I’m literally sobbing.

So my friends convinced me to wear my Princess Tiana cosplay to Walmart. Considering I wasn’t at a con, I was surprised with all of the happy kids and parents begging to take pictures. In light of this, I ended up driving to Toys-R-Us just for fun. 

I’ll never forget this little black girl who asked to take a picture with me. As she walked away with her mom, she exclaimed how happy she was to see a princess that looked like her in real life. 

THIS IS WHY REPRESENTATION IS IMPORTANT. I can remember all of the times I wondered why none of my favorite Disney characters, or video game characters, or even anime characters had the same dark skin as me. Or the same wide nose as me. Or the same thick lips as me. Or the same coily hair as me. 

When Princess Tiana was introduced, I nearly cried. I waited until I was a young adult to have a Disney Princess who had my features and was seen as beautiful. And seeing children so happy –showing them that their dark skin, wide nose, thick lips, and coily hair are beautiful– moves me to tears.  


I discuss the lack of representation and texture discrimination in the natural hair community.

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Richonne AU (Forbidden Love) Your Love For All Of Time pt 2

Happy Birthday @siancore I did a part 2 as requested for you and all those who asked. I hope everyone enjoys.


Michonne stood and looked around her small quarters one last time. She had tidied it so if looked the same way she found it a year ago.

“So Mr.Blake informed me you were his governess for little Penny.” Mr. Walsh said, as he looked at the young, black woman in front of him. He immediately decided she was a serious little thing. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun of coily, curls. Although a few tiny curls escaped and rested against her forehead. She wore a bright, long-sleeved white blouse that had a collar buttoned all the way up to base of her neck. It was tucked into a long, dark skirt that failed to hide her shapely figure. Her hands clasped in front of her. If not for her youthful features and large sparkling, brown, almond shaped eyes she would be the spitting image of his governess. Do they all dress alike? He wondered.

“Yes sir.” Michonne answered, she swallowed and looked as if she was blinking back tears. “Such a tragedy what happened to his wife and daughter.” Mr. Walsh said. The wife and daughter of her former employer were killed when their horse got spooked and ran their carriage into a lake bringing them back from church. None of the passengers could swim. Mr. Blake wasn’t fond of church service and he was not present. Michonne had saved enough to visit her father on weekends off from teaching, so she wasn’t there with them that tragic day. “Mr.Blake is certain he wants to part with you?” Mr. Walsh asked. When Mr. Blake had asked him to employ Michonne he didn’t look to be in any state to be alone, as most of the staff had left, expect a few and Michonne. Michonne. The only one seemingly able to handle his grief…until now.

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Winter’s hair head-canons

       • Ever since the maids got ahold of doing Winter’s hair, Winter made sure that they would not flatiron it whatsoever because it would cause heat damage to her hair and ruin her curl pattern

      • Winter’s hair is between a 4a and a 4b, thanks to what she inherited from her father. Both her parents had naturally curly hair, but Evret’s hair was far more coily and hard to tame just like Winter’s.

         • Exactly how it’s described by MM herself, for almost all her life, Winter’s ebony curly hair has always been just below shoulder-length, but once she turns 21, she decides to cut it jawline length, leaving her heart-shaped face more accentuated and detailed with her thick curls framing around it. She does this to avoid the split ends starting to form and willingly donates the rest.

         • On very few occasions, she’ll let Iko straighten her hair. The very first time Iko did it, Winter’s hair had been longer, and Iko wanted to see how much shrinkage she had. It turned out that Winter’s hair straightened was about bra strap length, and once she cut it, it was about chin length.

         • Almost every time she has her hair straightened, she makes sure to wear a bandana or a stylish scarf wrapped around on top of her head as both a protective and stylish way to wear it.

           • Both Iko and even Jacin would marvel about how different yet still incredibly beautiful she looked when her hair was straightened or curled, especially after she’d cut it. Since none of them (especially Jacin who has known her for her entire life) has ever seen Winter without her natural tightened curls, it’s always such a delight when she does wear it wavy or straightened.

pls ignore this is dumb

So far some headcanons about the children of Nina and Benny:

Claudia, the firstborn: Ironically, has absolutely none of her parents ambition, for a first child. She’s just a very good kid, always kind and trying to help, very creative too, not in the artistic way but always coming up with fun ideas. You never get bored with her. Think an ENFP kind of Hufflepuff. Tall and a little bit chubby, with thick coily hair like her dad’s that she likes to braid. 

Daniel, first son: Drama king oh my god, maybe because Daniela took him under her wing as her duty for the naming homage, in any case he is always the one to spread gossip in the family. Very cunning and smart, definitely your good egg Slytherin. Loves putting on shows, being at the center of attention, very fashion-sensitive. There is no stopping that boy. Probably ESFP. A bit broad of shoulders like Benny, though shorter, curly hair he keeps a bit on the long side. 

Alma, third child: She’s the smart cookie. All of them are pretty smart, of course, with the parents they have, but she takes it to a whole new level. She doesn’t show off, though, she’s by far the most introverted and just loves to devour all books around her. The shortest of the family, thin and very cute smile that is kind of a rare sight because she has her mom’s anxiety. I think INFJ Ravenclaw.

Robin, second son: the least fleshed out in my headcanons so far, but I see him as kind of an awkward kid who doesn’t talk all that much, just gentle and strong and with hair like Dustin from Stranger Things but black and curlier. He’s the one who is all business-like and tries to just do the right thing. Haven’t really thought about it, but I think ISTP. Definitely not a talker. A timid kind of Hufflepuff, for the loyalty and hard work.

Ana, their last one: She’s tired of being treated like the baby, little Anita everyone fawns over because she’s so cute with her round cheeks and her little buns of natural coiled hair, and she works her ass off to go beyond all expectations. Hardest worker, most ambitious. Extremely devoted to a small amount of people including: her family, Usnavi, Vanessa, their daughter, and that’s about it. INTJ. Probably somewhere between Gryffindor and Slytherin. 

So if you’re interested in me writing fics about Nina and Benny parenting these kids, or even other characters helping out babysitting, be sure to let me know. 

How They React To You Wearing Your Natural Coily Hair Out For The First Time (BTS)

To the gorgeous and amazing @thejadevaults, u beautiful baby~ As I’ve said before, I think all hair is beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3


NAMJOON: He would be so into it I bet, he’d love how you’d be letting your natural beauty shine around him. He’d also prob like touching n playing with it (with your permission first, he ain’t trying to get his fingers broken and he’s a gentleman ok) only because it was so unique and sexy to him. If you decided you wanted it up or done, he wouldn’t say anything, but he’d love if you left your hair natural more often. 

YOONGI: He may act like he doesn’t care, but he most def does and he notices immediately how different (and nice) your hair looks when you have it natural around him for the first time. Having straight hair himself, he’d admire the coils in yours and might ask about it, wanting to know more about it. Though he’d all quiet about it, he’d really really like your hair and how confidently you wear it. 

HOSEOK: Ohh yas he’d love it. He’d not only love how it looked but the vibe you’d be giving off how comfortable and confident you were (even though you told him how nervous you were, since it was your first time having it natural around him and the boys). He made sure he told you how much he loved it (and you) and that you shouldn’t be afraid to let the rest of the world to see how beautiful you are.

SEOKJIN: Mamajin would be quick to notice too, but he’d restrain himself from making a scene or looking excited. He wouldn’t want to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable since he’d know this meant a lot to you. He’d keep complementing you all day and dropping little comments here and there about how beautiful you looked. He’d low-key be trying to sneakily hint that he’d like to see it more often, but he’d be too shy to admit it. 

JIMIN: He’d high-key be excited, not gonna lie. He’d hop on the natural-you train so fast, he’d prob be the conductor. He wouldn’t hide his preference for it and would fight anyone who tried to talk smack. Jimin would love everything about your natural hair.

TAEHYUNG: Honestly, I feel like it may take him a tiny bit of time to notice (He’d know something was different, but what tho????) but when he did, he’d give you his rectangle smile and two thumbs up. He’d be like Namjoon and really like how it feels as he played with it. He wouldn’t have a clue as to why you’d be reluctant to have it natural.

JUNGKOOK: He’d be surprised, but in a good way. Most likely to actually say that he’d like your hair like this all the time. Since he would’ve grown up with mostly straight hair around him, this kid would probably gaze at your natural locks like they were made of gold and magic (✿ ♥‿♥)

(Sorry if this is bad, or it bothers you, or offends you or anything. My hair type is straight and none of my friends *besides online* that have this hair type, have it natural. I do think that if you want to go natural, it’s your hair and nothing should stop you from doing so <3)