coil hair

The first time Feyre was painted and dressed up by the shadow sisters, so Rhysand could take her to the midsummer party, I noticed this sentence: “My hair was coiled around a small golden diadem imbedded with lapis lazuli.”

Let me over analyse and explain why this sentence is significant. When Rhysand brings Feyre into the throne room all she can think about is how debased she looks with her sheer gown. In her mind Amarantha looks better because she’s dressed modestly. But lets forget about the dresses for a moment and look at what’s on Feyre’s head and not on Amaranthas, a diadem. What is that exactly? Well a diadem is a type of crown usually worn by monarchs, an emblem for regal power and dignity. Not only did Rhysand give Feyre a CROWN but a crown with a lapis lazuli. What’s the big deal about lapis lazuli, you ask? 

Well, Lapis Lazuli is historically one of the most sought after stones. It has always symbolized the starry night (so basically the night court). Also, if you believe in crystals having some sort of “powers” lapis lazuli is often used for its strong emotional components, known for helping people overcome abuse, trauma, depression and grief (Which clearly Feyre needs help with).

 Let’s also not forget the discussion between Rhysand and Amarantha when they stroll into the throne room.  “What have you done with my captive?” she said but her smile doesn’t reach her eyes.  “We made a bargain… one week with me at the night court every month in exchange for my healing services…for the rest of her life.”  This was Rhysand telling Amarantha that Feyre is his and not hers. Not only did Rhysand save the life of the human that Amarantha wants dead, he waltzed right up to the foot of her throne, and in front of all the courts, announced not so subtly that he thinks Feyre is going to beat Amarantha and he’s going to support her through it all. Feyre was so wrapped up in her concern over Tamlin that she believed this whole thing was just a way for Rhysand to torment him, when in reality it had nothing to do with Tam. It was Rhysands way to say to Amarantha that her reign won’t last forever.  This was Rhysand rebelling against his abuser.


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