coiled up

Aries: “They are very self-confident on the surface but this conceals a feeling of inadequacy on a subconscious level. They spill energy in every direction”

Taurus: “There are four serpent signs of the zodiac that have to do with will and power. Taurus is the first serpent sign and represents the coiled up serpent power, latent and not yet in full expression”

Gemini: “Gemini individuals dramatize everything and and are apt to let their imaginations carry them away. Everyone on earth comes under the influence of Gemini, it represents dual forces: the opposition of human and the divine in all of us”

Cancer: “Cancer is the most subconscious of all the signs. Everything is latent and hidden. You can’t reason with them when they are emotionally disturbed.”

Leo: “Whether Leo people are constructive or destructive in their approach to life depends on what drives their chariot: self or Self.”

Virgo: “There is a sweetness and lack of aggression this sign that gives a great attractiveness. Venus, the love principle, is unhappy in an area the lower mind operates. Because of their own feelings of inadequacy, they can become very demanding when their loved ones are concerned”

Libra: “They have an executive and legal type mind. On the surface there is diplomacy and sweetness, but beneath is the velvet glove is a fist of iron”

Scorpio: “When they serve others and forget themselves they are truly dynamic and majestic. Scorpios are truly powerful when they do not seek power for self, but seek to be used by the power to heal and bless others”

Sagittarius: “Sagittarius keyword is ‘perception’, another word for 'intuition’. It is represented by the archer who shoots his arrow into the air though he knows not its destiny”

Capricorn: “Capricorn people can exemplify the highest or the lowest qualities of which human nature is capable. The Capricorn’s strengths lies in leadership and humility”

Aquarius: “Aquarius is the sign of spiritual rebirth. The keyword of Aquarius is "I know”. We stand between two Ages and to faith must be added 'knowledge’, and 'intuition"

Pisces: “Individuals born in Pisces have a deeply hidden inner pride. Assail it at your own peril. It is the temple of the living spirit
—  written by Isabel M. Hickey (19/07-1903-17/06/1980)
The way she slept in his bed made his heart warm with strange feelings. Her body coiled up like a small nocturnal animal, hands folded neatly on her waist. As he crept closer to gaze at her, she stirred, ever so slightly. Open out her hands, eyes still closed, she said in a dreamy voice:
‘Come, warmth.’
That was the moment he knew this girl was his home.
—  When home is not a place but a person

omg I don’t even know how to put lipliner properly wtf is that lmao it looks like I’ve been eating spaghetti bolognese and I didn’t clean up my mouth. I need Kylie Jenner to teach me that. lol (yeah this is Pikachu but we can’t see him because of my hair, poor little thing being crushed but that fro)

Three snakes into attempting this idea and I’m calling it quits. Ches was by far the most cooperative, even though she didn’t want to coil up neatly. When you’re at the mercy of your models’ whims, some photos just aren’t going to happen the way you pictured them in your head.


2016 - A year in review: FAVORITE RELEASES (date of release order)

#1 - Arch Enemy: War Eternal Tour: Tokyo Sacrifice DVD (although it was a Japan only release, it end up on the internet for anyone to watch it. It was inevitable.)
#2 - Amy Lee: Recover, Vol. 1 EP
#3 - Lacey Sturm: Life Screams
#4 - Nemesea: Uprise
#5 - Lacuna Coil: Delirium (my favorite release from them since Karmacode)
#6 - Tarja: The Brightest Void
#7 - Stitched Up Heart: Never Alone (a good debut album)
#8 - Tarja: The Shadow Self
#9 - Delain: Moonbathers
#10 - Amy Lee: Dream Too Much (a nice surprise, showing once again that she isn’t stuck in one music genre)
#11 - Darkher: Realms (this was one of the nicest discovers from this year. In the line of Draconian or Trees of Eternity)
#12 - Marcela Bovio: Unprecedented (a nice release, showing that she has a future after the disband of Stream of Passion)
#13 - Epica: The Holographic Principle
#14 - The Pretty Reckless: Who You Selling For
#15 - Sirenia: Dim Days of Dolor (although it feels like I’m betraying Ailyn, I always give a chance to the new singers that come to any band. And I gotta be honest and said, that I liked the new singer and the new album.)
#16 - Trees of Eternity: Hour of the Nightingale (this is my favorite album of this year, without any doubt.)
#17 - Lacuna Coil: Naughty Christmas (single)
#18 - Nightwish: Vehicle of Spirit DVD

We find the dead possum beneath
our breakfast spot on the front porch,
that same spot we call “ours” and still
eat at, each morning, separately. We
find it there and then
find a way to make it about Us.

Its tongue is un-muscled,
dangling from its dry mouth, with no
tendon, no rope, to keep that flesh pink,
that pretty color, in a world with no decay.
A mouth with no life. And though we are not
honest to ourselves,
the stench only becomes sacred
when we give it our name. The
snakes coiled up sleeping in our
throats rattle and unhinge, blooming.
We cannot make ourselves
peel it off the porch, its once-body gone
to ribbons of what was once called a body.
What leaks from the matted toughness
of skin, now collapsing in tufts, is
last night’s conversation or
better yet
last night’s bedroom.

Fact: possums smell like the dead
even when they are still alive.

Fact: this defense was carefully

Fact: possums play dead so well
sometimes their bodies
believe them, too.

The course-skinned corpse smiles,
its teeth: shells so far beneath the surface
it is almost calm as they tell you
that you cannot swim back up in time.
That your lungs are already empty of air.
Its mouth makes hilarity of reminding
us it is dying
by waiting
until we cannot take
the stench anymore.

Fact: I cannot take the stench anymore.
And yet,
you bring the body into our bed
and say you love it.
But I wake up
every morning to find it
folded up, too small. Folded like
‘take this shit back’
in the throat of our closet.

We keep it, like this:
in this home
we have decided
it deserves.

—  “In the Last Months, When We Still Call it Love” by Emma Bleker

And this is how you drive me crazy and bring out my inner pedant.

First thing, pretty sure that is wire, not cable. You pretty much don’t use cable inside a fixture. I’ve installed lamp posts. I have never put cable in one. Maybe Batman doesn’t know the difference, but normally he’s got some inventor credentials, so I would think he does.

Then, there is exactly nowhere that uses 800V supply electricity in the States. Not even a number close to 800V. That streetlamp has 480V tops. 277V is more likely, and then only at optimal conditions because street lamps are by their nature on long as runs of wire and voltage drop is a thing.

Also, wire isn’t made of bungies. You can’t just reach in and pull a bunch of it out of a fixture and stretch it over 10 ft away to where Mr. Freeze is. Pulling long runs of wire is hard ass work and copper is expensive. There wouldn’t be any big loops coiled up in there. If Batman opened up the access hatch at the bottom of a lamp post he’d be able to pull out about six inches of wire because that’s what the national electrical code requires.

Even if somehow Batman hulks out and is able to rip the wire loose from the top end of the fixture then he would have to subsequently be able to pull exposed wires down through a metal pole without them ever touching the sides. Touching the sides would cause a ground fault which would likely result in some interesting explosions and, if they are lucky, a speedy loss of power. 

And they are all grey? Which means they are all neutrals? Why would you have four neutral wires in a single lamp post?  Well, I guess if you had several circuits running through the same pipe run and they each had a dedicated neutral you might have a bunch of grey wires, but then the other circuits’ neutrals would be pulled tight through the lamp because they wouldn’t be terminating there.

And while conventional wisdom is that you can take a harder hit from a neutral than a hot, that only happens on systems with a shared neutral, not dedicated neutrals. A shared neutral could actually get you to that 800V on a 480V system, but Harper would have to know that at least one of the other circuits had been dumped and the balance was now running through the neutral, and then we loose the explanation for why there are four neutral wires.

I can kinda let the fact that live electrical wires do not in fact glow blue go because it’s a visual medium and you need to show that they are live somehow. But take heed kiddos, you cant tell if something is live by looking at it. Always assume it’s hot until you test it. Don’t try this at home. Electricity can kill you dead.

Play Time (D.VA/Sombra)

A/N: No smut this time, just some stress relief / playing around with voices.

“This wasn’t easy to get, you know.” She held a thick plastic case between two hands, fiddling with it. Hana’s fingernail ran over the bumpy edge, rattling and scraping. “I had to have my dad snail mail it to me.”

“Of course, kid,” Sombra said. “I owe you one.” Sombra moved to take it, but as she did Hana flinched back.

Sombra paused with her hand outreached, clawtips hovering within grasping distance. “Having second thoughts?”


Sombra’s face tightened, lips pressing firmly together to try and fight off a smile. She failed miserably, smirk coiling up like a snake.

This was ridiculous. If Sombra was going to run off with anything, it wouldn’t be an old game from a system no company built anymore. Then again, Hana could distinctly see in her mind’s eye a vision of Sombra sailing away with everything– all of Overwatch’s secrets, and her favorite game, adding insult to injury.

“I’m only going to borrow it so I can make a copy.“

“I know!” Hana pushed the game into her hands. “Just bring it back quickly, okay?”

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The Divine Mother is the Kundalini (“coiled up” power) sleeping in us; without worshiping Her we can never know ourselves. All-merciful, all-powerful, omnipresent are attributes of Divine Mother.

She is the sum total of the energy in the Universe. Every manifestation of power in the Universe is “Mother”. She is Life, She is Intelligence, She is Love. She is in the Universe yet separate from it.

She is a person and can be seen and known (as Shri Ramakrishna saw and knew Her). Established in the idea of Mother, we can do anything. She quickly answers prayer.

another fuzzy morning ficlet

Chirrut wakes to the sensation of Baze’s hands in his hair. It’s a familiar feeling, warm and delicate, that instantly sends him back to their younger days. They aren’t coiled up in a bed very much meant for one now, though, cuddling well into the morning hours with the threat of getting scolded hanging over their heads. But how Chirrut longs for those days. Baze’s touch feels just as innocently adoring as it did then, though, fingers stroking over short strands, a soothing sensation for the both of them. It sends Chirrut snuggling into Baze’s chest, protesting the idea of starting their day. He’d lie like this for hours if they still had the luxury – they have minutes, at least, and he intends to soak them in.

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TICKLING KURT- requested Word count: 151 A/N: I’ve never read the comics sorry? It was one of the boring rainy days at the mansion and currently, Kurt was being sarcastic and tickling up your sides. Any other time you wouldn’t have mind, but now, you were focusing on drawing something important to your art class. “Come on Kurt… I’m busy” you whined out and he giggled and snuggled your arm. Obviously you weren’t getting any rest. You sighed softly and put your sketchbook down. “Okay, payback” you hiss out and tickle up his sides, eating small laughs and squeaks coming from the blue mutants lips. His tail would be swishing back and forth and coil up your arm in a small attempt to stop your actions. “Um… Usually Kurt’s the one tickling you” Jean would call out and you’d both freeze up from being caught, turning to face each other. Both of you let out a laugh and continued your attack to each other.


Aries: Wrath- Aries can act in a split second when provoked, fire fueling rash decisions over anything logical. The danger with Aries comes from moments like these, because actually, they aren’t malicious personalities, and rarely manipulate or taunt, but rather act out in a moments notice with how they are feeling.

Taurus: Gluttony- Taurus can seek comfort from the sensual surroundings, often leaving them with an attitude of wanting “More.” Food, drink, spending are all mood lifters for Taurus, and an attitude of wanting excess can get the better of them. Especially when in actuality, the simple life suits them rather well, remembering to treasure the little moments in life.

Gemini: Scatter- Gemini can suffer from forgetfulness, swift changes in views and opinions, confusion over what exactly it is they want in that minute, which can all lead to a feeling of being like a wound up coil ready to spring at any moment. Nerves and anxiety are possible with this sign, as well as a certain clumsiness, even if they somehow manage to still look graceful while this happens.

Cancer: Fear- Cancer can feel vulnerable just simply because of their very nature, a nature of being rather sensitive and receptive to everything around them, from simple temperature changes, environment changes to scathing remarks that seem to stay with them forever. They can feel the strong desire to stay indoors, to stay safe, but also have the bravery to survive.

Leo: Pride- Leo can stick to their guns over the immense amount of pride they have, the ego that they cherish but also fear somewhat. They can come across as self-absorbed at times, but ironically, it is in these times where they struggle the most with themselves. You can tell Leo are truly happy in their lives when they become more generous, loving and protective.

Virgo: Worry- Virgo can work themselves into a box, trapped by all the little conflicting and taunting thoughts in their head until they really do feel sick. But worry often comes from being a conscientious personality, and this is certainly true for Virgo. Carelessness can be exactly that, careless. Care can equate to value.

Libra: Loneliness- Libra can find it difficult to grasp themselves when isolated from the people around them, as they often admire and find pieces of their own psyche in others. They often need company to bounce ideas from, and can get wrapped up in this idea of having another “half.” Being alone for extended periods of time starts to feel a little less creative, and a little more plain lonely.

Scorpio: Vengefulness- Scorpio aren’t known for being pacifists, especially when they themselves or someone they care deeply about has been hurt. They can often ruminate with ideas of revenge, maybe even to the point of obsession, until they feel that justice can be served. The very thing that tips them over the edge can become a central point in their lives, something to think about for much of the time ahead.

Sagittarius: Flight- Sagittarius often cannot stand the idea of being restricted by outside forces, and often need an element of freedom in decision making, the freedom to change their minds and ponder. When caught up in heavy responsibly, they often have the urge to escape, the take flight to somewhere else where they can retain this sense of freedom. Some may even accuse them of being irresponsible and reckless at times.

Capricorn: Formality- Capricorn can vehemently stick to logic over allowing themselves to be overtaken with the expressive waves of the universe, often clinging to a law of sorts, a traditional way of looking at the world. For them, a handshake can feel like enough when others need more support, but this often does not come from a place of not caring, but rather just a struggle about how to go about an uncomfortable situation.

Aquarius: Chaos- Aquarius can be overcome with the urge to destroy controlling systems, especially those that are repressive, even if what is left in its wake is chaos of sorts. The thrill of knocking down established bricks can be wondrous for Aquarius, often without thought of the sacred quality of effort that goes into those systems being established.

Pisces: Fantasy- Pisces can wisp themselves away to somewhere better than here, to somewhere that feels so real that they can even start to believe it. This can be a wonderful quality, apart from when they start to project these traits onto the people around them, seeing only a mirage when unfortunately, not everyone is this world has pure intent.

Hastur Hastur Hastur….

My own rendition of Hastur, with multiple interpretations of the Yellow Sign on him.  

His halo has the original Kevin Ross design before it was flipped to look like a question mark.  The Kevin Ross one we are familair with is in Hastur’s pendant.  The tiny gem in his cravat has the True Detective Yellow Sign.  On his waist is the Yellow Sign from the Culbard graphic novel adaptation of The King in Yellow.  Finally the large one on the banner thing is based on the symbol on the spine of the original print of The King in Yellow.  It appears to be an upside down flaming torch whose flame coils up like a rod of Asclepius.

Yes his antlers are the original Elder Sign.  Might be contradictory, but it’s fucking Hastur, look he has wings and a halo(like The King in Yellow cover) and pallid masks, and a creepy light for a face and shit and he is so awesome puny Elder Signs dont do shit to him he wears them proudly, at least thats how I would explain it, but really I just wanted to give him “meaningful” antlers.

Made on Artrage ipad app over a period of months on and off and ignoring it for long periods of time.  

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Imagine you and Gibbs share your first kiss together

Imagine you and Gibbs having your first kiss together <3 ~requested by anon

Gibbs’s eyes were alight, reflecting the crystal spheres of your own eyes. His breath came out calm and tight. Gibbs silently negotiated your body into a corner until he was surrounding you. He was Gibbs after all, and Gibbs was one bold man.

But the apprehension still remained, coiled up against the rigid cliffs of his chest. His breath was mingling with yours, swelling with loving admiration.

Slowly, his eyes wide open, Gibbs pressed his lips to yours. It was gentle yet still passionate, but not sloppy. He wanted nothing from the kiss yet simultaneously wanted everything. The glorious way that his lips pressed against yours with their enveloping warmth screamed at you in ways you couldn’t comprehend. All Gibbs wanted was you.

Pulling away, his eyes scanned your face, apprehensive and hopeful, wordlessly asking, “Are you okay with this?” His look was obviously seeking out an absent displeasure. You were nothing but pleased with this particular kiss, however. Especially considering it was a first kiss.

You nodded subtly, smiling, and Gibbs leaned in for another kiss.

This time, the formidable Marine was more hungry, almost lustful, combined with his special dose of respect and love to form a dangerous alloy.

Gibbs’s lips pressed against your skin expertly. He kissed you like nobody had ever kissed you before, and you couldn’t seem to tear your mind away from the electrifying feeling of his lips nibbling tenderly on yours.

Definitely the best first kiss that you had ever had.

if trump wins tonight, then there is one message i have.

for all my followers who are currently choking back tears. for all my fellow americans who are downing shots while wondering how the hell we got this bad. for all the lgbtq+ people whose stomachs are coiled up in knots, for all the women who no longer feel safe, for all the poc who are now even more acutely aware of the depth and degree of racism in this country. 

i am so sorry. this country has failed all of us. but we will get through this, i promise you. please don’t do anything drastic. don’t hurt yourself. i love you. we will be okay, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

BTS Kinks

Anonymous requested:   Did you guys already do BTS and what their kinks would be? Your blog is so cool by the way ❤️❤️💖💖

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You were in a daze. You vaguely heard the the birds chirping outside the window and could smell the faint scent of bacon lingering in the air. You started to shift on the mattress, now vaguely aware that you were waking up, only to feel a tight coil building up inside of your stomach. 

“Jinnnn…” You mumbled out assuming it was him simply tracing shapes against your skin. You felt your hips buck upwards as a feeling a deep pleasure washed over you. You were almost fully away at this point, but you still had your eyes closed. 

You let out a slight squeak and abruptly opened your eyes as Jin jammed his fingers back inside of you. You were now wide awake as you felt yourself tighten once more around Jin’s fingers before releasing entirely. 

Jin smiled as he crawled back under the covers next to you, wrapping his arms around you and lightly kissing your cheek.

“Good morning sweetheart.”

“Good morning indeed….”

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“Ah” Yoongi moaned. “ Right there Jagi.” Placing the ice cube inside your mouth once again, your pressed it up against your tongue making sure to get it nice and cold. You ran the remains of the ice cube up and down Yoongi’s shaft, not putting any pressure with it, only allowing the cold feeling to seep into Yoongi’s fully hard member.

Lacing your tongue around the tip of his member, you began to lightly rub, not even pump yet, his shaft, making his moan due contrast in temperature and texture of the ice cube in comparison to your hands. 

No longer just swirling his tip with your tongue, you now had about half of him in your mouth, bobbing your head back and forth to create friction. You grabbed another ice cube from the bowl you had placed on the end table. Using the ice cube on the back portion of his member and your mouth and hot breath on the front portion, you continued to pump and rub him, the pleasure building up inside of him more quickly than usual. Not being able to withstand the the pressure built up inside of him any longer he exploded into your mouth, still feeling the texture and temperature differences that had caused him to release so quickly, even after you removed your mouth and hands.

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“Jagi…” Hoseok coughed out removing your hand from his now prominent bulge. You sweetly smiled glancing over at him, slowly creeping your hand back up his thigh in the process.

“Yes my darling?” You cooed, sliding your hand into his jeans and passed his boxers. You gave him a concerned look as you began to pump him up and down. 

“Ah-h nothingg.. ne-evermin-dd…” He stuttered out, trying to remain calm as he was ready to explode at any second inside of his jeans, in a public restaurant, surrounded by his bandmembers.

Taking another bite of chicken you began a side conversation with V about the most obscure topics, still continuing to pump and gain speed.

A loud clank sounded against the table as Hoseok threw his head into it, a pained expression on his face as trails of cum started to trickle into your hand. He hadn’t released entirely yet, but he sure was close.

“Are you okay?” Jin asked Hoesok, concern evident in his voice. Hoseok lifted his head slightly to look over at Jin.

“Yah I’m fIN-”Hoseok’s voice started to raise before cutting out entirely, slamming his head back into the table as he burst into your palm. You reached for a napkin and began to clean up the two of you.

A knowing look was present on all of his band members faces as soon as Hoseok had recovered and started to drag you out of the restaurant at lighting speed, throwing out the entirely see through excuse of the two of you not feeling well.

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Rap Monster

“Oh Y/N… you didn’t honestly think you were going to get away with mocking me in front of my band members, do you?” Namjoon threw you against the bed, reaching up your skirt and beginning to stroke the already wet spot on the outside of your panties.

“Beg.” Namjoon’s head tilted to the side as your lips stayed sealed shut. He let out a dramatic sigh, trickling his fingers away from your body,  and began walking towards the door.

“please…” You whimpered out barely audible. Oh, but it was loud enough for Namjoon to hear, just not quite loud enough to fill his desire of complete dominance of the situation, of complete control.

“What was that?” Namjoon tilted his head downwards, his gaze darkening. “I didn’t quite catch it….”

“Please…” You whimpered out again, this time just a little bit louder. Namjoon crawled ontop of you and let out a sadistic smile.

“Now that’s more like it.”

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“Jagi….Jagiyaa” Jimin whinned out as you began pump him harder, yet still not near hard enough, gradually picking up speed, yet still keeping it agonizingly slow. Ceasing to use your hands for the moment, you switched tactics now using your mouth. You started by swirling your tongue around his tip. Jimin let out a sharp hiss as you blew cold air against him and followed up by gently kissing the edge. Your smirk widened. You decide to give Jimin a bit of relief. Hollowing out our cheeks you inserted him into your mouth, rocking back and forth to create both suction and tension. You took him deep right off the bat, taking him in as far as you could and pumping what you couldn’t quite reach with your hands. You began to bob your head back and forth more rapidly, thoroughly enjoying the taste of Jimin whilst also enjoying the light throbbing of his member signifying he was close. Unable to handle the sensation building up inside of him, Jimin began to run his fingers through your hair.

But Jimin began to pull at you hair you pulled away causing Jimin’s eyes to fly open. Jimin groaned “You can’t be serious right now jag-” But his train of thought was cut short as you roughly squeezed the shaft of his member, causing his eyes roll back in both pleasure and obedience.

“I’m in charge tonight.” You lowly growled out. Jimin didn’t say a word, only slightly nodding before you continued to tease him and eventually allowed him to release. 

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“Aish!” You let out a harsh screech as Taehyung thrust his long slender fingers in and out of you at a brisk pace. He had done this to you enough to know exactly where your sweet spot was, and oh how he used it against you…

“Taeeee….Tae!” Every sound that originally started in your throat as a groan transformed into a yelp as Tae continued to hit your g-spot over and over again. You were getting close and it must have been visible on your face because just as the pleasure was nearly at its peak, Tae stopped thrusting his fingers in an out of you, both his mouth and eyes smiling vibrantly and he placed his mouth lightly against your entrance. 

You let out a deep sigh as Tae licked up and down your folds. He then parted them slightly, sliding his tongue into your dripping, at the verge of release core. He began to swirl his tongue around inside of you. You gripped onto the tips of his hair as he once again nicked at your sweet spot. It only took mere seconds for the the pleasure within you to rebuilt to its near max. You felt him smirk against your core as you finally released, exploding into his mouth. 

Tae removed his head from between your thighs and you instinctively squeezed them back together tightly as soon as he was no longer between them. No longer having access to your inner thigh, Tae began to glide his fingers up and down the outside of your knees, from your hip bone to your knee cap, as he licked his lips, making sure to let you know he enjoyed the taste as always.

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Jungkook grinned down at you, as you lay there, completely defenseless to his touch. You let out a soft moan as he climbed ontop of you beginning to trail kisses down your jawline. He began to rub your inner thigh as he continued to leave pink bite marks all along your neck and torso.

“Jungkoo-” You began to moan out before being abruptly cut off by a firm hand being placed over your mouth, followed by a low growl.

“Officer Jungkook.” You meekly nodded to show you understood. After Jungkook was sure of your obedience he removed his hand only to continue teasing you he intentionally pressing his hard member against your core as he leaned down, nibbling slightly on your earlobe.

“I’m not going to have to write up another ticket am I?” Jungkook whispered into your ear as he tightened the cuff holding you to the back of the headboard. 

~Admin S ;)

So if it wasn’t clear by the short scenarios listed above here are the members and what I think their kinks would be.

Jin- Being woken up by a blowjob or waking you up by eating you out

Suga - Texture play

Rap monster - rough makeup sex / begging

J-hope - public teasing / public sex

Jimin - being given blowjobs/ being dominated 

V- fingering you and eating you out

Jungkook- Roleplay