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What's type four hair?

It’s the thickest hair type, and is unique to people with black/African blood in them. it’s a very common hair type for black women.

Type four hair is broken down into three sections

4a, 4b, 4c, with 4a being the loosest of the thickest and 4c being the thickest of the thickest.

Type 4a hair:

Type 4b hair:

Type 4c hair (my hair type)

Someone with type 4 hair may have all type 4 hair textures in their hair (4 a-c), but it’s more common for someone to have both 4b and 4c hair since those are similar.

Type 4a is loose yet thick at the same time but has a definite curl pattern. It’s very curly.

Type 4b hair is kinky and not nearly as loose. Like type 4c hair it can stand like an afro but more than often it has a kinky curly pattern.

Type 4c hair is the thickest and unlike the others does not have a curl pattern. It is very kinky coily and literally defies gravity. It almost always stands up in an afro state, and even if it is long, it still stands up unless it is stretched. 4c hair has the most shrinkage, meaning that you can have back length hair, but if it is wet is shrinks up like a sponge to a smaller, afro like state.

It is what people refer to as nappy hair and what not.

Type 4 hair (especially 4c) is the most discriminated and made fun of in both the natural hair community and outside of the community which is why so many black women fear going natural because they don’t wanna have type 4 hair.

But honestly, type 4 hair is amazing and it’s sad society has made us think it’s awful. I have 4 hair and I love it.


I’m literally sobbing.

So my friends convinced me to wear my Princess Tiana cosplay to Walmart. Considering I wasn’t at a con, I was surprised with all of the happy kids and parents begging to take pictures. In light of this, I ended up driving to Toys-R-Us just for fun. 

I’ll never forget this little black girl who asked to take a picture with me. As she walked away with her mom, she exclaimed how happy she was to see a princess that looked like her in real life. 

THIS IS WHY REPRESENTATION IS IMPORTANT. I can remember all of the times I wondered why none of my favorite Disney characters, or video game characters, or even anime characters had the same dark skin as me. Or the same wide nose as me. Or the same thick lips as me. Or the same coily hair as me. 

When Princess Tiana was introduced, I nearly cried. I waited until I was a young adult to have a Disney Princess who had my features and was seen as beautiful. And seeing children so happy –showing them that their dark skin, wide nose, thick lips, and coily hair are beautiful– moves me to tears.  

Microaggressions in Fiction

When authors write about experiences that are not their own, particularly when these experiences involve a marginalized community, they may feel apprehensive, afraid, or anxious about the backlash they might receive if they do something wrong, which there is a 99.9% chance that they will. Here, I will outline some microaggressions that I notice when reading, each relating to anti-blackness and misogyny (as well as misogynoir, which is a combination of the two), as those are microaggressions that I face myself. If anybody has anymore to add, or would like to add some not related to anti-blackness or misogyny, feel free!

1. Comparing our skin to food. (coffee, toffee, caramel, chocolate, etc.)

2. Getting AAVE wrong. My degree is in linguistics, and although I am by no means an expert, I do speak a variant of that particular dialect, and can discern when it is being used improperly. Perceptions of Black English speech patterns are very racialized and politicized, and it annoys me when someone (probably white lbr) throws words that they’ve heard Black people say into a sentence without considering if this would be generated by the grammar of that dialect. If you have questions regarding a particular dialect, speak to someone who speaks it. Say your dialogue out loud to them and ask if that sounds grammatical.

3. The “Black Girl Best Friend” trope. We are not born sidekicks. We are not all sassy walking stereotypes. Some of us do embody stereotypes about Black women, and that’s perfectly fine! But do not stuff your Black girl character with stereotypes and call them character traits. Additionally, do not write your Black Girl Best Friend characters so that she is only there to uphold your white protagonist and step in when they need her. (Think Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries)

4. Hypermasculine, hypersexual Black men characters. Just don’t do it. This stereotype is harmful and contributes to a wider fear and distrust of Black men and black bodies.

5. The Magical Negro. We are not here to provide your protagonist with sage wisdom or solemn advice 

6. Colorism/”Palatable Blackness,” LISTEN. If your Black characters all look like Zendaya or Jesse Williams and have curly or wavy, rather than kinky hair? You might wanna consider the colorism ingrained in that choice, fam.

7. Not knowing how kinky hair behaves. This is related, kind of, to the above. Watch some natural hair videos or summn before deciding what hairstyle you want your black character to have, because kinky and coily hair behaves VERY differently from straight and wavy hair, and that should be considered when writing scenes.


A Case of Spring Fever - 1940

I love weirdly specific vintage PSAs, and this has got to be one of the weirdest. A man runs afoul of some kind of horrible shrill-voiced demon name Coily, who grants his offhand wish to never see a spring again and then delights in his misery. 

Just… just watch it, if you haven’t already.

C: Okay so I was just on my couch thinking to myself, “black women are so lit.” We are beautiful, our skin is beautiful. We’re educated and very intelligent. We are so talented. (art, food😋,sports, film, fashion, makeup etc.) We are hilarious! (We make the best jokes) Our hair is so gorgeous & versatile. (Kinky, coily & curly) We can sing our asses off. (Give everyone goosebumps & chills) We are so supportive. (We have each other’s backs, We root for each other.) We are great at giving pep talks & advice! (We always add a little comedy because yes) We have beautiful souls. We feel deeply. You can see how beautiful our hearts are just by listening to our experiences and aspirations. Our smiles can brighten any room. We are problem solvers. We try not to concentrate on bad things but we learn from them and it makes us stronger. We work so hard. We are real Wonder Women. I’m so proud and grateful to be a black woman & for one to have given birth to me. We are great! 👸🏽👸🏿👸🏾❤️

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.2

Okay for starters…I made Y/BF/N Jamie because I’m typing this on my phone and typing Y/BF/N is annoying lmaoo sorry. And the anon who originally requested this has asked me to focus this mainly on black girls/POC, so I’m extra hyped.

Also I honestly think I might make this a series? The beautiful and most talented Gabby (@lukeysgirlkinda inspired me to, but I didn’t have a prompt. Might also steal her idea of a new chapter every 100 notes…what do you guys think?

One/ TwoThree/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
SixteenSeventeen/ EighteenNineteen/Twenty{END}

You checked over your outfit once more in the full body mirror before walking carefully down the stairs. You’ve had more than one encounter attempting to run down the stairs before someone reached your house and it always ended badly.

“You look so pretty!” Jamie grinned as she turned around on the couch to see you.

“All I did was my hair and makeup, Jamie. I have on shorts and a shirt.”

“Can’t ever take a compliment.” She rolled her eyes playfully.“ What time is Calum coming?”

You checked the time on your phone before answering,“Any minute now.”

“You’re excited, aren’t you? I mean there’s a hot, young Australian who wants to be your sugar daddy. How much better can life get?”

“I don’t know. I’m not a sexual person, Jamie, how am I just going to be there at his every beckoning call?”

“You’ll do it, trust me.” She laughed, her smile widening when she heard someone knock on the door.

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This post has a lot of people Big Mad , so let this post be the official DWF response to some of the comments I’ve seen.

If you get reported to the Tumblr mods for malicious speech, then whatcha gonna do then, DearWhitePeople? Complain that white folks are takin’ over Tumblr? XD 

  • If literal and actual Nazis don’t find themselves removed from twitter, I think I’ll be ok. And since you’re up in my notes, I hope you’re also going after Nazis.

“If you’ve ever straightened your hair, you’re a fucking hypocrite”

  • White people don’t have a monopoly on straight hair. This is being willfully obtuse.
  • But more to your point (because you’re presumably targeting black people who are known to have coily hair), forced assimilation doesn’t equal appropriation. It isn’t a hard concept to grasp that black people would feel pressured to carry their hair in western hairstyles when we’re literally losing jobs and getting our hair cut off in school for wearing our natural texture.

It seems as if the only ones truly concerned with color are the so called “people of Color”

  • Why wouldn’t people of color be concerned with race?
  • And the issues that POC face in modern day are as a result of racialized institutions created by white people.

What would MLK Jr. think?

  • I’m gonna need y’all to keep MLK’s name out of your mouths when y’all are obviously not down for the current struggles of black people and people of color. We’ll never know what MLK would think because a white man killed him, but if the published works towards the end of his life are any indication, MLK would have thought more radically than y’all like to think.

So if white people want to stop sharing culture with you, we can stop you from living in skyscrapers, eating European foods like pasta, pizza, sausage, bread and grapes? We can stop you from using electricity and indoor plumbing? Can we also stop you from wearing mass produced clothing and footwear? How about we stop you from enjoying classical paintings and philosophy, or how about any form of government other than tribalism. The list can go on and on. “POCs” have only created music and dance.

Then stop using anything a white man ever invented. Stop listening to any music genres whites creates. Stop eating any dishes whites created. Then you can preach about it.

No, I think the OP’s point was that they regret taking advantage of things produced by ‘white culture’ like penicillin or the Internet.

  • White people, y’all have not invented nearly as much as you think that you did. Like damn. 

So a white man deserves to be castrated for wearing dreads? That’s pretty racist

  • Where does that say that?

Love the wonderful things POC get to say about white people. If this post was reversed and written by a white person, people would throw the race card as soon as it hit social media. 

  • The western world is saturated with white supremacy. The reason y’all struggle to see how POC are portrayed and perceived is because it’s ingrained in society itself

And finally to those on varying levels of the “culture IS meant to be shared” spectrum:

Culture is meant to be shared - among those to whom it belongs. Part of what makes it a distinct culture is a defined in-group.

I believe that sharing cultures is a good thing, when its multi-directional and given freely. If you don’t belong to a certain group, someone who is isn’t obligated to share it with you. 

Culture is a strong identifying aspect of one’s identity and while anyone can be appropriative, white people in the Western World do not have the same historical context of forced assimilation, cultural erasure, and future cultural bastardization that POC have.

Lastly, white people can have culture, but whiteness isn’t it. Being white is not a culture. There is no set of shared practices, beliefs, or experiences associated with whiteness. The only unifying quality of whiteness is white skin. 

And that’s all I have to say about that.

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.1

A/N: AHHHHHHHH, I told y'all I’d be back for a sequel. I’m hoping this sequel gets just as much attention as the first series did, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If you’ve read the first series, then you already know that I’m all about drama and that’s exactly what this series is gonna be. Anyway, this is the first chapter and you all should look forward for many to come. If you’ve read the first series you know that I need 100 notes and feedback for the next chapter. Enjoy my lil nuggets💕

Oh and most of this chapter is in italics because they’re flashbacks.

**WARNING**: Nothing besides profanity, but I’m sure you knew that

**Previous Series: SugarDaddy!Cal **

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

The moment you found out you were pregnant you knew that shit was about to hit the fan.You weren’t just the average twenty year old, barely financially stable college student. No. You were also the girlfriend of a famous rockstar who is in a world famous band. Plus, you also happened to sleep with his best friend and bandmate before finding out you were pregnant, therefore have no clue who’s baby it is. On top of that you were being watched, loved, and even hated by millions of people daily. Oh, and how could you forget that you were helping your best friends plan their wedding as well? Life couldn’t be any better right?

So, here you are in your living room trying to ignore your overwhelming emotions by catching up on Supernatural and eating for two while your boyfriend is out somewhere angrily driving around on the streets. Oh, and what led him to doing that was catastrophic.

Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? Only three weeks after you first found out about the new life growing inside of you.

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BTS Reactions

As disney characters

As puppies

His apartment

Getting a positive pregnancy test as a Christmas gift

When their GF is flirting with another idol

When their BF does skinship for the first time

Carving pumpkins together

When you bite his ear to let him know you’re horny

How they react to you being chubby

When you pleasured yourself while they were away and they can smell it on you (werewolf au)

Having 5-6 kids with them (werewolf au)

When they meet other members as puppies for the first time (werewolf au)

When you don’t know what mating is and you ask if you two can do it (werewolf au)

They find out you’re being used as a vampire’s human blood cattle (werewolf/vampire au)

when you grab your boobs because they’re sore/it’s going to rain

How they react to other members banging on the wall because you’re too loud

How they react to you getting ‘blushy’ when you do skinship

They get a call from their scared child

When they see your self-harm scars *trigger*

They slap you during a fight *trigger*

You slap them during a fight *trigger?*

How they react to you being depressed *trigger?*

When their GF does parkour

When you can sing pretty ok

When you’re good at puppy dog eyes

Another idol kisses their GF when she didn’t want it

When their BF secretly draws them then gives them the picture

You get the title of SKorea’s visual and holy trinity

When their Korean GF has natural blue eyes

When you bring home pepsi instead of coke

Their GF being a theatrical performer and a broadway fan

When he can’t help himself and sucks your blood, hurting you (vampire au)

When their GF asks them to bite her (vampie au)

You can rap to an English song but not to his song because you aren’t fluent

Their GF is really strong

You’re half cat and you tease them sexually (vampire/creature au)

They fall in love with a witch (vampire au)

Going to a haunted house with them

You’re in heat and you need them to take care of you (werewolf au)

They feel love for you when they thought they could never love (vampire au)

When they like an omega who acts very alpha (omegaverse au)

They can tell your period is coming (vampire au)

When you ask if starting a pack means having 5+ kids (werewolf au)

You want to have sex with them (vampire au)

When another vampire bites you (vampire au)

When they witness you changing on the full moon (werewolf au)

They find out their makeup artist is a cross dresser

Their GF dances to trouble maker with another idol

Their Hogwarts house

Watching their children experience snow for the first time

What kind of drunk are they at a holiday party

Their GF is too short and has to jump to kiss them

When you have a high sex drive

You like to wear their hoodies cause they smell like them

Their S/O want to make their relationship public

You have a pet goat that screams, follows them around, and steals their things

They find out their fav waitress is a cross dresser

They find out the girl they’ve been interested in is half dragon (werewolf au)

When you ask them where they got their costume, but really they just came out of hibernation (vampire au)

Them as werewolf puppies (werewolf au)

Finding out their GF is a hybrid (creature au)

How they react to you wearing your natural coily hair for the first time  

How they react when you ask them to eat you out   

How they react when they’re your older brother and they spy on your first date

How they react when they tease you and you start crying  

How they react to you looking cool & edgy but find out you’re really sweet & shy  

How they react to you looking younger than you are

How they react to you having a panic/anxiety attack in public  

When they develop real feelings for their WGM partner  

How they react to their crush having tattoos/piercings  

How they react to you becoming withdrawn

Favorite sexual position *nsfw* 

How they react to their GF working a manly job and getting hate for it

When you tell them you like anal play  

When they have a crush on a member form a new boy group  

When their crush see’s them getting kissed by another trainee (who also has a crush on them) 

How they react to you having cute moans

When you stick a horn on a horse and call it a unicorn

Scents their mates would have (omegaverse au)

Alphas following an attractive scent and they find you (omegaverse au)

Being alphas with a scent kink (omegaverse au)

They have a lover, but haven’t introduced them to the members yet because they have a child from another partner

When the find out they have a long lost daughter

When a peacock tries to seduce their GF

You bite them during sex

You have a fear of deep water and go to the beach together 

You’re both on running man and you get pinned by an enemy member

When another guy flirts with you but you can’t tell he’s flirting