thing.” Angelica pulled the hat off her head and looked it over a few times. “Doesn’t this belong to…”

“Aaron” Theodosia mused, she wasn’t surprised. “He’s hiding in the trees with Alexander.” She giggled softly, keeping her voice low so only Angelica could hear.

The siren turned up her nose and looked around, trying to spot the peeping toms from the trees…She couldn’t immediately tell where they were but frowned disapprovingly. “Watching like some creep, ugh that disgusts me.” She tossed the hat back to the pond’s edge, slowly Angelica swam up to the shore and pulled herself up. Half of her body covered in beautiful, iridescent scales, they were almost holographic, catching the light and reflecting nearly every color in the rainbow. “Hiding like that, cowards.” She still sounded cross, her hands slowly ringing out the water out of her curls.

The Cancer giggled again, pulled her hand to her warming face. “…I think he just a little shy” it was funny for her to assume, she knew Aaron was just shy. She had foreseen his various attempts to come out and speak, and the inevitable chickening out immediately afterward. “It’s cute…”

“If you say so. You know his intentions better than I do…” Though the way she said it sounded like she was doubtful. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you actually like him” Angelica wasn’t an oracle but Theodosia was now holding Burr’s hat, gently running her fingers over the rim. Angelica didn’t say a word, Theodosia knew what she would say anyway. Instead the girl decided to get even.

She didn’t utter a word of what she knew what would happen next.

“Aaron come on, you’ll never get anywhere with her unless you stop waiting around behind this tree and do something. Say hello” Alexander nudged him a bit. With a glare, Burr suddenly vanished and moved aside, Alexander nudged the air and nearly tripped over himself. “Real mature Burr.” He eyed the ladies sitting by the pond. An idea popped into his head, he’d show Aaron how easy it was to speak to the ladies. After all, Alexander had no problems in that department. He scurried up the tree and positioned himself.

Slowly Theodosia pulled her feet from the water and stood up, Angelica had finally finished ringing out most of the water from her hair was now bathing in sunlight.

From the branch Alexander lightened the density of his body, and so when he jumped off from the branch his body soared in the air casting a shadow over the pond. Before Angelica could react, Alexander suddenly made himself a lot heavier and cannonballed himself into the pond. The splash effect was massive, large waves rolled over the shore and showered anyone within two feet of the pond. “Ladies” Alexander purred after his head broke surface. His legs now a fully formed fin propelling him towards them.

While Theodosia had used Aaron’s hat to shield her from most of the water from where she stood. Her lack of warning left Angelica in range to be drenched. Her face, glowering at Hamilton as he drew near. “Alexander…” She growled, her hair was damp again and hung over her face like a curtain. She parted the drenched curls and frowned at him. “What are you doing here?”

“What? Do I need a reason to spend time with my favorite girl.” He smiled, a voice from bushes broke Alexander’s smile with fact.

“That’s a lie, Angelica isn’t your favorite girl.” Peggy beamed, “and you do have a reason.” She giggled, flanked by a horned woman who was giving Hamilton the coldest stare imaginable.

Maria didn’t say a word, she took a hard stance and slowly twisted her twist. A rock spire formed under Alexander and rose up. Before he could be impaled Alexander swam aside and huffed having seen his life nearly flash before his eyes. “What was that for?” He pushed himself up onto the shore and assessed the damage, nothing but a minor scrape on his forearm.

“For being a liar.” Taurus took a spot beside Angelica and began to ring out her hair for her.

“He’s hurt.” Theodosia frowned a tad concerned. No one needed Theodosia’s ability to know it wasn’t anything serious but she was not one to condone violence. “You should be nicer to him…he was only trying to help his friend.” Theodosia smiled softly, seeing Alexander’s intentions to build some confidence into Burr. Instinctively she turned her head staring right where Burr had been watching, while still invisible to most, and gave him a soft smile.

“That’s right, I was assisting Burr by showing him talking to women is nothing to be worried about. I do it just fine.” He beamed, earning nothing but eye rolls from three of the four girls present. He wasn’t doing a good job, Hamilton was right about to call it quits when a familiar face made her way over to to them.

“I’ve been looking for you two everywhere.” Eliza pouted, picking a few twigs from her bun.

“Eliza! If it isn’t the most beautiful girl in the place.” Alexander purred, eyes were on Peggy who gave a solid nod. Alexander dreamily smiled at her, resting his chin on his hand.

“Alexander, you’re hurt…” Eliza knelt down and gently took his arm in her hands. She pulled him a bit closer and gently snapped her fingers, a small blue flame appearing right above her finger times. At first, Hamilton’s face was pale with worry, it was a natural reaction to not want to be close to flames… The moment her flame touched his skin it was warm and soothing, not at all painful. Slowly the raw skin started to knit together and heal itself like new.

Angelica rolled her eyes, “Hardly, it’s barely a cut.” Her eyes fluttered close as Maria’s strong hands drained the water from her curls completely leaving them bouncy and semi-dried.

“I was fine Eliza, I barely even felt it.” He smiled, rubbing the smooth skin. It was like he never had a scape to begin with. “Thank you.”

“Honestly, Eliza you spoil him.”

“You two should be nicer to him.”

The girls began to bicker back and forth over their characterization of Hamilton. All the while Alexander bathed in the attention, good or bad, in some way he was being fought over by girls.

From the safety of the trees Burr watched as Alexander stole the show once again. Chaos following after, though… Alexander had a point. Whether it was good or bad, he was at least noticed. Slowly he started to walk away finding it pointless. At least he was invisible and escaping  with his head hung low wasn’t going to be a problem.

So he thought.

Aaron walked right into Theodosia who was standing there with his hand stretched out. Even while he was invisible she near relatively where he was. “Sorry…your hat is wet.” She spoke looking around knowing Burr was nearby. She couldn’t pinpoint exactly where but she knew he was around. “I know you’ve been meaning to talk to me…I have to say each attempt you’ve had would have been a good one.” She admit it slowly turning the hat in her hand. After a long pause she looked down, biting her lip a little. “You know…it’s kind of embarrassing for me to speak without knowing you’re here or not…”

Slowly Burr made himself visible again and gulped. “T-Thanks…for uh…bringing me by hat.” He held out his hands for it. Gently she placed the hat in his hands and he immediately plopped it on his head. The veil covered his face and more or less covered his nervous, twitchy expression. All of the times he thought of what to say to her and now he was here he couldn’t remember a damn one. He wanted to vanish again, disappear, run away, heck he’d like Maria impale him with a stoney spike if it meant leaving this anxious feeling behind.

“Would you like to take a walk with me, Aaron?” Theodosia offered. Burr snapped his head up, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Really?” Burr slowly pulled the veil back, making sure Theodosia was absolutely serious. “But…what about–”

Theodosia turned her head to the direction of the pond, the voices still overlapping each other. It was hard to tell if they were still bickering or if they had waned into actual conversation. “…the pond is rather crowded and … I think I’ve had my full of the chatter…”

Slowly Burr’s lips twitched into a smile, he held out his arm to Theodosia and slowly she wrapped her arms around him. They walked slow, silent, sharing only soft smiles and skittish glances for the time being.

After most of the chatter had died down. Alexander and Angelica no longer at odds enjoyed each other’s company in the water. Maria and Peggy basked in what remained of the sunlight beside Eliza who was watching over them all. After a moment Eliza realized they were one short and glanced around, “Where did Theodosia go?”

Alexander immediately looked around and frowned. “She left? Damn…guess Aaron missed his shot again.” He shook his head. “Poor guy is never going to get it in with Theo…” He shrugged floating on the top of the water. “You know I almost feel sorry for him.”

By the time the sun had set, and everyone had agreed it was more than enough time had been spent swimming. Most would be surprised to find Theodosia sitting ‘alone’ watching the sun set and the night fall. Her head leaned up against the air supported by a sweet and nervous unseen force.


Bottle Spell: Employment

SOURCE: Allura’s Grimoire


Glass Bottle/Jar
Yellow Candle(s)
Bergamot Incense
7 Small Tiger’s Eye Pieces
Sun Water
Copper/Brass Coin
Photograph Of Yourself
+ Any other symbols of success you wish to include


If possible, plan to perform this spell on the night of a Waxing Crescent Moon.

Prepare a space to perform this spell. Set up the altar you have fashioned with the yellow candle(s) and bergamot incense, any stones associated with success (extra Tiger’s Eye is ideal), a small bowl filled with the Sun Water, and anything else you wish to include (such as coins, business cards, or anything representational of the kind of job you are seeking).

Take the photograph of yourself and cut out the silhouette along the closest outline.  Ideally, the picture should be a recent, clear portrait, to the waist. Place it in the bottle so that it looks out, like a label.

Pass each of the seven Tiger’s Eye pieces through the fire of the candle flame.

Elements of fire, please bless my request.

Pass each of the seven Tiger’s Eye pieces through the smoke emanating from the incense.

Elements of air, please bless my request.

Pass each of the seven Tiger’s Eye pieces through the Sun Water.

Elements of water, please bless my request.

Hold the Tiger’s Eye pieces in your fist, and visualize all the elements aligning to realize your request. Drop the pieces, one by one, into the bottle.

Elements of earth, please bless my request.

Say a sincere prayer to whatever or whoever you wish, stating your request and asking for whatever assistance you need – a fortunate job opening, charisma for an interview, an aura of success, a stroke of luck. If you have recently found a “lucky” coin, drop it in while you say your prayer for an extra bit of financial luck.

Lastly, add the ashes of the bergamot incense to the bottle – the more ashes you have accumulated, the better.

Seal the top with yellow wax. Affix a single copper or brass coin to the top of the lid/stopper with a few drops of wax, and then cover the coin over with another layer of wax. Carve a Tir rune into the wax covering the coin.

As you seal the bottle, recite the following incantation, over and over:

May new opportunities come my way
May I find a new job by _____ Day
Earth, Wind, Fire, and Sea,
This is my will, so mote it be!

Whenever you remember, repeat the incantation in your mind, visualizing the outcome you desire. Imagine many events aligning in your favour, resulting in employment and success.


Each element of the spell has a particular power. Yellow candles correspond with prosperity, increasing opportunities, and removing negative thinking. Bergamot is known for bringing about prosperity and success – adding a few drops of the essential oil to your wallet attracts money. It is also known to increase confidence, motivation, concentration, and assertiveness. Tiger’s Eye promotes wealth, success, and protection. Tir is the rune of victory; useful whenever competition is a factor.

I recommend performing this spell on the Waxing Crescent Moon because that particular moon phase is conducive to constructive magic and the attraction of wealth, success, and luck.

This spell can be performed for others as well; the spellcaster need only alter the phrasing, visualization, and photograph accordingly.

I wrote and performed this spell for my dad towards the end of 2015. It worked to the letter in that I specified “by New Year’s Day”, and he received the call on the 31st of December, 2015. I gave the spell a breadth of just over two months to manifest, although I am reasonably confident that a shorter time could be managed provided you put in the extra energy and are realistic. When specifying the “due date”, I used New Year’s Day because it was suitable and had the significance of new beginnings. It would be ideal if you were able to specify a significant “named” day of some kind (e.g. Valentine’s Day), but you can also use the specific names of the individual full moons of the year (listed below).

January: Wolf Moon Day
February: Snow Moon Day
March: Worm Moon Day
April: Pink Moon Day
May: Flower Moon Day
June: Strawberry Moon Day
July: Thunder Moon Day
August: Sturgeon Moon Day
September: Harvest Moon Day
October: Hunter’s Moon Day
November: Beaver Moon Day
December: Cold Moon Day

  • Standing at the edge of the very tall city wall
  • Miguel: *sees barrels full of water below* I'll bet we can make that.
  • Tulio: Two pesetas says we can't.
  • Miguel: You're on! *jumps from the fall followed by Tulio*
  • Miguel: *After he and Tulio have safely landed in the barrels* You lose.
  • Tulio: *tosses two coins at Miguel*
  • *they cover their barrels to hide more and are lifted into the air by a crane.*
  • Miguel: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What's happening here?
  • Tulio: We're both in barrels that's the extent of my knowledge.

“The veil still prevails among Bedouin women, who sew coins onto their face coverings as a sign of wealth. Sinai’s proud Bedouin were among the first converts to raise the burning brand of Islam during seventh-century Muslim conquests.”

National Geographic, April 1982

Photo: David Doubilet / Kevin Fleming

Passing Closely

A/N: Another example of @nerdyeverafter needing me to “do the thing.” She wanted to know what happened after they left the tavern in 3x21 to before they got to the Jolly. But what happens when she says something and it yields familiar results?

All italicized dialogue comes straight from “Snow Drifts.” 

           “Speaking of ships, what do you say we leave this place and I’ll…show you mine.”

           Emma may not have known this version of the captain, but that didn’t mean she didn’t know his intentions. Killian had warned her before she decided to go along with this charade about how he was during this particular time in his life, but Killian kept underestimating her ability to take care of herself. That was especially the case when it came to men like this Captain Hook.

           As he made his way to stand up, Emma’s hand pressed down on his leather-clad thigh, easing him back down to his seat. “Wait…how about we have a few drinks first?” Emma offered the captain another tiny finger goblet of rum, and he tossed it back like it was water. She simply stared at him, thinking this was going to be just too easy.

           The more shots of rum he imbibed, the more inebriated he became. Emma was definitely going to give Killian shit for his self-proclaimed tolerance for alcohol. She thought it was going to be take much more than he had currently consumed to get him as drunk as she wanted him. The drunker he was, the easier it was for her to pretend to drink, simply tossing the alcohol from them goblet over her shoulder as he drank.

           “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to get me drunk, which is usually my tactic,” he slurred.

           “What’s the matter, Captain? Can’t hold your rum?” she teased.

           Grasping the almost empty bottle of his liquor of choice, Hook said, “Not only can I hold it, but I can carry it right out the door.”  He moved his body across the table, his face mere inches from her; she could practically taste the alcohol on his breath. His thinly veiled innuendo still intact, he asked her, “What do you say we set sail?

           Emma hoped she stalled Killian as long as she could in order for him to have his impromptu meeting with Snow, because she felt that her time was up. “Come back with me for a nightcap…or shall I find someone else?” he asked. She knew she shouldn’t—that she should stay here as long as possible—but even in this state, she had to admit that she found Hook extremely sexy. It was becoming quite apparent that Killian was her type as well…in all forms.

           He stood there waiting for her answer, swaying slightly and raising that offending eyebrow, as if he was challenging her to say “no.” If there was one thing Emma Swan never did, it was back down from a challenge. Even if this particular challenge happened to be wearing tight leather pants.

           She looked right into his stormy blue eyes, smiled her best coquettish smile, and said, “Lead the way, Captain.”

The corners of his mouth turned up into a devilish grin as he held out his hook for her to grab so that she could get out of her seat easier. Killian did say he was always a gentleman, even when tossing around double entendres. Hook took her left arm and cradled in his right elbow as he maneuvered their bodies around push out chairs and passed out bodies on the floor of the tavern. A bunch of his crew members were still gathered together playing dice and flirting with the barmaids.

           He stopped their progress, turning over to them and shouted, “Oi, you mangy dogs! I’m having myself a night cap, and you know what that mean, don’t you?” He turned to face the stunning blonde lass, and he swore he could get lost in the green of her eyes for the rest of his life. He had no idea why he felt that way; he hadn’t truly looked at a woman since Milah, but this total stranger had him enthralled.  He also loved the slight rosy blush that appeared across her cheeks. He loved knowing that he was the one causing her to react in such a way.

           His crew nodded and smiled, cat-calling and whistling at their captain and his companion. “Enjoy the evening, lads! Next round’s on me,” he exclaimed, tossing the nearest bar wench enough gold coins to cover the next round of drinks. The delighted cheers of his crew faded into the distance as he and the beautiful siren on his arm made their way out of the tavern and into the night. Even in his drunken state, the salty sea air always put him in a delightful mood. Coupled with his current company, nothing could get him down.

           “So where are you from, lass?” His speech was definitely still slurred, but he was too drunk to care.

           “Far, far…far away,” Emma joked.

           “So I don’t get your name, and you won’t tell me where you are from. Why all the secrecy, love?”

           She laughed, and he swore in that moment, he could listen to her laugh for rest of his life. “If I told you, then I would be worried that after tonight, you would want to find me again.”

           “What’s the matter? You aren’t some long-lost princess, are you?”

           If only he knew how right he was, she thought. “If I was, I definitely wouldn’t tell you”

           “You are quite the mystery, lass.” Killian tugged her arm enough to turn her body around to face him. Once again, they were face to face, the tips of their noses almost touching, and his chest hair was tickling the exposed flesh of her decolletage. He lowered his voice to raspy whisper. “And you, my dear, are just aching to be solved.”

The emphasis on that particular word suddenly had her aching somewhere else. Licking her lips then biting the moistened flesh, she answered back, “Please, you couldn’t handle it,” Emma said, lightly tugging on the collar of his leather duster. It felt like deja vu, her saying those words to him when he was in such close proximity to her. She didn’t know what possessed her to say them again, but as she thought back to their kiss in Neverland, and how she egged him on: she wanted to see if he would respond similarly. Even though this Hook had no idea what occurred—because for him it hadn’t happened yet—she still couldn’t help herself.

Hook looked at her once again, his gaze piercing right through her as he said, “Perhaps you’re the one who couldn’t handle it.” He even popped the “t” as he finished. Emma was too shocked by the fact that he actually said the phrase, and in the exact same way as he did in Neverland, to prevent Hook from kissing her. It was hard, fast, and ull of fire. Emma even had to grab ahold of his collar to steady herself from the passion behind this kiss. When they finally separated, both had to take a moment to catch their collective breaths, steadying their foreheads against one anothers. The fact that he shared the exact same kiss with the same man in two different eras wasn’t lost on her.

“That was…” Hook whispered, barely audible over the sounds of people on the street telling them to get a room.

Emma knew what she said next during their encounter in Neverland, but she could not repeat that. Not to this Hook. And if it would have been Killian with her at that moment, she would have said this as well. “Only the beginning. Now, Captain, I believe you have a ship to show me?”

The cool swagger of the captain facade in place, he answered, “Aye, lass. She’s right this way. Biggest ship in all the realms.”

“You positive I wouldn’t have seen bigger?”

He tossed his head back and laughed. “Doubtful, love. And no ship is made of sturdier wood, either,” he winked.

“Then let’s see how she performs.”

(Later, after their antics in the Enchanted Forest were righted, and all stories went back to normal, Killian would admit that he dreamt of a beautiful blonde asking him he he could handle it over and over again. And when Emma said it to him Neverland, he immediately knew how he was going to respond to her.)

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anonymous asked:

hi you recently reblogged a pic of a cat covered in coins? that's likely a funeral for the cat, considering all the decorations and stuff around it. im oversimplifying, but ive seen other people explain more in depth about how its a cat funeral

I can definitely see how someone would think that, but as someone who can read Japanese somewhat proficiently, I looked up the original post, and here is what it said! ( sort of a bad translation but I’m still learning so be patient!)
“A cat on an international street (in Okinawa). When it is asked by it’s owner, it will remain still like this and it resembles a statue.” and then it goes on to explain that leaving money is good luck, and it allows you to take a pic! That is most likely what the decorations are for, encouraging tourists and customers to leave money and support the owner ^^
As well, if you’ll notice that the ears and face of the cat are scrunched up a bit, and so it cannot be a dead cat since dead things have no way of scrunching up their face like that!

Hopefully this put any worries to rest!

anonymous asked:

Is it unhealthy to chew penny coins? I tend to subconsciously do it a lot as a stim but I'm worried that it's harmful. If it makes any difference, it's British coins

Yes, it is unhealthy. Coins are typically covered in a Lot of germs and bacteria. Chewing on coins can put you at risk for various diseases. Further, it’s tends to not be a good idea to chew on metal. 


Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: Sakamaki Kanato (Sub scenario w/Ayato)

Ayato: Do this like this….I see, so it’s like that…

(Ah, over there isn’t that…Ayato-kun?)

Ayato: Oh, it’s you guys. You came at the right moment! I’ll show you something good!

Yui: Something good….?

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