Arrangement by Bill Eager, Composition by Toby Fox

The ever-popular Megalovania as it appeared in Mother: Cognitive Dissonance. Said to be the theme of having a bad time, it shows up three different times throughout CogDis. The first time is during a ship evacuation in one of the earliest parts of the game. The second is in an optional quest heavily inspired by the game Megalovania originally came from, the Earthbound Halloween Hack. The final time is in the final boss fight of one of the game’s secret endings.


I was digging through some stuff and found a bunch of drawings i hadn’t posted

A ton of Mother series fusions!! its just between PSI users though, probs because those PSI-less nerds can’t do PK FUSION

The Mother fandom is such a weird beast.
It spawned Cognitive Dissonance as a fan project that sort of spawned it’s own sub-fandom for it
and now there’s a sub-fandom of THAT who ended up expanding on Giegue’s species, a character who shows up once in the whole canon series for like the end of the game and now there’s a small thriving group of people with their own fancharacters of that species and I dunno, it’s so weird how fandom evolves.

The good kind of weird though, don’t get me wrong.
Maybe I’ll make my own.

Quincy Pringle

Battle theme of Elmadan, mayor of Satanae, from Mother: Cognitive Dissonance! After you beat him, you can recruit him to your ship’s crew to act as a save point! However, in hard mode, the option to recruit him is not available, and he shows up as a boss again later on.
[Original art by wakamole0 on CharaHub, GIF made by me.]

Bill Eager

“Ghosts” is the title theme of Mother: Cognitive Dissonance. It features leitmotifs that are repeated multiple times throughout the game, as is the standard for the Mother series. It’s just like in Undertale, which also contains “songs” and “music”.