coil machine


The Rigsby Coil Gun,

Invented by a Texas man named Virgil Rigsby in 1934, the Rigsby Coil Gun was a machine that was unique in that it used electromagnets as its source of ignition. A coil gun, also known as a Gauss gun, does not use an expanding gas propellant such as gunpowder. Rather the projectile is propelled down the barrel using a series of electromagnets which, if timed right, will pull the projectile down through the barrel and out of the bore at high velocity..

The Rigsby Coil Gun fired at a rate of 150 rounds per minute with little sound or recoil. It was featured in a 1936 edition of Popular Mechanics but other than that saw little use of exposure.  The military was uninterested in the design because it was large, delicate, and required massive amounts of power to operate.

Operation: Fragile Stiles

Based on this prompt: Stiles puts bells on all the wolves and Derek still manages to not make a sound. 1370w

It all comes to a head when Erica decides to leap out at him from beside a vending machine and he flails so hard his fingers cramp on the tab of his newly purchased can of coke. He makes a leap of his own, backwards, and gets drenched in a fizzy spray as his head smacks against the vending machine’s glass and sends something clattering down inside. It’s his third Operation: Fragile Stiles mishap of the week and there are still six days to go.

He splutters as the sticky drizzle runs down his face, his anger initially dampened by the acknowledgement that at least it wasn’t aimed at his crotch this time, until he realises he shouldn’t have even reached the stage of making concessions in the first place.

Erica doesn’t seem to see the problem. She bends down to retrieve the Butterfinger that somersaulted over the coil inside the machine with help from the impact of his skull and throws him a victorious grin as she skips away.

He’s had it with this game he never agreed to play. He’s sick of being the only human who has to put up with this shit, the constant shaving of years from his life as he watches over his shoulder for the next wolfy surprise. Allison might know her way around a bow and arrow and Lydia might have her acid tongue for a deterrent, but Stiles has… weapons. He does.

It’s Isaac’s snigger and Jackson’s curling lip that do it.

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A super cute scene from the script of “Squeeze” (1x03). Takes place right after the lie detector test:

A package of sunflower seeds stands suicidal on a ledge of the vending machine. The coil turns and the package falls. Mulder removes his snack from the bottom tray. Scully inserts some coins, then weighs her options, absently rolling her necklace between her thumb and forefinger. 

MULDER: What? 
SCULLY: Do I want the trail mix or the yogurt covered raisins? 
MULDER: With the day you’re having? 

He pushes some buttons. 
A chocolate monster loaded with comforting but unhealthy junk falls into the bin. Scully sighs, still playing with her necklace. 

SCULLY: What makes you think I’m having a bad day? 

He mimicks her motion with his thumb and forefinger. 

MULDER: The worse the day gets, the faster the necklace twirls. 

Caught, she releases her necklace. He produces the candy from the bin and hands it to her. They move along the precinct. She stops, flustered. 

SCULLY: Mulder, why’d you do that? 
MULDER: (a hedge) What, I’ve flipped for candy bars before.
SCULLY: You knew they wouldn’t believe you, why did you push it?