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Zen + MC where Zen has a role that requires a lot of knowledge of a certain historical time period and is struggling with it a bit, but it turns out MC is effing *knowledgeable* about that particular time period, from big things like the political climate at the time down to tiny details like what they would be eating with, what materials the clothes would be made of, and what casual language would have sounded like at that time.

Hello, anon! Thanks for your request!
I made it into an HC since I wasn’t sure which format you wanted, but if you want sth else, please don’t hesitate to re-ask! I had fun writing this, so I hope you enjoy this too!


Zen asks MC for help with new role

- A Japanese director came across one of Zen’s musicals
- He thought he’d be perfect for their planned shigeki series (historical drama)
- So he talked to MC, who is Zen’s current manager
- MC’s eyes were sparkling when they discussed the offer with Zen
- He wanted to refuse, but seeing MC this excited….
- Accepted the offer
- His agency was promoting their talents overseas, so he had no problem with the language
- But when the script came…
- He found out that this was a drama set in the HEIAN ERA
- …..was this the one with the samurai and ninjas?
- The story was about nobles and courtesans though???
- very troubled, so he approached MC
- MC looked so excited, like he gave them a puppy for Christmas
- “Hmm, well, it was noted for the rise of the samurai class, but it was more focused on the imperial court and…“
- He was thankful for MC’s vast knowledge on the period, but…
- Information overload
- MC, slow down
- Can you please simplify it?
- So MC showed him their coffeetable book about the era while they cuddled on the couch (before they versaced on the floor //hides)
- why a coffeetable book though? (Do people normally have things like this???)
- enjoyed looking at the pictures with MC while listening to their rambling
- “Zen, are you still listening?“
- MC is worried they’ve said too much and bored him
- Chuckles, and kisses the top of their forehead
- “Of course not, babe, I’d never tire of the person I love the most.“ (he totally fell asleep)
- Looked really awesome in court clothes during the shooting
- Was so in character during the whole series
- Slips into character even during normal conversations (among other things…)
- His fan club saw a huge growth in sales and new member registrations


Lou Myers

Lou Leabengula Myers (September 26, 1935 – February 19, 2013) was an American actor. Myers was typically typecast as a grumpy old man, but he has appeared in many movies, stage plays television sitcoms, and dramas. He got his first break as an understudy in the Broadway play, The First Breeze of Summer as Reverend Mosley. He is perhaps best known as the feisty Mr. Vernon Gaines in the sitcom A Different World. Myers was also an accomplished pianist.

Myers was born in Chesapeake, West Virginia, the son of Dorothy Jeffries (née Brown). Myers died at the Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia after battling pneumonia for several months.

Myers won an NAACP Image Award for his role as the Stool Pigeon in the August Wilson play, King Hedley II. He also won the Off-Broadway AUDELCO Award for his role in the play, Fat Tuesday.

In 2005 the Appalachian Education Initiative listed Myers as one of 50 “Outstanding Creative Artists” from the State of West Virginia and featured him in their coffeetable book “Art & Soul”.

Calling all Polyhedral Dice Fiends - A book just for us.

Art book “Dice – Rendezvous with Randomness” shares unique photos of everyday objects

Photographer Måns Danneman has creating a photo book featuring dice.

People’s first response when they hear about the project is typically, ’What did you say?’  After they see the pictures, the questions change to ‘When is the book coming out?’ and ‘Can we buy these as prints, too?’”

That change in response after people see his photos, which are all the result of genuine photo shoots and no manipulations in Photoshop afterwards, along with his lifelong love of gaming, is what gave  Danneman the confidence to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise nearly $15,000 by April 11th 2016. He said he let the dice he photographed inspire him.

“The book is an homage to the ultimate symbol of table-top and role-playing-game culture.” 

If the kickstarter is successful, “Dice – Rendezvous with Randomness” will be released as a 10-inch by 10-inch, 144 page coffee table book, filled with some of the hundreds of images of dice that he’s taken.  The book will be published by Åskfågeln Publishing, run by Tove and Anders Gillbring, who are role playing game developers and publishers. Their company has more than a decade of experience publishing game books and magazines.

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