coffin bookshelf

Damien getting jealous

Damien has always been a romantic lover, and slow to anger. However, when it comes to his s/o, he’s always going to be one for big gestures and over the top reactions. The two of you were in a hardware store when it happened; Damien was looking for wood so he could build himself a coffin-shaped bookshelf for his bedroom. One of the employees asked if you needed any help while Damien was distracted, and ended up sticking around a little too long to chat. While Damien was always keenly aware of what was happening if it involved you, it did take him a moment to register the reality of the situation. As soon as he did, though, he was no longer Damien the IT guy and very quickly became Damien Bloodmarch, head of the Bloodmarch manor. An arm was around your waist, and his usually serious face was adorned with a cold, polite smile. “Dear,” he hummed, making eye contact only with the man that had been flirting with you, “Would you mind going to pick up a parchment with the selections of noir paint for me?” You gave him a look; Damien was very particular about his blacks, he typically wouldn’t let you near the paint isle. But you agreed; your boyfriend had his eccentricities, but he never asked anything of you unless he felt it absolutely necessary. When you returned to him empty-handed (you got lost. This store was big!) he was back to his usual self, eyeing the slabs of wood.
“Hey, I couldn’t find the isle for the paints. What happened to that guy that was working here? He could point me in the right direction.”
“No need.” Damien gave you a gentle smile and crossed his arms. “He excused himself a moment ago. I can take you there myself, darling.”

You two ended up in the store for another hour at least, but not once did you run into the worker again.