I was once having a discussion about the variants of cyberpunk. You know, steampunk, cogpunk, biopunk, etc. One came up that I hadn’t even considered, but should be made into a thing: Atompunk. It would center around the atomic/giant monster, as well as “the power of the atom” fetish of the ‘50s and ‘60s.


Gorgeous set of bevel gears on the Eaton & Amos pump at Westernzoyland in the Somerset Levels. The teeth on the bevel wheel are made from applewood, whose fine grain and strength made it  the wood of choice for gear teeth for craftsmen of old.

This engine makes the most glorious splashing when they have it pumping. 

Westernzoyland.        Isn’t  that the most gorgeous name? It just  rolls off the tongue. Not far from Sedgemoor, where the last battle on English soil was fought for the throne of England.