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“Haven’t you heard of the Tsortean Knot?”
“Sounds dirty,” said Truckle. “Hur, hur, hur… sorry.”
The minstrel sighed. “It was a huge, complicated knot that tied two beams together in the Temple of Offler in Tsort, and it was said that whoever untied it would reign over the whole of the continent,” he said.
“They can be very tricky, knots,” said Mrs. McGarry.
“Carelinus sliced right through it with his sword!” said the minstrel. The revelation of this dramatic gesture did not get the applause he expected.
“So he was a cheat as well as a cry-baby?” said Boy Willie.
“No! It was a dramatic, nay, portentous gesture!” snapped the minstrel.
“Yeah, okay, but it’s not exactly untying, is it? I mean, if the rules say ‘untying,’ I don’t see why he should–”
“Nah, nah, the lad’s got a point,” said Cohen, who seemed to have been turning this one over in his mind. “It wasn’t cheating, because it was a good story. Yeah. I can understand that.” He chuckled. “I can just imagine it, too. A load of whey-faced priests and suchlike standin’ around and thinkin’, ‘that’s cheatin’, but he’s got a really big sword so I won’t be the first to point this out, plus this damn great army is just outside.’ Hah. Yeah. Hmm. What did he do next?”

– on the Tsortian Knot | Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero


“Let’s show them what we can do, Get some hair!“ Matt Cohen // #MackAttack 😍


So, I am posting my photo ops from JIB last year again, because I just received the jpg files. Just looking at them makes me so excited for this year’s JIB. Plus: Every time I look at the pics I actually cannot believe this truly happened. :) It was glorious and crazy and insane and fun and intimidating and all around amazing. Can’t wait for this year!