If you follow me on other social networking sites you know my love of coffee. Not just coffee, quality coffee. So I decided to share all my favorite spots that others should check out too because I’m all about supporting the local businesses! Pictured above are some of my favorites in my home state OHIO. I have been to so many places I couldn’t even fit them all in, so there will definitely be more posts of Ohio located shops and of course shops that are in other states as well. 

1. Warehouse 4 Coffee- SO yummy. By far my favorite. I normally stop here on my way to and from school. Along with their coffee they serve all organic foods that are to die for. Most of their veggies are also homegrown, who doesn’t like that?!

2. Ghostlight- the one I visit the most because it is close to my house and the perfect place to go to work on anything or talk with anyone. 

3. Press Coffee Bar- I’ve gone to press for years because my parents know the owners and who doesn’t like to go and take pictures of the iconic american flag?

4. Coffee Emporium- This old house turned coffee shop is located in Cincy. There is all sorts of coffee and sweet treats available. The upstairs is the sitting area with lots of board games to play while drinking yummy lattes. 

5. Mission Coffee Co.- This place is so cool. One of the walls is a garage door so when it is nice out they open the door and while sitting in the industrial type setting you can hear the great sounds of the city of Cbus. 

5. Rohs Street Cafe- This shop is located pretty much on University of Cincinnati’s campus. It is really cool with tons of space to spend hours working on papers and what not. What I think is even cooler is half the place is a church so on Sunday’s they open the divider and serve delicious coffee to drink while worshipping! 

6. Proto BuildBar- This place opened very recently in Dayton. While they do have good food, It isn’t much of a quality coffee shop type place. I would consider this place for the technology people who like working with wires and 3D printing because they have work stations that can be rented out to the public.

So I know that was a lot of info, but there will be more coming soon, especially because my favorite of all favorites when it comes to coffee retail locations is yet to come since they are located in other states. Keep drinking those cups of joe yo.