The Artist in His Room at the Villa Medici, Rome (1817). Léon Cogniet (French, 1794-1880). Oil on canvas. The Cleveland Museum of Art.

On the back of this painting the artist wrote (in French): “My room at the reception of my first letter from my family, 1817.” In 1817, Cogniet won the Prix de Rome for history painting, a state prize that allowed him to live and work at the Villa Medici for a period of five years. The helmet, shield, and swords depicted reference the expected history paintings to come.

Léon Cogniet  The flags, 1830. Oil on canvas.

Léon Cogniet (29 August 1794 – 20 November 1880) was a French history and portrait painter.

The transition of the Royalist fleur-de-lys to the red, white and blue revolutionary tricolour takes place during the violent 1830 uprising.

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Girl in a Blue Sash. Wilhelm Amberg (German, 1822-1899). Oil on canvas.

Amberg was educated by the painters Carl Joseph Begas in Berlin and Léon Cogniet in Paris. After this he spent a couple of years in Rome. His paintings are characterized by humour and a poetic atmosphere. Amberg has won many awards and from 1886 was a Member of the Senate of the Prussian Academy of Arts, Berlin.