by Chema Madoz

His work expresses endless imagination a human being can have and it is mastered with a minimalist approach. 

There is humor and pun in his work using dissimilar objects integrating seamlessly. 

‘A photographer’s imagination is his greatest tool with which he can dream without limitations, raise questions against the character of objects.’ 

Madoz’s idea evolves into a philosophy of interpreting and redefining concepts in the most laconic way to produce high quality work. Madoz’s work signifies metaphors, symbols and dual meanings.

martyrdom of saint cecilia by Xuan Che
Via Flickr: EDIT

One of the most remarkable and moving late-Renaissance masterpieces in Rome - The Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia in Basilica di Santa Cecilia in Trastevere by Stefano Maderno in 1599. This sculpture is reportedly modelled on the saint’s body as seen in 1595 when her tomb was discovered. It is claimed that when her coffin was opened, her body had miraculously still congealed blood after centuries. This statue could be conceived as proto-Baroque, since it depicts no idealized moment or person, but a theatric scene, a naturalistic representation of a dead or dying saint. It also brought its young sculptor instant fame.