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On the lesbianism issue… Is homosexuality merely frowned upon, or is it illegal in Westeros? What is the punishment if any?

It doesn’t seem to be actually illegal, just taboo and rarely acknowledged. We only ever hear it mentioned in vague ways (like the rumors about Oberyn) or as crude jokes (the remark about shoving a spear up Loras where Renly would never even find it). They know that gay people exist and it’s a bit scandalous.

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i think that by george martin writing an openly gay couple into the books, he would just be doing it so not to offend people. ultimately aren’t characters who drive the plot and are interesting to read about preferable over gay characters? if it’s important to a characters development for them to be gay i’m all for it but in a medieval setting having an openly gay couple just doesn’t fit in with the context.

But this is a work of fantasy, not a medieval historical novel.  I don’t get how dragons and zombies are more realistic for the context than gay couples are. The rules are whatever George wants to make of them. I’m not saying Martin should include a gay couple only to “not offend people;” people would like to see a realistic spectrum of sexuality presented because it makes it a more realistic and relatable world. Given the huge number of characters GRRM creates and uses in every novel, it’s not out of line to wonder why a few of them couldn’t have been lesbians.

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I was the one who asked about Jon warging into Hodor earlier. I'm sorry, because I didn't go into much details and I seem to have given the wrong impression. I don't think that would be in any sense the right thing, morally, to do and it certainly wouldn't be fair to Hodor. I was just curious if you thought GRRM might be setting that up. I've seen your post about that issue with regards to Bran before, and the possibility occurred to me. Once again, sorry for the implications.

I see now, but no, no I don’t think GRRM is setting that up at all. Hodor is not a mule for skinchangers to use merely because he’s mentally disabled and can’t fight off their control, not for Bran, not for Jon. (Who is at least 1000 miles away from Hodor right now, btw.)

I very much doubt that Jon will become a human skinchanger, for that matter — human skinchangers are beyond rare (primarily because it’s an abomination), and while Varamyr thought he had far more talent than he realized, that was before he met Summer-Bran.

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Weird thought…If Jon wargs into Ghost, but Melisandre resurrects him, It doesn’t necessarily mean Jon returns, does it?

I’d assume Jon’s mind/spirit would just be drawn back to his body — Beric and Cat didn’t need to be skinchangers to return to theirs. If it doesn’t happen automatically then perhaps Jon would deliberately have to “reach” for his body, but I still wouldn’t call that skinchanging yourself. Just, idk, like returning to yourself from an out-of-body experience or something.