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Waiting for the Fleet to Show - Complete
They tell him he won’t fly again - not for the New Republic military anyway - while he’s still in the hospital. The news splashes over his skin like a scald, refusing to sink deeper but leaving a burn that will remain tender for years. The nurses suggest it first, mixed with ‘too much damage’ and ‘potential for prosthetics’, maybe you could- but his attention always slides away before they can really finish. It’s like he knows the refrain, but he doesn’t like the song.
By Organization for Transformative Works

An emergency ejection during a training exercise ends Poe Dameron’s flying career before it starts, at least for the New Republic. General Organa steps in to ask him to take a special assignment elsewhere, and Poe accepts, seeing no other value to his life.

Now Complete.

You can find the assorted playlist of songs that I listened to extensively while composing this piece here, including the song from which it takes its title. 

stormpilot fanwork appreciation day!

Oh my. Ohhhh my goodness. I have no idea where to start and I’m sure I’ll forget a bunch of great authors, but here goes: thank you all for making my day every time you update a fic. 


@animalasaysrauer (TuppingLiberty) my beloved RP buddy, who’s responsible for a heckton of sweet fics, most of which feature emotionally honest conversations - my personal jam.

@imaginarygolux who blesses the fandom with an astonishing amount of charming fics, including some prime h/c, delightful smut, and unique AUs.

@topographical-map-of-utah who wrote a whole bouquet of incredible fics featuring trans Poe. Also draws incredibly adorable art as @topoart, AKA the only tumblr I’ve ever signed up for notifications from, because no sir I do not want to miss a single drawing. 

@shawarma-palace (Cognomen) writes sentences that just take my breath away for a few seconds while I stare at it, hoping that if I read enough of them I’ll be able to write like that someday. Start with the glorious Endymion and I.

@la-tarasque who’s been off in real life for a while (sob!) but whose fics are still some of the most incredible whump I’ve ever read. Start with Last of the Chaos and go from there. 

@bomberqueen17‘s Home Out in the Wind series offers all of the character development, relationship growth, and worldbuilding one could ever ask for in a longfic (like, really long, wondrously long, sink-your-teeth-into-and-stay long). OT3 endgame.


latch onto me by @beautifulglider basically killed me with laughter, which is the best way to go. 

the hand that first held mine by @deputychairman gave me a lot of Feelings, how dare. Especially about Finn and children. Don’t do this to me, please. I have enough of those already.

Sounds like a Plan by @cha-llamala​ features the most hilarious mid-firefight banter I’ve ever read. 

Later by GalacticProportions: All of GalacticProportion’s fics are graceful, well-written, and heartfelt, with vivid characters and settings. Go read them. Now. Careful, you may catch a feeling or three. 

measured by @twofrontteethstillcrooked: Finn feels. So many Finn feels. So well-written. So much goodness. Oh my. 

A Room with a View by pyes: Long one-shot with some incredible worldbuilding, character development, and holy moly hot smut. 

Memories Lost by @linatrinch: Slayed me. Completely. I can’t wait for the Finn POV companion fic, no pressure or anything ;)

Jessika Pava: Best Wingman in the Resistance! by ScarlettStorm: HILARIOUS. Like, oh my god, falling out of my desk chair and rolling around on the floor clutching my ribs because OH MY GOD THIS FIC. Just wait till the boot, ok?