sorry i haven’t really been able to post any original pictures the last couple weeks school is getting crazy and i have to deal with healing my foot (i tore a muscle :(, we thought it was fractured :(( ) tomorrow, i have a paper on the kgb due and today i had an ap world history test


stationery shopping before the new semester start. I bought them mostly from gramedia and paperclip. here is whats inside my pencil case (left to right)

  • faber-castell connector pen 
  • sakura sharp nocks 0.5 mech.pencil
  • tombow calno bc-gc pen
  • zebra jimnie pen
  • faster high grade c6 pen
  • faber-castell grip x p5 pen
  • standard needle point gel pen
  • snowman 0.4 drawing pen
  • bic marking permanent marker
  • standard needle point refill
  • pilot 0.5 2b polymer leads
  • ziegel germany ruler
  • staedtler rasoplast eraser
  • faber-castell 5mm x 6m correction tape

25 jan 16’back 2 school advice

hiiiiiii it’s jess, and this is my first masterpost/advice post!! since i’m going back to school and starting 10th grade (sophomore year??) very soon, i have decided to share some of my tips + advice for the new school year :]


p.s; in australia, high school is from grade 7-12.

001; be nice  —

  • omg be a nice person please!! treat others like how you would want to be.
  • smile @ students/teachers when you see them, even if you don’t know them & who cares if they don’t smile back??
  • popularity doesn’t matter. popularity doesn’t matter.
  • i know it can be a bit daunting, but talk to people and be genuine !!!

002; organisation —

  • stay organised so you can meet your deadlines and remember important events!! 
  • use a binder and label different sections with tabs
  • invest on a planner, start a bullet journal, download an app or use a calendar or even printables!! trust me, any of these will make your life so much easier!
  • make sure you have spare pens/pencils !!!
  • clean out folders once a month
  • make to do or assignments list
  • make sure you always have a clean study space

003; change your mindset —

  • changing your perspective on things can make a huge difference
  • change your study habits and see how you can improve in different things, because there is always room for improvement!!

004; set goals —

  • setting goals gives you long term vision and short term motivation
  • goals are the fuel that will drive you forward 
  • if you want something, don’t just wait for it. go out and make a change
  • if you want to get an A? thEN GET AN A!! WORK HARD & PROVE OTHERS WRONG.
  • reward achievements !

005; friendships —

  • trust me when i say this, your friend group from the first year of hs will change. you will learn who your true friends are throughout the years.
  • let go of toxic people!! they will only make you feel bad about yourself 
  • be friends with people who support & care about you; choose wisely.

006; get involved —

  • join clubs or your school sports team!! you can meet new people and spend time with them, doing what you love!
  • you will meet a diverse group of people
  • extra curricular activities look good on your resume
  • go to school sport games and have fun w friends!!

007; homework —

  • do it asap !!! 
  • don’t procrastinate, the longer you put off work, the harder it will get
  • procrastination leads you to rush tasks, so you’ll have less time to do it and it might not be to the best of your ability

008; teachers + classes —

  • please respect + be nice to your teachers !!!
  • if you don’t understand something, ask them
  • don’t be afraid to ask!! its their job to teach you
  • be punctual!
  • be an active student! participate in class discussions- ask or answer questions

009; exams / studying —

  • stay disciplined.
  • review and revise.
  • use different study methods e.g. practice tests, flash cards, mind maps
  • take breaks, stay hydrated and have small snacks!!
  • over learn the material !! never underestimate a test
  • once you’ve finished exams, treat yo self!!! maybe buy cute lil stationery that you’ve had your eye on
  • be gentle with yourself, don’t get to stressed and don’t overload yourself w work
  • choose a working environment that is tidy and quiet. make sure you have no distractions!
  • hard work pays off!!!!

010; GOOD LUCK !!!

i really hope you guys enjoy this! feel free to message me or request anything here, i love u all 💖✨


My note-taking methods

When it comes to class notes,I don’t really have a set way of taking notes. I write in pen, pencil or sometimes marker, into notebooks provided by the school. And we have tiny A5 notebooks for maths which makes me so mad because a single graph takes up the entire page!

When I have exams coming up, I’ll rewrite my class notes on the topic as well as add some notes from my textbooks. I usually do this around a week before the exam. I rewrite my notes into one A4, spiral-bound grid notebook, and I use little page markers to separate the subjects and topics.

For most subjects I use the outlining method. I usually pick one colour for each topic or subtopic. I write the title of the topic in glitter gel pen and circle the letters, and the subtitles in cursive using a Stabilo marker. 

I don’t use highlighters but instead go over important keywords with a glitter gel pen of the same colour as the subtitles. Sometimes I’ll write important facts on little post-it notes and add them to the page.

For some subjects I prefer mind maps. Here I usually choose one colour for each subtopic. I usually draw mind maps for very visual subjects such as biology, or any subject that has a lot of connected info, because then I have it all in front of me on one page.

Tips on note-taking:

  • Colour coding! You can create a system, for example orange for facts and figures, green for examples, blue for quotes etc. Or, you can use one colour for one topic to remember what information goes to which topic, like I do. Use the method that works best for you!
  • Post-its! They’re for writing reminders, important facts or key words on, and they also make your notes look more exciting! you can also draw boxes if you don’t want to purchase post-its or use them in your notes. I usually add borders around formulas to make them stand out.
  • Add illustrations, diagrams, etc! You can draw them yourself or print them out. Either way, pictures help you remember things a lot better, and they make things easier to understand. It’s clearer to see a picture you can connect to real life, than a bunch of words strung together!

Some posts on note-taking which I’ve found very helpful are How I Take Notes by @acollegegirlsays, How to Illustrate Your Notes by @studious-annabeth and Note-Taking for Different Lecture Styles by @caffeinatedcraziness.

So this was my first little masterpost, I hope you found it helpful and/or inspiring! Let me know what kinds of things you’d like me to write about in the future, and feel free to send me messages about note-taking or anything else! xoxo

| may 5, 2016 | {8 days til apwh exam}

currently: vigorously studying for apwh and staying organically caffeinated w/ kombucha

[13 mar 16′] this week’s spread —currently very busy w a lot of school work✨ 

• also reached 3k ?? wtf you guys are unbelievable. i love you all so much!!

16 November 2016 // COMING SOON

Brace yourselves, finals are coming. But before we plant our faces into endless hours of studying, let’s take a moment to appreciate these Starbucks cups - they’re pretty darn cute! 📚

P.S. It’s not coffee ☕️

🎧 Louis Armstrong - La Vie en Rose (aka my “I can’t listen to Christmas music because it’s too early, but I want to listen to Christmas type music,” music. )


{ aug. 12, 2016 } |13:25|
doctor’s appt. this morning. now about to read some Huckleberry Finn before going to yoga tonight. preseason(aka death) starts next week.

27 October 2016 // COFFEE SHOP

Spent my day reviewing political science in a cozy little bookstore coffee shop before I went to work. Got myself a black iced tea, and enjoyed this aesthetic very much. Progressive day to say the least. ☕️

Happy Halloween weekend! 🎃

🎧Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

22 jan 16’what’s in my pencil case?

starting 10th grade in a week;                                                                         feeling excited but nervous?? ☁️🇦🇺

21.2.2016 // 21/100

Practice, practice, and more practice. I have been told retrieval practice is key. I have found this to be very true. When I look back at all the courses I have taken, the ones I did the best in, and still remember the information even after the final, are the ones I constantly practiced every single day. Even if it was for 5 little minutes. Jog your memory of that topic/subject/whatever it may be at least once a day. It’s like training for a marathon, learning a routine, or remembering the lyrics to your favorite song. All were achieved by constant practice, or by hitting replay. So start hitting replay on your subjects. ✔️📚💯

Hope you all have a lazy, crazy, fun, and/or productive Sunday! ☺️💃🏼👌