So here's a little treasure hunt for our followers and everyone else.

Inspired by an ask.
If you can find these kin types, you are a god amongst men. I will list the kin types, and check them off along with tagging the people who find them next to the corresponding kin. If you find any of the listed kin, send in a submission. If you would like it as anon as possibly with it still being credible, send it in with your initials. YOU MUST PROVIDE EITHER: A BYF including the specified kintype. A SS of the post AND the persons blog. We will accept anon asks to confession/ aesthetic/ or Tfw blogs. We will also accept obvious trolls.
Alright let’s begin the hunt!

-Fruit Flykin
-Dog foodkin
-Objectkin (bonus if find the specific objectkin listed)
- any kin that is gross/unusual or obscure.
- any kin with items on the periodic table.
- Memekin
- any kin that identifies with video game consoles. Not characters, but the consoles themselves.
-Egyptian Godkin
-Any YouTuberkin (Markiplier, Pewdiepie, ect.)
-Any person kin with presidential figures.
-Cat litterkin
-Walt Disneykin.