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Caramel Macchiato Eyes

Summary: Phil is the young owner of Decadence, one of Manchester’s most promising and delicious bakeries. Even though he’s always smiling and always baking, he’s secretly wishes to find someone of his own.
Dan works at a nearby Starbucks, but it’s sucking the life out of him. Regardless, he tries to make time to visit Decadence.
Throughout Dan’s Saturday night visit each week, Dan and Phil have gotten to know each other minimally, but they’ve never truly had time to sit down and talk for more than five minutes.
So, what happens when the entrepreneur and the regular actually get to know each other?

genre: fluff/alternate universe
: coffeeshop au, bakery au
TW’s: No triggers
Word Count: 1672
Rating: E (No bad language)
Coffee Shenanigans

Summary: Dan and Phil have met twice in a grocery store; once where they both received a lifetime ban from the shop and a second occurrence where they bonded over their mutual love for cereal. However neither of those counted as a proper date, so they agree to meet up at a coffee shop in hopes that this could work out for the both of them. 

Word Count: 1404

Warnings: Tidbit of swearing.