cohabitation route


Bahh so sleepy >< Slept at 3am and woke up at 8am cause I was told I had to go help out at another store today…oh well it’s quiet enough for me to be on the computer XP

Dreamy Days: Rihito (Ricchan’s) Hatsune’s ~Cohabitation Route~ Aww isn’t Ricchan so cute~ his ‘Ittekimasu Kiss’ hehe I think he’s one of my fav XD all of them are my favs in Dreamy Days! Can’t wait until more routes come out! Enjoy while I still have CGs to post lol ^__^v

Quick overview of route: Ricchan’s house is under renovation and the temp house he was suppose to stay at is super small and far so he rents out his own place and invites you to stay with him for the time-being~ he said it’s good practice before you really live together!