Jonerys AUs 1/100: Coffeeshop

Jon doesn’t know exactly when he got addicted to coffee, but now he can be found in the same coffeeshop every afternoon after his classes get out, studying and whiling away the hours until he can call his younger sister Arya.
Dany has just transferred to a new college and doesn’t know anyone yet-but she finds work in the on campus coffeeshop and uses it as an excuse to meet new people. The most intriguing by far is the boy who always grabs the corner booth and orders the same thing every day, without fail-a caramel macchiato.
Jon doesn’t understand why the new barista keeps going out of her way to be friendly to him, or why she always doodles dragons on the side of his cup when there aren’t many people in line-but she’s kind of cute and he doesn’t really mind that much. Why hasn’t he seen her around before?

“One caramel macchiato for Jon Stark.”
He turns the cup in spite of himself, curious to see what she managed to draw today. It varies from day to day-sometimes it’s just a faint outline of a dragon, other times there will be two or three crouched around the sides of the lid. Once, on a particularly slow afternoon, she managed to draw a pretty convincing Smaug from the Hobbit movies. He doesn’t know why she only does dragons; he’s never gotten to ask her.
Dany waves at him as she goes back behind the counter and pulls out her book-it’s a particularly slow day, even though classes got out a couple of hours ago.
He closes his own textbook and pulls out a spare sheet of scratch paper. He’s nowhere near as good as she is but he manages to scribble out the barest sketch of a wolf-his family symbol, from the days long, long ago when they were still lords and ladies (nobility of the sword, his father would say). At the bottom he writes in small printing ‘why only dragons?’
He drops it on the counter as he leaves. Dany doesn’t pick it up right away; she just waves as he lets the door swing closed behind him, but out of the corner of his eye he sees her pick up the sheet of paper and smiles as she reads it.

*Yup, 99 (+) more are on their way! This one wasn’t actually one of the originals-I wanted to make one but I didn’t have my Book of AUs so I just made a really easy one.
I will be taking recommendations so long as the universes are different (for example I’m not looking for twenty different kinds of neighbor AUs)

T’s Masterlist of AU Ideas

Need some inspiration for your next fanfic? Here are a list of ideas I’ve compiled to help you get started! There are also a few sub-AUs I included just because :)


  • 50s AU
  • 80s AU
  • Ancient Egypt AU
  • Medieval AU
  • Regency AU
  • Roaring 20s AU
  • Stone Age AU
  • World War 2 AU


  • Apocalypse AU
  • Dystopian AU
  • Fairy Tale AU
    • 12 Dancing Princesses
    • Aladdin
    • Beauty & the Beast
    • Cinderella
    • Little Mermaid
    • Prince & the Pauper
    • Princess & the Frog
    • Princess & the Pea
    • Rapunzel
    • Sleeping Beauty
    • Snow Queen
    • Snow White
  • Horror AU
  • Mafia AU
  • Military AU
  • Musical AU
  • Mystery AU
  • Noir AU
  • Pirate AU
  • Sci-Fi AU
  • Shakespeare AU
  • Superhero AU
  • Supernatural/Paranormal AU
  • Utopian AU
  • Wild West AU


  • Airplane Passengers AU
  • Arranged Marriage AU
  • Artist/Muse AU
  • Author/Publisher AU
  • Body Swap AU
  • Childhood Sweethearts AU
  • Chosen One & Sidekick AU
  • Complete Opposites AU
  • Doctor/Patient AU
  • Hades & Persephone AU
  • Handcuffed Together AU
  • Lab Partners AU
  • Neighbor AU
  • Pen Pals AU
  • Personality Switch AU
  • Rockstar/Groupie AU
  • Roommates AU
  • Soldier/Nurse AU
  • Soulmates AU
  • Teacher/Student AU
  • Tourist/Native AU



  • Android AU
  • Archaeologist AU
  • Assassin AU
  • Astronaut AU
  • Celebrity AU
  • Cosplayer AU
  • Criminal AU
  • Dancer AU
  • Demon Slayer AU
  • Disabled AU
  • Double Agent AU
  • Fallen Angel AU
  • Fighter Pilot AU
  • Guardian Angel AU
  • Hacker AU
  • Musician AU
  • Nerd/Geek AU
  • Olympic Athlete AU
  • Photographer AU
  • Private Eye AU
  • Punk AU
  • Race Car Driver AU
  • Royalty AU
  • Tsundere AU
  • Tutor AU
  • Viking AU
  • Yandere AU


  • Atlantis AU
  • Egyptian Gods AU
  • El Dorado AU
  • Fountain of Youth AU
  • Greek Gods AU
  • King Arthur AU
  • Norse Gods AU
  • Robin Hood AU


  • Angel AU
  • Banshee AU
  • Demigod AU
  • Demon AU
  • Genie AU
  • Ghost AU
  • Mermaid AU
  • Siren AU
  • Werewolf AU
  • Vampire AU
  • Zombie AU


  • Christmas AU
  • Fourth of July AU
  • Halloween AU
  • Hanukkah AU
  • New Years AU
  • Spring Break AU
  • Thanksgiving AU


  • Backpacking Across Europe AU
  • Battle of the Bands AU
  • Bookshop AU
  • Carnival AU
  • Circus AU
  • Coffeeshop AU
  • College AU
    • “We got paired up for a group project but none of us know what we’re doing”
  • Conspiracy AU
  • Dragons AU
  • Heist AU
  • High School AU
    • Summer School
  • Immortal AU
  • Kidnapped AU
  • Prison AU
  • Reincarnation AU
  • Road Trip AU
  • Seven Deadly Sins AU
  • Summer Camp AU
  • Time Travel AU


  • “Marry me because my green card expired” AU
  • “Why does by neighbor have to be an aspiring opera singer?” AU
  • “I’m a server and you’re a frequent customer and you flirt with me but YOU NEVER TIP ME, WHAT THE HELL MAN?” AU
  • “I never break the law but I was asked to be part of a massive heist and damn, I really need to pay off my student debt…” AU
  • “I lied and said I could speak a different language to impress my crush but now he wants me to tutor him so I need to become fluent in Mandarin in 3 days HELP” AU
  • “We are fictional characters that know we are fictional characters and so we decided to have a little fun and mess with the author by not following any of the tropes they’re writing” AU

[Updated 5/30/17]