AU Types: a brief overview

So, the whole point of this blog is me suggesting different kinds of au. I was having trouble thinking of some new ones, so I wrote out this classification guide for some of the different kinds of aus that I see and suggest. This is by no means comprehensive, but I think it’s helpful for writing to consider these things. I’d also say that aus can belong to multiple categories at once.

Cover band– You’re playing off of something established already. Take something from one story, and put it in another. Harry Potter and his friends go through the events of the movie Love, Actually. Everyone in Check, Please goes to Hogwarts. Very fun to write, very fun to read, because you’re playing with two things the reader is familiar with but presenting them in an unexpected way. 

Fandom Algebra– This is where you equate certain characters in one thing to certain characters in another, x=y style. Harry Potter is Tony Stark. The Avengers are the kids from Stranger Things.

Trope Time– The story is rewritten using certain kinds of tropes, which for the purposes of this writeup I’m going to define as a familiar story that does not necessarily belong to a single, specific, already created story. Some of these tropes are ones I have not seen in other types of media, such as the Soulmate AU, where it is accepted that people have a soulmate and they will discover this in some way. (if someone writes a Soulmate AU with the Butterfly Effect technique described below, I am so excited). I would also classify the tumblr trend of “imagine person A and person B of your otp” and “which person does X and which person does Y” as this.

The Same, But– You change one very specific thing, which doesn’t actually change the world. Harry Potter has red hair like his mother, so Malfoy is ruder to him earlier. Bella lived in New Hampshire before she moved to Forks. Can be cool to think about for a little bit.

Related: Non Sequiter– Something is changed that literally affects nothing. Harry Potter is followed by a bunny rabbit that is never mentioned because it’s not pertinent to his journey. Can be very funny, but usually not substantive.

The Butterfly Effect– You change one very specific thing, and the whole world is changed. I would make something up but Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is basically the best thing I’ve ever read in my life, and definitely the best example of this. Harry Potter is a Ravenclaw– how was he raised to change this aspect of his personality? What does this do to the events of Sorcerer’s Stone?

Let’s Make This Less Exciting For Some Reason– Okay, there are good reasons for these aus including fun and character exploration, but these are the ones where characters are taken from a very exciting and strange world, and placed in a more mundane setting. Harry Potter is a barista, Hermione is a librarian, Ron is a math teacher. Instead of a vampire, Edward Cullen is a rich creep. All the Disney Princesses go to the same college.

Clexa Mystic Coffeeshop AU

Lexa is 95% certain that the girl that comes into her coffee shop each morning is a witch.

Whether it’s the tattoos that she swears move when she sees them out of the corner of her eye or the way the girl’s hair changes color if she looks long enough (not that she’s staring), Lexa is positive something strange is going on and she is determined to find out what.

I spent last night making all of these drinks from the specials board made by my friend Emily, aka @tendercake (I may have helped with a couple of names). Because sometimes fanart isn’t pictures, it’s beverages.

In case you can’t read it:


  • Bless Your Heart, I’m a Basic Bitch
  • -Pumpkin Spice Latte with Brown Sugar Cinnamon
  • Canadian Adonis
  • -Maple Apple Cider (hot)
  • Sick Flow, Brah
  • -Butter Rum Café au Lait
  • Paint Water
  • -Fresca with Lavender and Raspberry
  • Best Friend Sundae
  • -Vanilla Milkshake with Tiramisu and Cheesecake
  • Goalies are Weird
  • -Kiwi-Blue Curacao Jones Blue Soda Slushie

Tea-stained polaroids by dalyeau 

 After the latest haikyuu!! episode I was in need of bokuaka fanfiction and ended up finding and rereading one of my all-time favourites! It has lots of fluff, Bokuto, Kuroo, and Lev as baristas and Akaashi in a plaid shirt, what else could you wish for?

also here’s a bonus sketch that technically doesn’t happen in the fic buuuuut I was compelled to draw some cuddling so here it is anyway:

Basically luckyfilbert and I are obsessed with a CATWS coffeeshop AU in which Steve is the slightly bashful Starbucks barista, Nick Fury is the overbearing manager obsessed with making the perfect cup of coffee, Natasha is the regular who sits in a corner table all day and heckles, Sam is the runner who comes in for a green tea after his morning workout, and Bucky is the slightly lost-looking customer who somehow always manages to come in on Steve’s shift - a fact that Natasha is very quick to pick up on. So yeah, this happened.

pacific rim → coffee shop au

following the untimely passing of their mother, brothers yancy and raleigh becket return to san francisco to take over running her coffee shop, cafe vesoul, named after her favorite jacques brel song. with the help of their old friends, the wei triplets, the creation of their signature “kaiju brew” of coffee makes the shop a hit with the locals, especially phd-candidate caffeine-addict newt geiszler and his curmudgeonly roommate hermann gottlieb. the brothers manage to make new connections along the way; engineering upstart mako mori, much to the chagrin of her retired raf general father, stacker pentecost, bonds with raleigh, who gave up his emerging career in photography to run the shop; and yancy finds a new drinking buddy in locally stationed marine chuck hansen. with a colorful array of regulars and a booming business, there seems to be good that comes out of the loss that the becket brothers endure.

anonymous asked:

Hi, Carrie. I don't really like asking for things, but I'm so tired. I feel very lonely since my parents are away with my dog. Got an awful cold with nasty coughing fits. The WORST cold sores on my upper lip (makes me ashamed to go out, it looks and feels disgusting). And I missed a college test bc it took me 16 hours to do a presentation for a project since my group's parts were so incomplete I had to finish for them. I just can't. If you have time, would write me something? Thank you, really.

[Aw, hey anon! Sorry to hear about all of that, I hope things get better. Have some ridiculous fluffy Sterek coffeeshop AU.]

Derek’s going to be late. The line is especially long today, and of course, Cute Butt is in front of Derek again. Derek doesn’t actually knows his name (but the barista apparently does, writing a name on a cup and then listening to a ridiculously long order like always), just knows that he has a very cute butt. 

And a long coffee order. Derek always gets his coffee and leaves before they call out Cute Butt’s order, so he doesn’t know his name, and one of these days when Derek isn’t in a rush he might actually ask Cute Butt out or something. But today he has to get the coffee order for his law firm and it’s his first day being promoted to associate from junior associate, so.

Normally Derek doesn’t find the long order annoying because he appreciates the extra time Cute Butt takes to decide, change around, and ultimately decide the same order again, to appreciate how cute his butt is (and the rest of him— a nice face with wide eyes, an upturned nose and cute sprinkling of moles).

He’s doing it again, leaning over, ass sticking out right in front of Derek’s face, almost close enough to grab—

Derek doesn’t have time for this; he looks away from the pert butt before he starts daydreaming. “Just get him the quad half caf venti cinnamon sprinkles latte, three pumps vanilla, three pumps hazelnut, extra hot with whip,” he calls out.

Cute Butt whirls around indignantly.

Derek sighs. “You always take a few minutes contemplating the specials, and then asking for a suggestion, but you always get the same thing. It takes forever.”

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