feeling association with the flame types

sky: curling up on the couch with a pile of blankets, the weight of a friend sitting in your lap, getting lazy drunk on champagne on someone’s yard

storm: the smell of well worn leather, the sound of heavy boots running over pavement, pen doodles over skin

rain: soft oversized sweaters, the smell of lavender buds, laying on your back over a mossy patch

sun: homemade cookies, the taste of cinnamon, good news first thing in the morning

lightning: the pull of a seat belt across your chest, dancing ‘till you’re dizzy, bitting down on a lollipop

cloud: stepping out for a smoke, flower pots on windowsills, the taste of black coffee

mist: bumper cars at the fair, late night skype calls, the taste of blood

insp, based on this headcanon