cog boss

what ur favorite cog boss says about u

VP: happy and pure, likes the bright side of life, cant shake the nagging feeling that they forgot to do something but has no idea what it is, most likely out of the four to do a kissing booth

CJ: has a good feeling about tomorrow, tries to be as productive as possible, thinks there definitely arent enough hours in a day, can be harsh but is trying to give constructive criticism 

CEO: wants the world, constantly says “well if i marry rich..”, wishes they didnt have to work a day in their life, is honestly hilarious and tells the best stories, easy to fall in love with immediately 

CFO: loves money and all things about it, actually loves to spend it on other people, hates when people draw “robots” that look nothing like robots, will do anything to make someone feel special

Cog Bosses Are Terrifying.

A while back, a friend of mine & I calculated that cog bosses are roughly 20 feet tall, since compared to the VP, it takes about 2 Mr. Hollywoods to stack up.

(Mr. Hollywoods are ~8.5 feet tall according to a cog height chart poster.)


You know what’s less than 20 feet tall?

Most Legendary Pokémon.
(Gen 4 legendaries shown because I could really only fit them)


(The VP compared to an average 5′3″ person)

Could you imagine?



cfo’s google search history

ways to make money easy fast

dollar dollar bills yo song

does my boss owe me money

is it possible to buy better friends

is it possible to buy better friends and are they expensive

rap songs about money

what does turnt mean

is it bad to like money more than friends

why are all my friends obsessed with memes

what’s the song that goes like money money money y'all

hundred dollar bill toilet paper

hundred dollar bill tissues

suit with hundred dollar bill pattern

For the love of God don’t CEO with this toon. 

First they were being a total ass to a soundless toon and later everyone (said soundless toon also leaving because of them) and they ended up hogging all the snacks, even when a conveyor belt shut down due to us taking too long to defeat the CEO and did hardly anything to help finish the CEO as they eventually just stuck at the only open conveyor belt and took all the snacks. 

So save yourself the headache and just don’t CEO with them. 

So I made yet another bunny OC. His name is Icy Bubblepop, an orphan who lives at the Lighthouse Lane Orphanage. Yet he often strays away from there to go on his own little ventures (and causing his caretaker to worry). He lives in the post Toon and Cog war era as well, so he will often go to Cog HQS and bother the Cog bosses with numerous questions. And though he might be a trickster from time to time, he also likes to help around the HQs as well.

Fourth of July, not the type of thing Cog Boss liked with all the loud banging in the distance. He muffled words under his breath as he did memos and drank his coffee. Today was the due date of his memos and he couldn’t have all this banging of fireworks.