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I saw your post about how long Madeleine lived in the book and do you know if she shared a coffin with Louis and Claudia or did they have separate coffins during that 1 week of her living as a vampire?

The night she’s turned, Louis tries to get Madeleine to share a coffin with him (not out of love it seems, but just that the sun is rising and he doesn’t want her to wreck herself), but we don’t know if he’s successful with that, the scene ends without it being confirmed.

After that, I don’t think Louis mentions the sleeping arrangements, but doubt Madeleine would sleep alone at that point. So either with Claudia or Louis, but I headcanon that the night of Madeleine’s turning was the end of Louis sharing his coffin with Claudia ;A;

@queenofthesavagegarden used to RP as Madeleine (@nonparisiennearchive), so maybe she would have some insight on this, but anyone else is welcome to answer.


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