coiled binding


Finally ran the Binding Coil on my main tonight! With bonus sibling bonding between @onlyascholar and @purrsnicketypolymath.

Thanks to @haurchefantgreystone (on @noexiiistence ), @lighttheabyss, @reasoningruffles, @scionmage, @ishgardiancatte, and our sweet BRD Nyoko, whose tumblr I do not know. ; u;

Next week we’ll tackle the next set.

  • Binding Coil story: a super serious and intense story about the elder primal Bahamut, the truth of the Calamity and the journey deep down into the binding coil that he's imprisoned in
  • Alexander story: well the fuckin Goblin Illuminati™ summoned this shit giant steampunk robot so you might wanna go deal with that lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

More information on Alexander, 3.0’s new hardcore dungeon:

  • There will be two levels of Alexander: one for more “story-focused” players, and one for hardcore players.
  • As mattalos pointed out, those are trees on the ground; that should give some idea of how massive Alexander is.
  • Alexander’s loot system will function differently from Binding Coil of Bahamut’s, possibly to ensure that progression-focused players will obtain a reward of some sort for completion and not rely on roll luck.
An extra 40 seconds doesn't kill.

Yesterday I answered a phone call from this woman who wanted binding coils and I wanted to make sure we had them in order to set them aside and put them on hold for her. Now, the phone is next to the registers and one of the cashiers was helping a lady and there were 2 other people in line. I put the phone call on hold and called my manager to do a stock check. Now when we talk on the radio I will sometimes look towards the general direction the person is or I’ll stare in a weird doe eyed look towards God knows where. Idk why I just do, it’s like my way of concentrating on the person talking to me over the radio. So I’m standing next to the phone, looking towards the general direction of the line but I’m obviously talking on the radio. So he tells me to go ahead and set them aside. I answer the phone, inform the lady we have them and take her name. After I hang up I go to the register to help the line. So now the cashier takes the first lady and I take the other. I’m ringing up the second customer and the first lady very rudely and aggressively says “why didn’t you take me?? You saw me standing here. Why didn’t you help me? You were standing right there!” I stop scanning the items and raise my eyebrows at her. “Id appreciate it if you didn’t speak to me that way. I was actually on the phone with another customer. I was also talking to my manager. Our cashier got to you as soon as she could. I’d appreciate if you weren’t abusive towards employees. I was actually busy and doing other things and I couldn’t get to you right away. I apologize but please don’t raise your voice at me.” The lady huffs and crosses her arms and looks away. I continue ringing up the lady I’m with, I tell her to have a great day and says “that was not disrespectful at all. That was not abusive. She was simply asking a question.” I look right at her and say “actually, raising your voice at an employee and being unnecessarily aggressive towards them is not acceptable. Have a good day.” And I turned to walk away. I just don’t understand how you think it’s okay to ever raise your voice at an employee. We are human. She watched me answer the phone, talk into the radio and pick up the phone again. I may be staring at your general direction but you could hear EVERYTHING I was saying. You could hear me asking for a stock check because a customer wanted said items. Like?? I don’t understand why you need to be so aggressive because you had to stand in line for an extra 40 seconds. So if you’re reading this I don’t care who you are or how mad you are, never raise your voice at employees. Be a decent, understanding human being.

So, idea !

I noticed that the text and dialogue for the MSQ (sidequests, too, maybe?) in 3.4 change depending on whether or not you’ve completed the Binding Coils of Bahamut. If anyone hasn’t cleared them, and would like to, I would be willing to put together learning/clear parties maybe 1-2 nights a week to help people get them done if they have yet to do so.

Reblog this with your character name and what day/time you’d be available to do the runs, and I’ll work on making a schedule for it ! No experience is required, I’m a patient teacher and we completely obliterate the bosses anyway, lol. I’d even be willing to do full clears (Turns 1 - 13**) for people if they wanted to see the story. :)

** Turn 3 is often skipped because it is pointless and doesn’t really add anything special, but it’s something that I feel should be experienced at least once.