A heart broken mother had this grave designed for her deceased 10-year-old daughter in 1871. While she was alive, the daughter was terrified of storms. The grave was constructed with an entrance that descends to the level of the coffin. Her mother would come and enter the tomb during storms to comfort her child. 


3,000-year-old fingerprints found inside lid of Egyptian high priest's coffin

A new exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum will display the prints believed to have belonged to an ancient Egyptian worker, made over three millenia ago. The discovery by researchers at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge is hailed as “one of many small details that bring us closer to the ancient craftsmen”, said a spokeswoman.

Julie Dawson, head of conservation at the Fitzwilliam Museum, said the prints were first identified in 2005 by archaeologists but had “not been widely publicized” before.

The fingerprints were probably left by the craftsman who handled the sarcophagus of a priest named Nespawershefyt, also called Nes-Amun, before the varnish dried. Read more.