cognitive challenge


This really cold winter is also a challenge for our scientific tests. Our big treadmill is frozen even though there’s a built-in heating system. The yellow star, a “marker” for one of our tests, can hardly be seen at times. And Lina, one of our PhD students, always carries a hairdryer these days, to prevent the touchscreen from freezing due to the dogs’ and wolves’ saliva…
Photos: Rooobert Bayer

The 30 day Function Development Challenge

Okay, so I will be starting this Thursday, because then it lines up neatly with September and I don’t need to think about it. Here’s my current list of challenges, and again, I am still taking suggestions and you’re also welcome to follow along.

Since I plan my days generally, but opportunities (or obstacles) come up, I’ll usually post at the end of the day/the next day which challenge I did since most can be done in 20 minutes or so. Also some require multiple days and so I’ll count those on the last day. You’ll figure it out.

Finally, a lot of these items fit into more than one function category, so I’ll talk about that in my posts. The categorization is not perfect, but it’s useful.


Spatial reasoning puzzle

Read an article I disagree with and find loopholes.

Start learning a new skill/refreshing an old one


Do an internal sensation meditative thing (yoga, meditation)

Learn Bullet Journalling and keep one for a week.

Develop a consistent morning routine for a week.


Observe self in a group and how I relate to people, write down thoughts.

Do something you don’t necessarily enjoy but you like the people involved.


EXPRESS YOURSELF (do some art)*

Go to a museum and analyze why you like certain pieces.


Go to a new restaurant

Go to a new cultural event without researching it to death (movie, play, museum, etc)

Go to a new park

Mind map/free writing


Plan out job applications and go to career center (note: this is Te in my life; basically any long-term planning that could benefit from immediate action will work as a substitute for this)

Find a small project you’ve procrastinated on and do it.

.Organize folders on laptop/in google docs


Listen to the news and try to figure out what will happen next

Come up with genuine answers of where I see myself in 5 years


I forget who said “watch a fish idk” but I kind of do want to go to an aquarium?

Physically challenge self (note: am running a 5k on Labor day, but I’ve done that before so I’m trying for something different).

Belated, but go through photos of ‘opportunities’ (running clubs, tutoring jobs, etc) on phone and actually go to them/do them and write about the experience.

*This is just one example of something that could come from multiple functions. I actually saw this under Fe, but in a list made by an Fe user, so since I have Fi instead I’m putting it here. Move it around as needed.

(edited after the initial post because I accidentally left off Se)

Science of Solar Racing 
Cognitive On Board

When it comes to solar racing in the Outback, the University of Michigan team can’t possibly recall every small atmospheric occurrence from recent history: which is a shame because that kind of information makes for 30% more accurate forecasts. That’s why they’re joining forces with IBM scientists to outthink the other drivers all the way to that glorious finish line. The cognitive system will make recommendations—to slow down, speed up, or stay still–derived not only from the current and future forecasts but also from previous weather. Makes perfect sense, really. Don’t all important decisions require careful consideration of the past?