My wife and I collaborated on these hand-bound ghost pokemon sketchbooks that we brought to the last convention we attended! Each one is hand drawn and bound, one of a kind, and has 24 pages (12 sheets) inside. I sketched them, chose the paper for the inside, and stitched them together. She inked them, colored them, and chose the paper for the covers. I looooved working on this project with her and look forward to doing more things like this in the near future!

These are now available for purchase on my wife’s storenvy!

Tonight’s fusion set: Black and purple color theme! I’m pretty excited about these ones..

Cofigrighast - Ghastly x Cofigrigus, my combination

Thundelure - Thundurus x Chandelure, my combination

Shelldeo - Keldeo x Shellder, prompt from mylittlepokeymans. Sorry this one’s mostly a recolour, but Shellder doesn’t really have many reusable parts. I figured you wouldn’t mind as long as Keldeo was the base c: