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Hi! you're art is absolutely stunning, and i was wondering if you have any hair colouring tips?

I can show you a little step by step of my process. I have straight hair and curly hair here as examples. Featuring my OC Kat and Vampire Academy’s Lissa (wips I had in my folder).

Gradients save my life, I use them for everything

Light on curly/coily hair falls different than on straight hair. The texture and body is vastly different, so light often collects in the centre of the body of hair (in Kats case, near her ear). 

Straight hair falls in relation to gravity, it is shaped around the head and shoulders; add lots of shine and sparkle. Voila.

(also, references help if you’re having trouble)


Apparently back in the 40’s and 50’s you had to be careful what you said out loud or you might attract the attention of some ethereal being who would then raise all sorts of havoc.

Mr. B Natural and Coilie the Spring Sprite were bad enough, but this kid says a few words and gets dragged off by a glowing lady with a sword to go visit Caligula!

I wish there was more non wash n go, coily, 4c natural hair textures being blasted all over the place with this natural hair movement. I feel like the wave with the natural hair movement is getting the “perfect” curl definition but what about us that don’t have naturally curly hair? And even when we do use these “magical” curling creams and our hair just puffs right back into its natural state of coils and no curl definition. I feel like I’m still getting the message that my 4c hair isn’t beautiful because when I look at some before and after shots that are being promoted with natural hair the before picture is either of picked out hair with no curl definition or freshly washed with no curl definition (considered the undesirable) and the after shot is of a fresh twist out or wash and go with big bouncy curls (considered the desirable look). It’s like your natural hair is only considered cute if it’s curly but if it’s coily with no curl definition then you need to do something with that it😒


I finally managed to make one of @go-shoot‘s prompts, yay.

1) I have already drawn Tala with his hair down many times, so this isn’t new. However, I always drew him with super straight hair, but I came to the realization that maybe his hair in its most natural state is wavy. Either 2a or 2b kind of wavy. I mean, why not, his mom canonically has wavy hair. And as someone who has super straight hair, I doubt his weird hairstyle of his would hold for more than 5min with straight hair, even with all the gel in the world (I’m more a fan of him using hairspray and wax instead anyway, because gel is gross, but that’s just me)… Ok, no, no one can have that hairstyle for more than 5min unless they have extremely coily hair, but that’s not the point, I’m just being passionate about Tala with wavy hair because he looks too damn cute. ARGH!

2) Inspired by this post, because why not. I wanted to add my other fav characters here (only Ray is missing, but he has normal hair color). I have to admit I’m more of a ‘I like the idea of those crazy colors being natural because if they can control spinning tops with their own will and legendary spirits with animal forms exist then why not being born with shocking bubblegum pink hair?’ kind of person, but the idea of dyed hair was interesting, lol. Not to mention that they look pretty cool like this. Except for Kai. Also blonde Bry is amazing because I like to parallel YuBo with t.A.T.u., and Yulia Volkova is actually blonde, so, ok ignore this part xD

3) I took this as an opportunity to get Bryan with an undercut out of my system… Now I can sleep in peace.

This past Saturday, I finally cut off the remainder of my relaxed ends. It’s been a long journey to get here. Two years and nine months since my last relaxer & two years and three months since I decided to stop relaxing.

I can’t say I’ll never relax again but I can say I plan to enjoy my curly, coily hair one day at a time 😊

Coily Coils 🤗 ——————
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Top wash and go for kinky coily type 4 hair

1- Naptural85

Products: Aloe vera juice (moisturizer), DIY Hair & Body Oil (sealer), and DIY flaxseed gel (styler).

2- Protective princess

Products: Tresemme Naturals Radiant Volume Silicone-Free Conditioner (moisturizer and styler) and Jane Carter Nourish & Shine (sealer).

3- LiveNaturallyLove

Products : apple cider vinegar rinse, Giovanni smooth as silk deeper moisture conditioner, oil of your choice, home made shea butter, Camille rose natural curl maker


Fidget bag! I figured I’d post this because it actually looks pretty good together?

-Fluffy soft bag
-Beaded keychain from @tothedevil
-Dyed rabbit paw
-Narwhal textured leather keychain

-Bendy blue stick thing
-Floppy tentacle pen
-Eraser/pencil sharpener that comes apart
-Oval chew
-Brick chew
-Peppermint hand sanitizer
-Chinchilla fur with peppermint oil on the leather (it’s super soft and smells amazing)
-Fuzzy bear
-Fish thing that splits in half because reasons?
-Color changing putty
-Two polished rocks (round and heart)
-Surprisingly heavy turtle figure
-Water timer thingy from Seattle
-Two coily string things that are fun to stretch out

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Your Asella is absolutely stunning! I showed her to my African American friends who often struggle with "standards of beauty" biasing against traits native to their ethnicity, such as coily hair, dark skin and thick lips, and they were really moved, happy and inspired to see that someone had made such a gorgeous doll. Thank you so much for making a beautiful doll and for sharing her with the world. :)

Anon, thank you so much for sharing this with me. Honestly, I want to frame this and put it on my wall. I’m so, so happy to hear that, you have no idea.

Just for credit it where it’s due, I didn’t make her- The artist that created her is called Asella. I collect dolls that represent the traits I find most beautiful in humanity, and I endeavour to have a diverse collection of dolls that represents all of that beauty. I commissioned her face paint  from another artist,made her wig, and style her so that is where I come in to her appearance. She is my favourite, and to me, my most beautiful doll. :) I’m really happy your friends were moved by her! <333

Bantu app connects black women with stylists specializing in kinky, curly, coily hair

It can be hard to find hairstylists who know how to properly work with kinky, curly and coily hair types, but an app created in Ottawa is hoping to make that process a little easier.

A new version of the Bantu app launched earlier this summer. It focuses on the black community, which is particularly under-served in the beauty industry, but anyone in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and France can use it.

The app — currently only available on Apple products, though an Android version is in the works — allows hairstylists to create and manage their own studio listings, and also allows customers to search for and rate those studios and stylists.

Meron Berhe joined developer and founder John Eke’s team after she heard of the first version of the app, which catered mainly to international students who were asking Eke for advice on where to get their hair done.

Experience different for women of colour

Because many stylists don’t know how to properly cut and style curly, kinky and coily hair types, women of colour and black women typically use informal networks to share information about the few stylists who specialize in those hair types.

Berhe hopes the app will help to change this.

“I don’t believe that somebody necessarily needs to look like you in order to be able to handle your hair, and it shouldn’t even be considered ‘handling’ it,” she told CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning. “The experiences are different for women of colour versus other women who can just go into places and automatically be catered to.

"I think in beauty schools, in cosmetology schools, they don’t necessarily spend a lot of time — if any — dealing with different textures. … There’s nothing stopping the beauty industry from taking notice and potentially making changes.”

Eke said that considering the demand, he was surprised no one had come up with a solution sooner.

“Hair is something that’s intimate … You shouldn’t have to feel different because your hair is different. You shouldn’t have to have special clauses or special cases to deal with your hair … so that’s the bigger problem Bantu is trying to solve,” he said.

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Hello. I'm Rei and I am actually 1/4 Filipino. I have this weird fascination with Asian culture (mostly Chinese). I love to eat Asian food, I want to learn Chinese, and sometimes I do wish that I had more Asian in my family background (only so that I could possibly have straight hair though. The my Hispanic heritage gave me thick, coily hair and I hate it so much). I would love to visit Japan or China one day or even the Philippines. Sometimes I feel like I'm being fake, or a weaboo, [1/2]

- [“or that I’m "not really asian”. I don’t know where this obsession with Asia comes from, I just really like it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m autistic, or because there are so many Asians in my area (last year my school was 50% asian, and I’m told that my next school has even more), I don’t know what it is. Is this bad though? Is it racist or anything like that? Sometimes I feel like I may be being racist or fetishistic or something, but I don’t know. What do you think? [2/2]“]

hmmm… given the fact that u r ¼ asian you have the right to call urself asian, or at least part asian. as long as ur interest in china and chinese culture is respectful i think you should be fine. there’s nothing wrong with being interested in another country tbh, it’s HOW u use that interest or where that interest comes from that determines whether what ur doing is racist or not. in my honest opinion i think ur fine, but u might want to ask a chinese person just incase!

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What stuff did you get for your hair we have similar hair types except mine is super dry.

my hair is SUPER dry like until I found stuff that works even if I put product on itd look like I just put water on it :/ but I got the cleansing conditioner masque and stylin butter from the Carols Daughter Hair Milk line (I already had the gel I bought on a whim in target cuz I’ve tried other gels but I HATE gels that say “for straight or wavy styles” like my hair is too thicc to play those games I need thicc gel for wavy/kinky/coily hair) they’re on sale at Sally’s rn (I also like the TGIN brand but they’re a tad more expensive