FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 3.6.15

‘joni’ full leather tote bag by greygoodsportland

it’s friday, i’m in love … with greygoodsportland!! so much so that three out of five of my frenzy posts are dedicated to their finds today :) this leather tote is a buttery, slightly shiny cognac color and comes with a cross-body strap for versatility. also available in a smooth bone hue.

Russia easily and Internet-famously takes the cake when it comes to alcohol-fueled not-giving-a-shittery. And when it comes to booze, the country is most intimately associated with vodka – go ahead, try to picture an inebriated man from Vladivostok attacking a dash-cam-equipped car while waving a whiskey bottle. Can’t be done.

It’s quite absurd, really. But, of course, a country that fascinated with alcohol has tons of types available. Take cognac, for instance. You can absolutely get tons of this particularly refined brandy in Russia. Except, don’t literally take cognac from there, because according to some reports, up to 70 percent of that shit is completely counterfeit. Yes, counterfeit, as in “they cook up cheap-ass imitations of this highly prestigious drink from aromatizers, chemicals, and whatever alcohol they happen to have lying around.”

5 Ways the Alcohol Industry Tricks You Into Drinking Garbage