*Me sobbing* “Look at them!! They are wives!! too beautiful, too pure for this world (yess, they are the cinnamonnrolls of the shadowhunters )” 

I just love them so much,, they were one of my favorite parts of TMI,, and they are married, bless


“If you’re not doing okay, you should tell me,“ Jace said. "We’re all under stress, but we have to keep it together as much as we-”
Alec whirled on him. There was disbelief in his eyes. “Doing okay? How would you be doing?” he demanded. “How would you be doing if it were Clary that Sebastian had taken? If it were her we were going to rescue, not knowing if she was dead or alive? How would you be doing?”
Jace felt as if Alec had slapped him. He also felt as though he deserved it. It took him several tries before he could get out the next words. “I-I would be in pieces.”
Alec got to his feet. He was outlined against the bruise-colored sky, the glow of the broken moons reflecting off the ground; Jace could see every facet of his expression, everything he had been keeping pent up. He thought of the way Alec had killed the faerie knight in the court; cold and quick and merciless. None of that was like Alec. And yet Jace had not paused to think about it, to think what drove that coldness: the hurt, the anger, the fear. “This,” Alec said, gesturing toward himself. “This is me in pieces.”  [City of Heavenly Fire]


*Bye bye bye by N sync starts playing in the background*

Aline, Cristina and Kieran; visibly starting to sweat, whispering “by the angel”

She understood that there was some amount of fuss about the fact that both Helen and Aline were girls, but she didn’t understand why.
—  Emma Carstairs, being more mature and progressive at the age of 12 than half the shadowhunters could ever be. (City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare).

May 7th- Malec Disney Day
Actually my favorite disney movie is Beauty and the beast but I couldn’t get this scene off my mind so I just had to do it.. Also, I’m like 99% sure that something like that happened during Malec’s vacation in COFA, just…

Alec: Magnus wTf..
Magnus: Shut up, Alexander, I’m trying to be romantic here.

Can we discuss Ty Blackthorn’s character development between CoHF and LM? He went from a ten year old who wouldn’t let anyone but Livvy touch him, who screamed and hit out at anyone who tried to get close to him, and turned into a 15 year old who is eloquent in expressing how he feels, who has developed coping mechanisms and who is a model of strength a younger version of himself could probably never imagine. The boy who Julian pulled glass from the hand of after he punched a jewellery box has become the Ty who has spent years working to find coping methods like headphones and fiddle toys. Honestly, I’m so emotional about how proud that makes me.