you guys, i dont wanna get super mushy but you all made me tear up tonight i have never gotten so much love ever in my life. i want you all to know thatI read and appreciated every single message I received in the past (well ever) but specifically right now you are all amazing and everyone I’ve met on this site has truly made such a positive impact on my life. Some of you were asking questions about my nose ring and other various things and I’ll reply to those but the others I’m selfishly keeping in my inbox for when i need the pick me up. i’ve had such a rough start to this year and knowing that all 1,186 of you and whomever else on this crazy site supports me is so inspiring and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND INTELLIGENT AND TALENTED AND YOU MEAN SOMETHING TO SOMEONE AND THAT SOMEONE IS ME. okay i got super mushy no regrets i also dont know how to make readmores so youre gonna have to deal with all of this LOVE I am sending your ways wow words will never express how grateful i am. I love love love love love love love you so much okay everyone have amazing nights (◕‿◕✿)

So I finally found an album cover for the album I’m working on, and I wanted the image to represent going from this weak and vulnerable person, to a strong and independent person which goes with the theme of the tracks as they build up, now I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me to finish the whole album and have hard copies to distribute, but this is a start on making it come to life but most importantly, beginning to make my dreams come true and pushing myself to do greater things and work hard to achieve them!

- Jay